What is the electronic theses archive?

The electronic theses archive is accessible through Reed Digital Collections. The archive is the result of a proposal brought to the Library Board in 2007 by the Reed Students for Free Culture. Electronic theses and dissertations are increasingly common at colleges and universities around the world and are a valuable resource for students and researchers.

Visitors of the digital archive can browse the theses, search by abstract, keywords, and full text, as well as download a PDF, promoting greater access to the theses. Accompanying materials can also be linked to the electronic files, allowing for access to lab results, audio or video segments, digital images, or other relevant files.

 How do I add my thesis to the electronic archive?

  • Consult with your advisor about your interest in submitting to the electronic archive, especially if your thesis contains research ongoing at Reed.
  • Submit your thesis after you’ve completed your orals, made last corrections, and sent your thesis for printing. The version should be identical to your final, printed thesis.
  • Submit your thesis as a PDF not a Word document.
  • You may submit accompanying materials, such as digital images, audio, or video files. They should be compressed into a single zip file.
  • Be sure to gather basic information about your thesis (title, abstract, keywords, etc.) to provide during the submission process.
  • If your thesis incorporates copyrighted material not created by you, (images, photographs, figures, illustrations, etc.), you’ll need to confirm that you have sought permission or are claiming fair use.
  • You may submit your completed thesis at any time. For current seniors, remember to wait until after all revisions have been completed.
  • Terms of access: If the electronic theses becomes an open collection on the public web, do you wish to participate, or would you prefer that your thesis remain available to just Reed students, faculty, and staff? You’ll be asked to indicate yes or no to this question when you submit your thesis. 
  • Contact etheses@lists.reed.edu with any questions.

Submit eTheses

Remember, don't contribute your thesis until all revisions have been completed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to submit my thesis electronically?

Adding your thesis to the electronic archive is completely voluntary and will not replace your printed, bound thesis.

Who can access the Reed College eTheses archive?

At present, access to the etheses in Reed Digital Collections is limited to current Reed students, faculty, staff, alumni, or from computers located on campus. The online archive may eventually become a public collection but we will not include your thesis unless you have given us permission to do so. Public access allow you easy access to your thesis after you have graduated and will allow researchers from beyond the Reed community to benefit from the excellent research being done here at Reed.

I submitted my thesis, but I don't see it in Reed Digital Collections.

It is normal to not be able to view your thesis immediately in Reed Digital Collections. The library will load the theses as quickly as possible, but there will typically be some lagtime.

I made a revision to my thesis after I contributed it to the archive...can I resubmit it?

You may resubmit your thesis, or make changes to the data you entered about your thesis, for 14 days after the date on which you uploaded your thesis to the archive.  If you have any problems doing so, please contact us at etheses@lists.reed.edu and we'll help you with your revised submission.  

I'm an alum, can I contribute my thesis to the archive?

As long as you have a PDF of your thesis, you are welcome to contribute to the archive! If you graduated in 1992 or later, you may submit your thesis online by clicking on the "Submit Your Thesis" link above. If you graduated prior to 1992, please email a PDF copy of your thesis to etheses@lists.reed.edu. Upon receiving your thesis we will send you some brief questions to answer, in order to help us catalog your thesis in the Archive.

Is my thesis full text searchable?

Yes! Some longer theses may not be 100% full text searchable, but a majority of the document will be indexed.