File Recovery

Mac | Windows

If you were working on a document on a library computer prior to a crash or being logged out, the file may be recoverable.


  1. Log back on
  2. Click the Go menu at the top, then "Go to folder"
  3. Type /var/publictemp/your-username.
  4. The folders you will see are named based on date and times of logout - based on this, explore the folders for your file.
  5. If you have problems you can get help from the ETC computer helpdesk.


If after logging back on, you can't find the file where it was saved, try:

  1. Select the Windows icon in the lower left 
  2. When the menu pops up, you are in search mode. Type the name of your file or your username, then select Enter
  3. If search finds a file named "AutoRecovery save of..." which contains your file's name, this could be a newer revision of your work. Open the file with Word to find out. Otherwise, once the file is found, you can save it by dragging or cutting/pasting directly from the Search window.