Lloyd J. Reynolds Collection


1902 LJR is born June 18 in Bemidji, Minnesota
1904 LJR and family move to Spokane, Washington
1914 Moves to Portland with family
1920 Graduates from Franklin High School
1924 Receives B.S. from Oregon State University in botany and forestry (School of Forestry)
1924-25 Works in a commercial advertising/lettering shop, does not like it
1925 Marries Virginia Bliss
1926 Receives BA degree from University of Oregon in English Literature
1926-27 Teaching Fellow at Roseburg High School, Oregon
1927 Returns to University of Oregon for graduate work in English
1929 Receives an MA in English literature from University of Oregon
Hired by Reed College as an Instructor in English to teach creative writing and English
1930 Birth of son, John
1932 Birth of son, Richard
1934 Orders Edward Johnston's "Writing and Illuminating and Lettering" and starts to study paleography and alphabets
c.1937 Begins to teach informal, non-credit classes in "alphabetic communication", 3 hr. classes twice a week, first hour lecture, rest studio work with edged pen or printing types
1948 Starts teaching first formal calligraphy class at Reed for credit
1949 Sets up and teaches Graphic Arts Workshop, Eliot Hall, 3rd fl.
1950 Begins to teach calligraphy night classes at the Portland Museum Art School
1952 Becomes a founding member of the Society for Italic Handwriting of England, later made an American Vice-President
1954 House on Unamerican Activities Committee, testifies before the Velde Hearings
mid-1950s All Portland high schools and most of the elementary schools are teaching italic as art projects
1956 & on LJR brings Arnold Bank to Portland to lecture; so successful brought back the following year for a 6-week summer session
1958 Organizes influential Portland Art Museum's exhibit "Calligraphy: the Golden Age and its Modern Revival" with two others
1959-60 Sabbatical in Europe (Germany, The Netherlands, England, Italy) focusing on England and Italy
1968 Organizes the Western American Branch of the Society for Italic Handwriting (changed to Portland Society for Calligraphy in 1983)
Makes 20 half-hour programs on "Italic Calligraphy and Handwriting" for the Oregon Education Television Service in Men Who Teach, broadcast 14 times over the next 7 years
Gives commencement address at Reed, "Grow It!"
1969 Retires from Reed as full professor in art
Receives the Portland Art Museum Distinguished Service Award
1970 Wife Virginia dies
1972 Receives Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Reed College
Named Calligrapher Laureate of Oregon by Gov. Tom McCall
1974 Statewide option for Italic Handwriting in Oregon schools offered due to his influence
1975 Marries Judith Reynders, a Psychology Professor at Portland Community College
1976 Redoes the "Italic Calligraphy and Handwriting" film programs for the Oregon Educational Television Service in color
1977 Receives the Aubrey R. Watzek Award from Lewis & Clark College
Teaches last Haystack Workshop in summer
1978 Receives Governor's Award for the Arts in January
Dies October 4th