Performing Arts Resource Center


All equipment must be requested or reserved online prior to pickup. Equipment may be borrowed for 7 days with no renewals and will be quarantined for 72 hours in between check out periods. 

When your equipment is ready to pick up, you will receive an email with instructions. Certain items will be available for contactless pickup, and other items will need to be picked up at the PARC help desk during open hours (see Pickup Options below). Please do NOT come to the PARC until you have received an email confirming your items are available to pick up.

Reserve in advance

Use our online reservation form to reserve the equipment below. This equipment can be reserved for any date during Spring semester.

Important notes

You must submit a new form for each item you wish to reserve.
Items must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.
This equipment is primarily intended to support academic coursework.
Due to high demand and limited supply, any equipment not claimed within 24 hours of the requested pickup date will be made available to the next person.

Available to reserve

Audio Interfaces
  • MOTU Traveller MK3 audio interface
  • EVO 4 audio interface
  • Apogee Quartet audio interface
  • Zoom H1 handheld audio recorders
  • ART USB Dual Pre
  • Blue Icicle A/D adapters
  • Behringer C-1 and C-2 microphones
  • Aston Stealth microphones
  • Shure SM57, SM58, and SM7B microphones
  • Apogee USB microphones
  • Yeti USB multi-polarity microphones
  • Nektar MIDI keyboard
  • Akai mini MIDI keyboards
  • Logic laptops
  • Mobile recording laptops

Request for immediate pickup

The equipment below may be requested via the library catalog’s Reed Item Request feature. Click on the links below to access and login to request. You can also find any of these items through the main library search box.

Requests made Monday through Thursday by 9am will be ready to pickup by 10am, by noon ready by 1pm, and by 3pm ready by 4pm. Please do NOT come to the PARC until you have received an email confirming your items are available to pick up.

View full list of equipment for check-out and current availability

Pickup options

Available for contactless pickup outside the PARC

  • Headphones
  • CD/DVD and flash drives
  • Dongles and cables
  • Chargers
  • Disc styluses (for all touchscreens)
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Lightpads
  • Phone & tablet tripods

Available for in-person pickup during PARC open hours

  • iPads
  • Apple Pencils
  • Hard drives (including SoundFX)
  • MIDI keyboards
  • Korg synthesizer
  • Audio recording equipment & accessories:
    • All microphones 
    • Pop filters
    • Cables
    • Blue Icicles and GuitarLink
    • ART USB, Whirlwind IMP, and Cloudlifter
    • Apogee Quartet & Traveller MK3
    • Headphone amplifier
    • Mic stands/bag
  • Roland cube & stand
  • Guitar

Available in-house only

See Rooms for additional information about in-house equipment.

Printers and Scanners

Beginning August 31st, 2020, printing may only be done via personal laptops (setup instructions). Print jobs will be made available for contactless pickup three times daily outside the PARC: jobs sent by 9am will be available by 10am, 12pm by 1pm, and 3pm by 4pm. Please do NOT enter the PARC to pick up your print job.

The copier/scanner will not be available for use.