Giving to the Library

The Library welcomes gifts of books and manuscript materials that fall within the scope of its collecting activities. The same criteria used for the purchase of new materials are applied when gifts are reviewed. In both cases, the decision is based upon the demands, present and anticipated, of the College’s programs of teaching and research.

Acceptance Statement

Gifts of materials are accepted by the Library with the understanding that, once received, they are owned by the College. The Library reserves the right to determine their retention, location, cataloging treatment and other considerations related to their use or disposition. Only the College Librarian, the Director of Collection Services, and the Director of Special Collections and Archives may accept materials on behalf of the Library.


Types of gifts welcomed

The Library accepts gifts of books and other materials that will enhance the strengths of its collections. Of particular interest are scholarly items with research value that are in good physical condition. The library is unable to accept archeological artifacts. Individual leaves offered from multi-leaved manuscripts will be reviewed carefully and decisions made on a case-by-case basis. Papers and manuscript materials with an important connection to college history, curriculum, or research interests are welcome. Materials which fall outside the Library’s collecting policy and that are not generally accepted include outdated textbooks, popular journals, and unnecessary duplicates.

Tax deductibility and appraisals

Your gift of books or materials may quality for a tax deduction. In certain cases, a tax deduction requires a qualified appraisal. By law, Reed cannot provide an appraisal for the gift’s value so any required appraisal is the responsibility of the donor.

For information about tax deductibility and appraisals, contact:

How to Make a Donation

Anyone interested in donating materials to the Library should contact Dena Hutto, College Librarian and the Director of Collections Services who will discuss the materials with the donor and indicate whether or not the gift would be of value to the Library.

In order to help make such a decision, a list of the items to be donated is very useful. In addition, the gift may have to be examined. If necessary, transportation of materials can be arranged after the gift has been reviewed and accepted.

To give a gift to the library, contact:

Other donations

Donations of funds to support the Library’s general acquisitions or for the purchase of materials in a particular subject field are welcomed. Information on making such a contribution is available from Reed’s Executive Director of Development, Sarah Panetta.

Information about other donations: