Library Computer Information and Locations

Map of computer and printer locations.
Map of printer and copier locations.

4 Windows PCs and 10 iMacs in the North and South Reference Room

Reference room computers print to a queue of four duplex printers in the same area. There is also a color printer you can print to in the southeast Reading Room in L-153 (note that color printing costs more).

4 Windows PCs and 14 iMacs in the southeast Reading Room.

Reading room computers print to duplex printers in the adjacent printer/copier room L-153.

For a full list of applications available from library computers, see: Software Found on Library Macs or Windows computers.

10 iMacs in the IMC Language Lab with the same resources as mentioned above, and also special language applications

7 iMacs in the IMC Multimedia Lab with the same resources as mentioned above, and also special audio/visual editing applications

Several laptops in the IMC available for check-out.

Catalog-only "kiosks" computers throughout the library. These stand up kiosks provide access to the Reed College Library's and Summit's catalogs.

Map of Computer & Printer Locations on Library Main Level

(More catalog-only kiosks are located throughout the library)

Computer Locations

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Map of Printer and Copier Locations in Library

Map of Printer and Copier Locations


Printing and Copying Fees

  Printing * Copying
B/W $0.08 each side $0.05 each side
Color $0.35 each side $0.30 each side
Problems? Contact the Reference Desk. Contact the Circulation Desk.

*Printing for Reed Community only.


Full-sized PDF map of printer and copier locations