Library Computer Information and Locations

Map of computer locations.
Map of printer and copier locations.

Note: Public computers will automatically log off if idle for 20 minutes.

6 Windows PCs and 8 iMacs in the North and South Reference Room with resources that include:

Reference room PCs print to a queue of four duplex printers in the same area. There is also a color printer you can print to in L-139 (note that color printing costs more).

8 Windows PCs and 10 Macs in the southeast Reading Room. Their resources include:

These computers print to duplex printers in the adjacent printer/copier room L-153, or the color printer in the South Reference area.

For a full list of applications available from library computers, see: Software Found on Library Macs or Windows computers.

2 Mac Pros and scanners in the south reference area for working with digital images.

10 iMacs in the IMC Language Lab with the same resources as mentioned above, and also special language applications

7 iMacs in the IMC Multimedia Lab with the same resources as mentioned above, and also special audio/visual editing applications

Several laptops in the IMC available for check-out.

Catalog-only "kiosks" computers throughout the library. These stand up kiosks provide access to the Reed College Library's and Summit's catalogs.

Map of Computer Locations on Library Main Level

(More catalog-only kiosks are located throughout the library)

Computer Locations

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Map of Printer and Copier Locations in Library

Map of Printer and Copier Locations


Printing and Copying Fees

  Printing *Copying
B/W $0.08 each side $0.05 each side
Color $0.35 each side $0.30 each side
Problems? Contact the Reference Desk. Contact the Circulation Desk.

*Printing for Reed Community only.


Full-sized PDF map of printer and copier locations