Reed College Library Research Guide



Reed Anthropology Thesis Titles



Bradford, Alvin Kiplinger. The Attitude of the Christian Church toward Social Work.
Bradford, Lowell Clarence. Shifting Functions of Family and State of Primitive Peoples.
Jeanne, William Forrest. Inventions.
Walton, Dorothy Edna. Social Change and the Position of Women.


Clark, Archibald Botsford. Survivals in American Life.
Coffin, Dorothy. Fluctuation in Functions of the Family in Some Primitive American Tribes.


Chung, Kocheng Chenyang. An Inquiry into the Balkans.
Eliot, Clara. Statistical Study of Marriage Rates, Birth Rates and Their Connection with Manufacturing.
Miller, Horace Metcalfe. The Shipbuilding Industry in the Northwest.
Nelson, Bessie Aurora. The Causes of Non-Support.
Rueter, Gertrude. Social Valuation of Occupations.


Swett, Herbert Lazarus. Negro Migration During the War Period.


Blaine, Gladys Elizabeth. Immigration: With Special Reference to the Japanese.


Rohrback, Augusta. Sex Education in the Public Schools.
Wu, Alice. Changing Social Relations among the Chinese Immigrants: An Introduction to an Anthropological and Sociological Analysis.


Bishop, Helen Pilkington. A Study of the Rise and Diffusion of the Bahá’i Religion.
Handsaker, Margaret Elaine. International Girl Scouting: The Adventures of a Culture Complex.


Tator, Marjorie. Public Opinion in Theory and Practice.
Welty, Elizabeth. A Study of Modern Magic.


Gallagher, Claire. A Study of Émile Durkheim.
Kaufer, Brunhild. The Diffusion of Culture: A Study of Theory and Method.
Schnitzer, Mollie. Propaganda as a Means of Social Control.
Siegel, Sol. The Principle of Reciprocity in Primitive Life.


Murphy, Francis S. The Interrelationship of Various American Cultures: Mayan, Mexican, Pueblo.


Fine, Alvin I. The European Backgrounds of Immigrant Jews in America.
Hart, Philip. A Preliminary Survey of the Methodological Implications of the Value Problem in Social Science.


Carlson, Alma Louise. The Role of the Daily Press in the Development of an Urban Society.
Miller, Frances. Some Aspects of Acculturation in Southeastern Alaska.
Olsen, Edwina Jeanne. The Unmarried Mother.


Goldstein, Blossom Wolf. The Immigrant Jew’s Adaptation to a New Culture.


Cahill, Doris Jane. A Study of Migration with Special Reference to Farm Labor in Oregon.
Johnson, Harriet. A Study of Transiency.


Bailey, Margaret. Survey of Public Health in Marion County: From Commonwealth Fund Demonstration to the Present.
Brant, Charles S. Lewis Henry Morgan: An Essay in Evaluation and Criticism.
Chiotti, Helen Marie. The Italian Community in Portland: A History of Its Social Nature.


Scott, Jan M. An Investigation of the Culture and Personality Problems of the Eskimos of Western Alaska.


Havely, Elizabeth Ann. A Study of the Relationship between Attitudes and Information About the Japanese in America.


Davis, Wilbur A. Tensions and Anxiety in the Personality Formation of the Chiricahua Apache.
Walsh, Carol Jean Paton. The Sources of Navaho Anxiety.


Hymes, Dell. A Critique of Christopher Caudwell’s Illusion and Reality.


Harper, Edward. Family Organization of the Portland Gypsies.
Snyder, Gary. The Dimensions of a Myth.


Paget, Harry C. An Approach to Documentary Filming through Anthropology and Drama.
Taylor, James B. Notes on the Linguistic Communication of Affect.


Gilbert, Lynne Sherley. The Application of Geometry to the Study of Acculturation Among the Ojibwa and Warm Springs Indians.
Mahar, James Michael. Ethnobotany of the Oregon Paiutes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.
Pope, Richard Kenyon. The Indian Shaker Church and Acculturation at Warm Springs Indian Reservation.
Scott, Kytja Kerwyn. An Analysis of Kwakiutl Status Systems.


