Lloyd J. Reynolds Collection


Chittick, Victor Lovitt Oakes
Ring-tailed roarers; tall tales of the American frontier, 1830-60.  Edited with introduction by Chittick, wood engravings by Lloyd J. Reynolds.  Caldwell, ID:  The Caxton Printers, 1941.  316 p.
Gunderson, William and Charles Lehman
The calligraphy of Lloyd J. Reynolds:  a contemporary American writing master.  Portland, OR:  Alcuin Press, 1988.  64 p., 26 copies in this extra deluxe edition.
Gunderson, William and Charles Lehman
The calligraphy of Lloyd J. Reynolds:  a contemporary American writing master.  2nd ed.  Portland, OR:  Oregon Historical Society Press, 1989.  64 p.
Martin, Roberta
R as in Chrrristophr:  the story of two extraordinary people.  Illustrated by Lloyd J. Reynolds and Christopher Martin.  Portland, OR:  Alcuin Press, 1990.  62 p.
Oregon.  Department of Education, and Lloyd J. Reynolds
Art education in Oregon elementary schools.  Salem, OR:  Oregon Department of Education, 1958.  95 p.
Reynolds, Lloyd J.
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