How do I use ARTstor?

To access ARTstor, visit In addition, you can access it from the library homepage via the list of databases or visit the Subject Resource Guide for Art and access the tab labeled Images. 

ARTstor does not work with all browsers: check the System Requirements. You may also need to allow pop-up windows in your browser. If you use a Mac, you must have OS 10.2 or higher. The first time you create an account in ARTstor, you must be on campus.

This page will help you

You can also take the ARTstor Tour (see link on the right side of the main ARTstor site) and refer to the ARTstor Help Pages.


Getting Started

Once you're at the ARTstor web page, click on Launch at the right of the screen. When the search page opens:

  • click Register, if you have never done so.
  • enter your Reed email address
  • confirm your email (retype it)
  • create your own password (min. 7 characters)
  • confirm your password
  • click Register (one time only, but you will always have to Logon in order to access your Shared Folders or your Personal Collections)

Only you will know your password, but ARTstor will email it to you if you forget it.

Instructor Privileges

Faculty should contact Sarah Bavier to set up instructor privileges.

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Create a Personal Collection (upload images from your local drive)

  • Go to Tools
  • Then Personal Collection Image Upload (You may upload up to 5 images at a time)
  • After you've uploaded your images, go to Tools
  • Then Personal Collection Administration
  • Images will be listed on the right of the box.
  • Highlight an image, then click Edit Data (bottom of box)
  • Click All fields
  • You may supply pertinent information about the image
  • Before you Save the information you've supplied,
  • Click either Limited Access (default) if you want to control who has access to images in your personal collection. Or,
  • Click Institutional Access, allowing anyone within the Reed community to view the image when in ARTstor
  • Instructor's Commentary allows you to make comments that you want to share with your Limited Access community or Institutional Access community. (check or uncheck Hide)
  • Personal Notes: your access only
  • Click Save
  • New Category (Lower left side of box) allows you to subdivide your Personal Collection. You may also subdivide the New Category.
  • New Category may be renamed for your purposes.
  • Click on Help for more tips on using the Personal Collection

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Create Shared Folders

  • Go to Tools
  • Then Create Shared Folders
  • Name your folder
  • Continue
  • Check either Everyone at my institution allowing anyone within the Reed community to view the image when in ARTstor
  • Click Continue, or,
  • Check Selected users with password (allows only those people to whom you supply a password)
  • If you check Selected users, then assign a password before clicking Continue
  • Now you must decide who can edit the images within your folder.
  • Check Only me, if you want complete authority over the folder.
  • Then click Finish
  • Check Selected users with password, if you want the people with this password to be able to edit the images.
  • Then click Finish
  • The access codes for this folder can be seen and edited under Tools > Folder Administration > Access control

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Find and Add ARTstor Images to a Shared Folder

Because the image data in ARTstor comes from so many sources, there is no set of subject headings or other controlled vocabulary to facilitate your search. You may have to try a variety of keywords and limits to find the images you need.

  • Go to search page (Home on Tool Bar)
  • Enter keyword 'parthenon' under Keyword Search
  • Click Search
  • Check View your results (you will have 437 images)
  • go to Advanced Search
  • key in 'parthenon' in any fields
  • AND 'athens' in location
  • AND 'architecture' in subject
  • click Search
  • check View all of your results (results will now be 336 thumbnail images)
  • Highlight several images by clicking on the thumbnail (appear outlined in yellow)
  • Go to Images Groups on Tool Bar
  • Save Selected Images to a New Group
  • Pull down your named folder
  • Click Group box
  • Key in a name for your Group
  • Check Create New Group
  • Click Save & Open to see the images copied to your folder/group
  • Change the order of the images in your group
  • Go to View on Tool Bar
  • Sort displayed images by...
  • Creator/Artist or Title
  • You may click mouse on a thumbnail image and drag that thumbnail onto another thumbnail. The dragged thumbnail will insert itself before the highlighted thumbnail.