Cole, Glen H. A Study of the Tlingit Boxes of the Rasmussen Collection.
Epling, Philip J. Acculturation and Breeding Systems among Some Australian Aboriginal Tribes.
Wallace, John Robert. Warm Springs Sahaptin Enculturation.


Ebihara, May. An Ethnohistorical Study of the Shoshoni Indians of the Northern Basin.
Kelly, Gail Margaret. Themes in Wasco Culture.
Philips, Yvonne Elizabeth. A Study of the Distribution of Wishram Indian Myths.


Boyd, Betye Lois. Varying Perspectives on "The Eliot School Problem": An Anthropological Treatment.
McGuire, Nancy Lyn. An Analysis of Nez Perce Political Organization.
Schuman, Donald Robert. An Epistomological Enquiry into Whitehead’s The Concept of Nature.


Adams, Barbara. The Cascade Indians: Ethnographic Notes and an Analysis of Early Relations with Whites.
Alexander, Gerald. Some Problems of Leadership among the Chinese of Portland.
Willard, Patricia. An Application and Appraisal of the Lexicostatistic Method of Dating Language Separations.


Moloso, Phillip J. A Componential Analysis of Navaho Kinship Data.


Rosin, Robert Thomas. The Occasion of Explicit Ideology.


Cottrell, Calvert B. Vocative Kinship Terminology.
Sather, Clifford A. Marriage Patterns Among the Basques of Shoshone, Idaho.


Hanchett, Suzanne L. Semantic and Other Socio-Cultural Structures: A Study of Aleut Anatomical Knowledge.
Owen, Michael Gordon, III. Kinship Categories and Kinship Functions.
Redman, Nina Kathryn. Initiation and Education among Some Coast Salish Peoples.
Robb, Patricia Stafford. Pan-Indianism: A Consideration of American Indian Acculturation.
Roth, George. Voluntary Associations in Two West African Cities: A Study of Urbanization.
Rudy, Sylvia MacColl. Witchcraft and Unilineal Descent in Africa.


Auerbach, Elizabeth Michaels. An Examination of the Relation between Some Ecological and Social Variables Among Northwest Coast Indians.
Kurland, Alane. Contrasts in Time Reckoning Systems.
Norman, Kathryn Addison. Age Organization: A Division of Social Structure.
Rothschild, Michael. Patterns of Violence and Ties between Lineages in Segmentary Acephalous Societies.
Wong, Annette Wei-Ling. Labor Migration in Central Africa.


Byers, Peter Howard. Participant Observation in Mental Hospitals.
Modjeska, Charles Nicholas. The Anthropology of E. R. Leach.
Sajovic, Majda Ivanka. Sect Formation during Periods of Social Change: A Consideration of Several Negro Sects of the Urban North.
Sufian, Jane M. The Practice of a Discipline: Some Considerations of Anthropological Methods.


Dubisch, Jill Susanna. Double Descent in Africa.
Endicott, Kirk. An Analysis of Plains Warfare.
Livingston, Bruce. The American Wedding: A Study of Ritual in Industrial Society.
Maxwell, Joseph Alex. The Determinants of Plains Kinship.
McGilvray, Dennis B. Conceptions of Animals in Human Culture.
Pruzan, Lynn Karen. The Writer in a New Nation: A Consideration of Some Nigerian Novels.
Rossen, Thomas James. Chinese Social Stratification: A Problem in Ethnography.
Strodt, Catherine Elizabeth. An Analysis of the Non-Use of Edible Plants by Two Plateau Indian Tribes.
Weisner, Thomas Steven. Kinship and Trade in the Modernization of West Africa.


Barnes, R. H. Rationalization and Religious Development in Ancient Judaism.
Drummond, Julius Leland. The Life of "the Others."
Holt, Candace E. Diversity among Ethnographic Goals and Methods.
Moffatt, Michael. The Murngin Controversy.
Pumpian-Mindlin, Fredric. Historical Writing and Nation-Building in Nigeria.


