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EconLit is a database of citations and abstract to journal articles, books, book reviews, and working papers published since 1969.


Tips for Searching EconLit

  • Use more general subject terms in order to broaden the subject scope of your search.
  • Use the Browse Index icon (to the right of the search box) to identify EconLit subject headings before you begin your search
  • Use the Related Subjects icon to identify EconLit subject headings related to your topic
  • Use the Limit Search icon to choose from EconLit subject headings that are found in records you have already retrieved in your search.
  • Use alternate terms with the OR connector; e.g., aids or hiv (NOTE: If you do not specify a connector in FirstSearch, the system will assume that you wish to use the AND connector) Use the proximity connector w to specify that your search terms must appear near or next to each other in the record:,

public w1 goods to search for the phrase "public goods"

market w3 incentives to search for records in which the term market appears within 3 words of the term incentives.  

How to Get Journal Articles

How to Get Articles

A new library service called ArticleLinker can help you navigate from the EconLit and many other library databases to the source of the article you're looking for.

From the EconLit citation you're interested in, click on "Check Reed for fulltext." A pop-up window will display links for the article if it is available in a Reed e-journal.

If the ArticleLinker feature doesn't locate your article, the pop-up window will give you other options for searching the library catalog or other choices listed below:

1. Check Reed's Print & Electronic Journals page. This page will link you to journals in the print collection and to individual journal titles included in the many electronic collections that Reed subscribes to.

2. If the article is not available in print or electronic form at the Reed library, your next step is to request the article through the Interlibrary Loan service (ILL).

If the citation was found in EconLit, you can request the article through that database using the "ILL" button.

You will receive an e-mail from the Interlibrary Loan service when your article is available. Electronic delivery is the norm.

Delivery time for journal articles ranges from a few days to up to 3 weeks, and delays are more likely during busy times of the semester. Be forewarned, and order articles early if at all possible.

3. If none of these methods worked, ask the Social Sciences Librarian for assistance.

Using EndNote with EconLit

EndNote is a bibliographic citation management program that allows you to save citations from EconLit and other library databases, save notes on the sources you've cited, and generate endnotes or a bibliography for your thesis in the citation style of your choice.

EndNote is available on library and ETC workstations on campus and can be downloaded to your computer for academic use. CUS provides a download page and basic instructions for using EndNote on its software help page.

These instructions show you how to save citations from EconLit.


Using an EndNote Connection File


1. Open the EndNote program

2. Click on "Edit," "Connection Files," and then "Open Connection Manager."

3. Choose the databases you're interested in searching and check the box to select each one. Reed's version of EconLit is EconLit (OCLC).

4. Click on "Tools," "Online Search," and then choose EconLit.

5. Search using the Connection interface.

6. Your search results will appear in a new EndNote library window. To save results, use the "copy references to" pull-down menu to save citations in a new library or an existiing EndNote library.

Import Citations from an EconLit Search

Save and Export Citations from EconLit

1. Mark or save the citations you're interested in.

2. If asked: select the fields you'd like to save in your citations (Examples: Abstract, Language, Document Type).

3. Export the citations.

4. Note where the citations were saved on your computer. The file name will be DirectExport.

Import Saved Citations into an EndNote Library Using a Filter

1. Open the EndNote program.

2. Create a new library by clicking "File," "New," and then giving the new library a name.

3. Open the File Manager (Click on "File," then "Import filters," then "Open Filter Manager."

4. Choose the databases you're interested in and click to select each one. Reed uses EconLit (OCLC). Close the Filter window.

5. Click on "File," then "Import."

6. On "Import Options," choose the library database you searched.

7. Click on "Choose File," then find and click on the file you created when you saved the records from your search.

8. When you have selected the file and import option you wanted, click on "Import."