Using Images in Your Thesis

Finding Images

General Help with Thesis Template

Formatting Images in Your Thesis

Inserting Images and Captions 

  • Choose whether to insert your images within your chapters, at the end of chapters, or in a separate appendix at the end of your thesis. (Consult your thesis advisor.)
  • When you are ready to insert an image, place your cursor where you want the image to appear and select the Style “Figure” (before inserting the image).
  • Click Insert > Picture, then browse to find the image to insert.
  • Figure captions and citations go below the image. Choose the Style “Figure caption” or “Figure title.”
    •  “Figure title” will display in your List of Figures.
    • “Figure caption” will not display in your List of Figures. (Use this for any annotative descriptions of the image.)
  • Choose whether to place the full image citation in the “Figure title” below the image, or enter an abbreviated title below the image and place the full citation in your Bibliography. (Consult your thesis advisor.)

Creating Your List of Figures

  • You are required to include a List of Figures, a sample of which is included in the thesis template. Select the style “Figure title” for all of the information you would like included in your List of Figures (the full citation, but not annotative descriptions).
  • To update fields: Right click, choose “Update fields,” and then select the option to update the whole table. Your fields should update your Figure titles automatically, just like in your Table of Contents.

Citing Images