Amos, Alan Hildreth. Making Sense of the Savages: Evans-Pritchard’s View.
Bigelow, Charles Andrew. Whither the Dog-Faced Man of the Antipodes: Thoughts on the Remote and the Strange.
Bleick, Catherine. Beyond the Fringe: Flying Saucers, Pseudo-Science, and Cognition of the Superempirical; or, "Who’s Been Sleeping Here?"
Dienstbach, Elissa. The Study of Time in Historical and Ahistorical Societies.
Jenkins, Anne. Explaining the Development of Agriculture: An Application of Historical Models of Explanation to a Problem in Archaeology.
Larson, Jane Walden. The Social Environment and Internal World of a Chinese-American Family as Explored Through Personal Documents.
Leland, Stafford. The Two Revolutions in Anthropology.
Stevens, Laura. The Artist in and out of the Forest.
Weiner, David. Aspects of Territoriality and Corporateness in the Nuer Lineage.


Burton, David Brent. Organized Plots against Nature: The Acculturation of the Jungle.
Collier, Catherine. Cultural Fermentation and Social Change among the Northwest Coast Tribes.
Fasteau, Susan. The Wheel Within a Wheel: An Investigation of Ecstatic Religion.
Gaines, John. Anthropology Revisited: Or Linguistics and Sociology In Relation To A Unified Anthropological Theory
Henrickson, Marnie. Contemporary Astrology As Primitive Thought.
O’Conner, Kaori Lynne. An Essay On The Nyakyusa Of Tanganyika.
Yale, Carolyn. Medieval Community Planning: Models and Methods.


Callisen, Jody. This Wheel Shall Explode: An Analysis of Some Ritual Contexts of Abnormal Experience.
Foster, Stephen. Mid Pleasures and Palaces: Architecture in an Anthropological Setting.
Gosfield, Edward, III. Some Models in the Muddle: Aspects of Tikopia Ritual.
Lichter, David. The Common and Garden Variety Mind.
McFarlane, John Allan. Peasant Community Structures and Contemporary Change: Mexico.
Nessly, Laurence D., Jr. Partial Sense in Ethnolinguistic Semantics.
Olsen, Anita Laurie. All Forms Are Similar and None Are the Same, So Their Chorus Points the Way To A Hidden Law—Goethe.
Rice, Glen. An Activity Orientation in Archaeology.
Sellery, Stephen B. Urban Police: Active Interpreters of Right and Wrong.
Taber, Rebecca. Societies Hot and Cold.


Benham, Patricia Maher. How Can We Know The Dancer From The Dance? A Study Of Dance In Primitive Society.
Betzenderfer, Grace Elizabeth. Ethnoscience and the Anthropological Problem.
Brandon, George. The Word That Walks Like a Man: A Study of Primitive and Archaic Literature.
Choy, Peggy Ann. A Problem in Archeological Model Articulation.
Hibberd, Thomas. Three Zen Institutions: An Ethnographic Study.
Honchar, Patricia Anastasia. Stalking the Stalker: An Investigation of Band Size in Hunting and Gathering Societies.
Jackson, James Streshley. Game Theory and Tribal Marriage.
Levine, Nancy Elaine. Twin Children of the Sun: A Study in Mythology.
McConnell, James Andrew. Original Chickens.
Spector, Robert Jay. Cultural Ecology as Paradigm-Guided Research.
Sterne, John. Andrew Lang: Victorian Anthropologist.
Stronach, Michael William. Initiations in Primitive Societies.
Towne, Terry Anthony. Conflict, Resolution, and Change in Kwakiutl Society and Culture.
Verdery, Katherine Maureen. The Prophet Motive: Weberian Prophecy in Primitive Tradition; or, Jesus Saves; Moses Invests.


Cronin, Teresa. Surrealist Anti-Literature.
Fruth, Patricia Jean. The Interaction Dance: Some Aspects of Proxemic Behavior.
Hastings, Clare E. The Thunderbolt and The Bell: An Analysis of Tibetan Religion.
Neustadter, Allan L. Chinese Buddhist Monasticism.
Rhodes, Aaron Anthony. Myths Of The Apocalypse.
Romanoff, Steven. Fraser Lillooet Salmon Fishing.
Schuler, Paul Bruce. Indian Caste Associations.
Weistein, David Mark. Kwakiutl Space.
Zucker, Jeffrey. Canyons of the City and Cities Of The Plain.


