Performing Arts Resource Center


Available for checkout (faculty, students, and staff)

For 3 days

  • iPads (see Software for included apps)
  • iPad pens/styluses
  • Mobile recording Macbook Pro
  • Analog & USB mics (Apogee USB, Zoom iQ7, Shure SM-57’s, Behringer C-1 and C-2, Shure SM-7b)
  • MOTU Traveller MK3 and Apogee Quartet for A/D recording (8 channel and 4 channel audio interfaces)
  • Mic stands, cables, and pop blocker
  • Acoustic guitar
  • iOgrapher iPad case with accessories (mounts an iPad for video; includes shotgun microphone and LED)
  • Huion L4S LED Light Box

For 24 hours

  • Macbook Pro laptops
  • External hard drive and thumb drive
  • Midi keyboards
  • Headphones
  • Anker SoundCore bluetooth speakers
  • Roland EX Cube amp and stand (battery and AC power options)
  • CD/DVD drives
  • Chargers and dongles

View full list of equipment for check-out and current availability

Available in-house only

See Rooms for additional information about in-house equipment.

Printers and Scanners

PARC’s Printer Row includes both black & white and color printers. Students can print using their regular Reed print account, and faculty, staff, and students can also print using a departmental account. Print from our iMacs and laptops or from your own laptop (see CUS’ printing setup information).

A Xerox copier/scanner is available for all current Reed affiliates using your ID card or Kerberos login. A large format Epson flatbed scanner is also available and can be used by community members with a guest login.

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