Reference & Research Assistance

The primary responsibility of Reed's librarians is to help with all aspects of library research. From locating a book for Hum 110 to identifying sources for a senior thesis, librarians are here to help.

Librarians are knowledgeable about the library's own book and journal collections and services, and they can help students explore ways of locating and accessing books and journal articles at Reed, at other libraries, and from digital collections available through the Internet.

In addition to answering individual research queries, librarians provide tours, visit classes, and lead workshops on research topics throughout the year. If you are interested in arranging or participating in an instruction session, please contact the reference librarian for your subject area or Annie Downey, Director of Research Services, (503) 517-5587.

To consult a reference librarian:

Visit or call the library's reference desk. A librarian is available during these hours when classes are in session.  Stop by when you’re in the library, or call us at (503) 777-7554.

    10 am - 5 pm, Monday - Thursday
    12 pm - 3 pm, Friday
    5 - 9 pm, Sunday

In addition, student reference assistants are available at the reference desk during the following hours:

    5 – 11 pm, Sunday - Thursday
   10am - Noon, 3pm - 5pm, Friday
    1 - 5 pm, Saturday - Sunday
   9pm - 11pm Sunday

IM a librarian. 

Librarians and reference assistants are available to answer questions via IM at various times of day, seven days a week. You can add us to your "buddy" list (reedlibrarian on Yahoo! and AIM, on Jabber/XMPP, on MSN and GTalk).   You can also IM us directly from the library home page by clicking on the green “We’re Online” button.  If we’re not online, leave us an e-mail message.