Cronyn, Lori. Saints and Leopard-Skin Chiefs: A Comparative Study of Mediator Roles.
Foreman, Shirley Jean. A Cybernetic Model of Cultural Change.
Nugent, Stephen. Damaged Goods.
Weinreb, Herman Joseph. More Than Meets The Eye For An Eye: The Norm of Reciprocity.


Brightman, Robert. The Continuing Adventures of Raven and Coyote: A Comparative Analysis of North American Indian Transformer Myths.
Button, VanTries. The Nomadic Origins of the Nabataean State.
Cuthbert, Richard. Reflections in Echelon.
Graser, Laura. On Dream Flights, Moon Flights, and Such: The Concept of the Soul among Two Aboriginal North American Peoples.
Shorrock, Barbara A. The Language of Law: An Exercise in Primitive Jurisprudence.
Wyer, June. Puritan Witchcraft.


Madden, James J. Symbols and Society: Remarks on Certain Aspects of Durkheim’s Theory of Religion Including a Discussion of Ojibwa Cosmology.
Nemer, Julie Frances. Dragons and Hypergamy: The Contradiction of Social System By Symbol System.
Price, Thomas. The Myth of Sisyphus: Social Banditry In The Balkans.
Rudner, David West. Towards a Formal Kinesics.


Agins, Gregg. Clear as Mud: A Linguistic Description of Ambiguous Sentences.
Cohn, Mary Louise. Reconstructing Babel: The Structure of Language Use in Iraq.
Howe, David A. Land and Liberty: The Political Participation of the Peasantry in the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917.
Loomis, Mina. Development and Social Continuity in Indian Peasant Communities of the Peruvian Sierra.
May, Samuel S. Bright Moments: The Anthropology of Clifford Geertz.
Radin, Daniel J. Dominance and the Maintenance of Order in Pastoral Nomadic Society.
Rick, Robin Stephanie. Shades of Darkness, Shades of Light: An Inquiry Into The Navajo Use of the Solanaceae (Nightshade Family).
Tivenan, Nancy J. Anarchical Government? A Form of Uncentralized Government Practiced by the Berber Tribes of the High Atlas of Morocco.
Yamamoto, Kay. As Long as You’re Marking It, Dance It: Dance Among Some Indians Of Oregon and Washington.
Zerwas, Michael. Town Chiefs and Country Chiefs: An Analysis of Keresan Pueblo World View and Social Organization.


Daehler, Darlene Carol. A Consideration of the Olmec in Terms of Interregional Spheres of Interaction.
Deikman, Cathy. Myth as Political Ideology: A Comparison of Two Cultural Forms with Reference to the French Revolution.
Høgfoss, Robert. Upon Waking up in the Field: Implications of Anthropological Research.
Pyburn, Anne. Witchcraft: The Relationship of One Aspect of Cosmology to Social Change.
Reis, Teresa Ann. Determining Social Phenomena and Behaviors in Five Late Pleistocene Open-Air Settlements: An Exercise in Anthropological Archaeology.
Stein, Roberta. From a Social Community to a Communal Society: Continuity in Japanese Group Solidarity.


Boyack, Carol Ann. Blood Pudding and Mud Pie: An Analysis of Menstrual Pollution in the New Guinea Highlands.
Boyarin, Jonathan. Marxist Anthropology and the Idea of the Primitive.
Freeman, Sarah Hosford. Blind Men’s Elephants: Some Approaches to the Study of India’s Caste System.
Koplin, Bruce Nicholas. Dreams of Not Waking: Cargo Cults.
Krakoff, Charles Edward. A Matter of Taste: Cannibalistic Revenge in New Guinea.
Mason, Rachel Huus. An Application of Victor Turner’s Methodology to the Hopi Indians: Symbols and Social Structure in Action.
McGill, Douglas Cornish. A Comparison of Two Functional Analyses of Healing Processes in a Traditional and Modern Western Society.
Siemens, Stephen. Relational Representation in Comparative Ethnology: Ancestor Worship Among the Kwaio and the Tallensi.
Stockman, Peter Coultas. A Simulation Model of Local and Regional Populations in Highland New Guinea.


