Performing Arts Resource Center (PARC)

The PARC is a library and computing space in the Performing Arts Building. It contains library materials, a computer lab with specialized software for the performing arts, workrooms for audio and video projects, and other information resources that support studies in the performing arts. All CDs, all musical scores, performing arts-related DVDs and VHS, and current issues of performing arts journals are located in the PARC

The PARC can be reached via phone (503-517-4823) or email.

Summer Hours

Mon - Thur 1pm - 5pm
Fri - Sun CLOSED

For additional hours information, see Library hours page.


Megan Watson, Performing Arts Librarian

Joe Janiga, Instructional Technologist for the Performing Arts

Lea Shapiro, Serials/Performing Arts Specialist

Available for checkout at the PARC

Item Loan period for Students
Course reserves Most PARC reserves for 3 hours.
CDs and DVDs Most CDs and DVDs for 3 days.
Musical scores Most scores for 28 days.
iPads 3 days (due in PARC by closing)
Analog and USB mics for audio recording
(Apogee One, Shure SM 57’s, Behringer C-2 mics, Shure SM 7b)
3 days (due in PARC by closing)
Alesis iOMix (Mobile 4 track iPad workstation for connecting analog mics and cables- to be used in conjunction with Multi Track Daw) 3 days (due in PARC by closing)
Mic stands, mic cables 3 days (due in PARC by closing)
Headphones, laptops,
and midi keyboards
24 hrs (due in the PARC by closing)
MOTU Traveller MK3 (8 track analog to digital audio interface that weighs only 4lbs) 3 days (due in PARC by closing)
Mac Pro laptop with SSD and large hard drive (Dedicated for audio recording. Includes Logic and Izotope Ozone 7 suite) 3 days (due in PARC by closing)

Software available on PARC computers


  • Earmaster 6- sight singing and ear training tutorial software
  • Photoscore- advanced music scanning
  • Finale- score creation/composition
  • Sibelius- score creation/composition


  • Izotope RX5 advanced- state of the art audio repair
  • Ozone 7 advanced Mastering suit- state of the art audio mastering (both available only in Room 327 and on the mobile recording laptop)
  • Logic Pro X- pro DAW
  • Ableton Live Suite 9- pro/Performance DAW
  • GarageBand- consumer DAW
  • Audacity- audio file editing/recording


  • Final Cut Pro- pro video creation/editing
  • iMovie-consumer video creation/editing


  • Pure Data- open source multi media programming language by the creator of MAX
  • Isadora- multi media creation
  • Q Lab- sequential show control
  • Max/MSP/Jitter- multi media creation
  • Mainstage- live instruments
  • DanceForms- dance choreography
  • LifeForms- dance choreography
  • Labanwriter-dance choreography


  • Vectorworks- CAD for modeling physical structures.
  • Lightwright- Light design spreadsheet
  • Google Sketch Up- CAD modeling program
  • Adobe CS- (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
  • Paintbrush- similar to paint for PCs
  • Fontographer- font design tool

PARC iPad Apps


  • Forscore- sheet music viewer
  • iDensity- musical instrument; granular Synth
  • Guitar Toolkit- tuner/metronome/scales
  • Animoog- musical instrument; Moog’s amazing iPad synth
  • Subdivide- metronome


  • Garageband- DAW
  • Multitrack DAW-pro level sample and bit rate recording
  • Voice Memos- quick audio recording
  • SoundCloud- audio sharing
  • Audiobus- audio signal flow software to inter app connection
  • Apogee Maestro- apogee connection/mixer software for Apogee One mic


  • iMovie- video creation/editing
  • Movie Pro- pro video creation/editing
  • 8mm- vintage stylized video creation/editing
  • YouTube- video viewer
  • Vimeo- video viewer


  • iPhoto- photo editing
  • Animation Desk- animation creator


  • Kinescribe- laban notation
  • Moving Space- 3D visualization of the Laban notation scales
  • Spark Basic-movement analyzer


  • Dropbox- file sharing
  • Google Drive- file sharing
  • BlueFireReader- adobe content server protected ebook reader
  • PDF Scanner- photo to PDF format
  • Pages- document creation
  • Notability- Note taking


The PARC has three workrooms for audio and video projects and individual and group study. All rooms have midi keyboards. Room 329 is designed to support video viewing and midi keyboard work. Room 327 is designed to support audio and video editing, mixing and mastering. Room 330 is the largest room and includes an LCD monitor and surround sound. These rooms are primarily first-come, first-serve. If you’d like to reserve 330 for a viewing or group project, please contact Megan Watson,