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Thesis Guidelines

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  1. The Introduction is due on the first day of classes of the spring semester.

  2. Develop your formal bibliography as you are writing the text. Every time you cite a reference in the text, immediately go to your bibliography and enter that reference. (HINT: Use Endnote or BibText)

  3. Always include your bibliography when you submit material for your advisor to read.

  4. If your advisor does not have a preferred bibliography format, use this.

  5. Use special care in preparation of legends for figures and tables. Remember they must be concise and informative.

  6. Include separate pages for "List of Figures" and "List of Tables".

         Figure number                Legend              Page number

  7. Figures and tables must be numbered consecutively throughout the entire thesis.

  8. Include a separate page near the front for "List of Abbreviations" (if appropriate)

  9. Final formatting should include a left-hand margin of 1.5 inches and a right-hand margin of 1 inch. Use 1 1/2 line spacing. (HINT: For more formatting tips, see Formatting Your Thesis.)

  10. Many other critical details are in the Senior Handbook so you should make frequent reference to it.

  11. Four copies of the thesis must be presented to the registrar before 4:00 p.m. on the last Friday of class. You will need to get your thesis advisor's signature before you go over.

  12. Printing your thesis can be a real hassle if you wait until the last Friday. Plan to get it done at least a few days before the deadline.

  13. As a courtesy to the members of your orals committee, you should deliver a copy of your thesis to each of them as soon as possible. Include your name, date, time, and place of the orals on the outer bag.

  14. After the Orals, you may need to make some corrections. Once you have the thesis in the corrected form, bring it in for your advisor's final approval. Once s/he gives final approval, you can take it to the print shop for the final copies.

  15. Have copies signed after binding. Students typically have at least four copies bound, but you can do more if you wish. Two copies go to the library (before noon on the Tuesday after Finals week), one copy to your advisor and one copy to yourself.

Contact: Linda Maddux, Science Librarian & Bob Kaplan, Biology Professor