Bowen, Clifton Oliver. "Ideological Marginality" and "Renegade" Mormonism: Toward an Explanation of Mormonism’s Peculiarity.
Brissonnet, Lydie Carmen. Essai sur l’Affront: Form and Function of the Exchange of Insults in a Few Civilized Societies and in Our Own.
Camp, Jena Leigh. Membership and Message-Form: A Comparison of Plurilingualism and Contents in Zinacanteco and Nuclear Paraguayan Speech Communities.
Carlson, Priscilla Beth. Music and Ritual: An Anthropological Perspective; or, Partaking of Immortality.
Didak, Mark F. Origins of Near Eastern Food Production: An Examination of the Major Hypotheses and Some Suggestions on the Importance of Social Factors.


Faubion, James D. Take Man Away From Life, Only Words Remain: An Essay on Structuralism.
Johnson, Martha Elaine. Rank, Exchange, and Power in the Kwakiutl Indian Numaym and the Rural Japanese Dozoku.
Kingston, Timothy. Social Structure and Social Change: A Weberian Analysis of the Meiji Restoration.
Lewis, Richard. Mayan Disenchantment and the Collapse of a Civilization: A Marxist Analysis.
Sokolik, Margaret E. When in Rome: An Exercise in Ethnographic Semantics.


Biddle, David C. Mothers-in-Law and "Big Men": Sex Role Differentiation in a Polygynous North Australian Tribe.
French, Alexandra Susanne. Utopian Movements: Architectural Manifestations of Cultural Change.
Marsalli, Robert Anthony. A Study in Modernization: The Change from Achieved to Ascribed Status Among the Tolai of New Britain.
Mills, Garey Thornton. Oracles.
Moore, Robert E. How Coyote Thinks: Exploration of a Linguistic and Narrative Option in Upper Chinookan.
Palmer, Potter C. Observations on the Intellectualist Approach in Anthropology.
Rowell, M. Ellen Moeller. A Comparative Analysis of Contemporary German and American Adolescence.
Simons, Hilary Jill. The Behavioral Development of Female Japanese Macaques (Macaca Fuscata).
Spangler, Anne. A Consideration of Primary State Formation in Mesoamerica: Some Early Examples.
Strømholt, Lajla Kristina. Woman and Nature: A Study of Traditional Chinese Society.
Swickard, Claudine. Dining Out With an Anthropologist: A Comparative Analysis of Food Etiquette.
Waite, Philip R. Great Basin Prehistory: A Processual Model in Culture Change.
Wolfe, Judith Ann. The Emperor’s New Clothes: An Analysis of the Imperial Institution in Prewar Japan.


Beeler, Peter Gordon. Thunderbird, Sun and Red Lily: Grammars of Costume in Quattrocento Florentine, Natchez and Nootka Society.
Hamlish, Tamara Lynn. Typing the Thai: Literacy in Anthropological Theory.
Scott, Wendell Edwin. Sex Symbols: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Transvestitism, Drag and Homosexual Style.


Ackerman, Lauri. Theoretical Approaches and East African Ethnology: A Study of Age-Set Systems.
Allen, Tim. Comparative Exchange Systems.
Fine, John. A Reinterpretation of the Emergence of Land Tenure: Concepts Among the Algonquian Indians of the Subarctic.
Fowler, Nancy J. Wasco-Wishram Noun Plurals.
Margulies, Eric Ned Natan. Modes of Thought in the Mishna.
Peters, Karl Michael. Topos Theory and a Categorical Model of Kinship Terminology Systems.
Regester, David B. Social Differentiation/Architectural Differentiation: The Architecture of the Fali and the Dogon.
Rourke, Michael. Homo Erectus Was a Wise Man: A Study of the First Human.
Shapiro, David. Structure-Functional Ramifications of Bounded and Unbounded Groups in Tikopia and Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea: A Study in Comparative Social Structure.
White, Joseph Courtney. Ethnographic Film: From Visual Anthropology to the Anthropology of Visual Communication.


Byerly, Laura. How to Get the Attention of God: Holy Mediators in A Portland Catholic Parrish.
Carpenter, James. Are They Having Fun or What? The Re-Creation of the Trinidad Carnival.
Dawson, Ansel Dawn Anselina. The Doyle Owl: A Study of Ritual at Reed.
Ernest, Sara H. Social Stratification and Social Change in India.
Ferber, Harold. The Yurok Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.
Head, Genevieve North. Start the Revolutions Without Me: Theoretical Advances (?) in Modern American Archaeology.
Landsverk, Eric J. Grid and Group in Early Modern Languedoc: An Application of Mary Douglas’s Theory of the Relationship Between Cosmology and Social Structure.
Pearson, Kristine. The Effects of Teachers’ Attitudes on Black Students’ Success at Humboldt School.
Pozarny, Pamela F. "The Myth of Male Dominance": A Woman-Oriented Perspective in Cross-Cultural Analysis.
Quinlan, Sheila. The Theory of Population Pressure: Its Use in Anthropological Models.


Bressler, Michelle. The Cultural Construction and Experience of Illness.
Elbaum, Daniel. Tagmemics in the Computer: Two Matrix-Based Verb Inflectors.
Fullam, Sally. Strategy and Style in Somali Politics.
Norgren, Lars Per. You Spray, You Pay, You Kill, We Will: Bodily and Social Control Ritual in a Contemporary Population of Northwest Oregon Hill Folk.
Oldham, Kellie. An Examination of the Native, White Aleut, Eskimo and Indian Ethnic Identities in a Bristol Bay Fishing Village.
Solomon, Anthony David. Hmong Healing Practices: An Alternative Within a Conceptual Scheme.
Vaughn, Elizabeth B. Conflict in Containment: Value Divergence and Ideological Domination in the English-speaking Caribbean.
Weber, Kai Frances. The Study of Spiritism as an Ethnic Identity.
Wentworth, Patricia Ann. Three Traditional Societies in Transition: A Comparative Study of Cultural Evolution.


Ames, Sandra Taimi. English Loanwords in American Finnish: Pussaa Peipipoki Petiruumasta Kitsiin.
Colvin, John. "Oh, Mama, Can This Really Be the End?" or, Changes in the Educational and Ideal Systems of Late Nineteenth Century Confucian China.
Hautzinger, Sarah. What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Carnies: A Deviant Subculture.
Kennedy, Ruth. In Pursuit of Paradise: A Case Study of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Modern Millenarian Movement.
King, Douglas R. Liminality and Communities in Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca.
Miller, Robyn Winfrid. "She Was a Young Durkheimian": Mary Douglas and the Artistic Process.
Reiner, Lisa. Migration and Cultural Change in Puerto Rico: A Comparative Study.
Youngstedt, Scott Matthew. Artistic Explorations in Yoruba Cosmology.


Dobbin, George Riely. Digging for Goldie: Alexander Goldenweiser’s Contribution and His Iroquois Notes.
Heinsoo, Robert. Holy Wind in the Context of Navajo Anthropology.
Martin, Fiona. Between Dissemination and Semiological Illusion: Problems in the Textual Interpretation of Initiation Rituals and the Liminal Period.
Patterson, Alexander C. Appearance Only: Traditionalization in Hindi Cinema.
Reid, James. Kill the Head and the Body Will Die: An Exploration of Classic Mayan Chronology.


Baker, Catherine Anne. Encounters with the Other: A Dialogical Interpretation of the Bikinian Relocation.
Carnahan, Michael S. An Alternative Explanation for Adult Difficulties in Second Language Acquisition.
Elliott, Karen Lynne. Power, Purdah, Politics: Cultural Constraints of Hausa Women's Integration to Northern Nigerian Development.
Emsden, Christopher H. C. Pale Moons and Pert Loquacity: The Category of the Person in India and Papua New Guinea.
Goldman, Laurie S. Concepts of Linguistic Heroism: Particles in Wasco-Wishram Grammar, Discourse and Mythology.
Grosser, Mark Jeffrey. Casual Beliefs and Deviant Roles: Responsibility Allocation in Five African Societies.
London, Christopher Edward. Coffee and Ideology in the Highlands of Costa Rica and Papua New Guinea.
Marberry, Elizabeth M. Food for Thought: An Anthropological Approach to Vegetarianism.
Rodman, Rosamond Cary. Models in the Muddles: African Models of Descent in the New Guinea Highlands Revisited.
Rogers, Mark S. Cultural Physiology: Hallucinogens and Symbolic Transaction in South American Shamanism.
Simon, Elon Satoru. Summer Days with Residents and Staff at Two Japanese Institutions for the Mentally Retarded.


Beffort, Brian L. Camera Obscura: Ethnographic Lucida: A Discussion of the Photograph and the Elucidation of Ethnographic Information.
Bicchieri, Leone José. Ideology and Expressiveness: The Russian Language in Soviet Society.
Conlin, David L. The Ecology of Ships: Towards a Processual Theory in Underwater Archaeology.
Davis, Maia J. L. Raising Expectations: Socialization and Social Construction Within a Contemporary American Intentional Community.
Dawdy, Shannon Lee. Beautiful Heralds and Avatars: The Aesthetics of Efficacious Objects.
Goodyear, David Craig. Order and Ambiguity in the Religion of Haiti.
Hooker, Jessica. What We Don't Know About Latah: An Assessment of the Current State of Research into a Malayo-Indonesian Behavior Complex.
Schultze, Carol A. Resource Utilization Strategies and Settlement Patterning of the Klamath Indians: A Look at Gathering.
Ward, Kenneth C. Party in the Library, Study in the Street: Escolas de Samba in Rio de Janeiro Carnaval.


Brown, Stephen Christopher. The Failure of Ritual Socialization: Michael J. Harner, Shamanism, and Anthropologists.
Heinsoo, Robert Martin. Holy Wind in the Context of Navajo Anthropology.
Keck, Emily. The Dancer Becomes the Dance: Re-Presentation in Kwakiutl Art.
Paisley, Bryan Shaw. Paradigm and Vocality in the Anthropological Process: An Hermeneutic Study of Victorian Evolutionism and Boasian Anthropology.
Rodman, Rosamond Cary. Models in the Muddles: African Models of Descent in the New Guinea Highlands Revisited.
Subramanian, Mukund. Japanese Comics: A Continuum of Supernatural Beliefs in Pre and Post Modern Japan.
Vireday, Diane C. Museums: An Inventory of Ethnography.


Barker, Ty Adin. Refinement of Irrationality: Marriage in Portland, 1894-1901.
Dalla Valle, Jona Sabrina Alexandria. Stealing a Name: Political Education in Guinea-Bissau, Africa.
Funston, Lance William. The History and Evolution of Traditional Japanese Karate-do in American Society.
Giffin, Christina Page. Fashion: The Cultural Construction and Social Importance of Gender and Beauty.
Kurzweil, Joshua Mark. Admiration in Full and Empty Lives: The Mutual Importation of Japanese and American Standards of Pottery Evaluation.
MacDonald, Anne Charlotte. Tell-Tale Devices: Cultural Translation Through Stories in E. E. Evans-Pritchard’s Witchcraft, Oracles and Magic Among the Azande and Zora Neale Hurston’s Tell My Horse.
Roth, Christopher Fritz. Verbal Aspect in Black English.
Sheiner, Amanda Kate. Whose Aesthetic is it Anyway? The Relationship Between Anglos and Navajos in the Creation of Commercial Sandpainting.


Bezilla, Kenneth Robert. An Application of Victor Turner’s Concept of Liminality to the Study of Warfare.
Gullikson, Caressa Anne. The Times They Are a Changin’: The Causes and Consequences of Sedentism Among Kalahari Desert and Australian Western Desert Hunter-Gatherers.
Hall, Sarah Elizabeth Jayne. Hunting for Human Nature: A Gathering of Evidence on the Sexual Division of Labor Among Foragers.
Kaplan, Michael McKay. The Identity of Jazz.
King, Alexander David. The Real Thing: Symbolic Power and Domination Behind the Potlatch of the Tlingit and Kwakiutl.
Kusmierski, Anya. Theater and Ethnic Consciousness-Forming: El Teatro Campesino and a New Mestizo Consciousness.
Perrault, Sarah. Gender Constructions and Buddhism in Rural Thailand.
Satkin, Bradley Scott. The Ahl-i Haqq: Towards a Study of the Contemporary Maktab of Ostaad Nur ‘Ali Elahi.
Sen, Natasha. Exclusionary Practices: The Limitations of a Feminist Identity Politics.
Shaw, Megan Alyson. An Analysis of Metaphors in the Chinese Language.
Six, Amanda. Sekirk: A Case Study of "Community" in Rural Washington State.
Stasch, Rupert Stirling. Rethinking the Culture Concept.


Andrade, Tonio. Geopolitics, Catholicism and Croatian Nationalism, 1835-1971.
Batiuk, Elizabeth Kimzey. Art As Informant: Political Art As Works in Progress.
Brewer, Benjamin Grant. An Assessment of Theoretical Approaches to the Study of African Witchcraft.
Burkleaux, Thomas C. The Modernization of Thought in Kwakiutl Mythology From Boas to the Present.
Coleman, Robert Berger. Yo! Bum Rush the Tower: Cultural Production in Rap Music; Reproduction and Resistance.
DeVault, Jon Paul. Loving the Alien: An Analysis of UFO Abduction and the Modern UFO Belief System.
Labenski, Edward, III. A Strength To Live: Experience and Tradition on the Plateau, 1805-1847.
McBreen, Brian J. Wok Meri: A Business Community.
Nelson, Kristina Renee. The Acquisition of Ethnic Identity and Personality Socialization Among Transracial Adoptees in the United States.
Propps, Amy Lee. Galicia, the Politics of Regional Identity.
Rollert, Steve Anton. Paralyzed by the Dream of Distant Mountains.
Rubovits, Michael Francis. An Explanation of Cargo Cults.
Sugerman, Adam A. The Constitution of Social Order in Sixteenth-Century America.


Cross, John Eliot. The Mixed Model: Strategies of Group Identity Among the Toba Batak of Sumatra.
Feuerle, Miriam Zoë. Invented Ritual and Tradition in Nineteenth Century American Secret Societies.
Hurtt, Anne Elizabeth. Outside Influences: The Development of Multiple Aesthetics in Navajo Silver Jewelry.
Knott, Eric Russell. Archaeology, Human Origins and Hawkes’ Ladder: Looking for the Next Rung at Koobi. Fora, Kenya.
Kullman, Caleb James. Autobiography as Looking Glass: An Anthropological Analysis of the Life and Autobiographical Documents of Salvador Dali.
Murphy, Sarah Anne. "Something Which You Carry Inside": The Problem of Navarran Identity in Pampalona's Sanfermines.
Mussen, Sharon Eve Justine. "Persistent Identity System": The Conflicted Religious Assimilation of the Beta Israel into Israel.
Segal, Lizaveta Élan. Possessed Bodies, Overdetermined Selves: The Zar Cult and Women's Status in the Sudan.
Spink, Douglas Brian. The Structure and Meaning of IBM: An Anthropological Perspective on Corporate Culture.


Baldwin, Tessa Marie. The Indian Shaker Church: A Study of Syncretism and Legitimacy in a Native American Community.
Boyd, Tobias Nathanael. An Historical Anthropology of Morocco.
Fisher, Kim Christian. Love and Social Change in Heian Japan: An Anthropological Perspective.
Glass, Aaron Joseph. An Exquisite Corpus: The Body as a Conceptual Model in Traditional Kwakwaka’wakw Language and Culture.
Loudermilk, Brandon Conner. The Social Mechanisms and Cultural Strategies of Group Cohesion in Computer Hacker Social Organizations.
Marvy, Paul Alexander. The Transient Palate.
McGuire, John Francis, III. African Law.
Miles, Gareth Richard. Incorporeal Crocodiles and Bloodthirsty Baggara: The Rural and Urban Zar Cults of North Sudan.
Orend, Zachary Daniel. Pilgrim’s Process: A Processual Analysis of an Heretic Shrine in Northeast Brazil.
Reagon, Matthew David. Prophets and Pakeha.
Strong, Thomas Paul. "Bad Blood": Individuals, Community, and the Social Body.
Takarabe, Bo Lee. Exchanging Nostalgia: Japanese Appropriation of the American Western Movie.


Abuaf, Dona Raymond. Painting Aboriginality: An Artistic Discourse.
Batsford, Lisa Heather. The Pilgrimage of Grace: Religious Paradigms and Political Action In Reformation England.
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