Librarian Liaisons by Subject

Anthropology - Ann Matsushima Chiu

Art History & Studio Art - Sarah Bavier

Biology - Robin Ford

Chemistry - Robin Ford

Chinese - Jim Holmes

Classics - Lily De La Fuente

Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies (CRES) - Ann Matsushima Chiu

Computer Science - Mahria Lebow

Dance - Megan Watson

Data Services - Mahria Lebow

Economics - Ann Matsushima Chiu

English - Maria Cunningham

Environmental Studies - Mahria Lebow and Robin Ford

Film - Jim Holmes

French - Lily De La Fuente

German - Robin Ford

History - Angie Beiriger

Humanities - Lily De La Fuente

Linguistics - David Isaak

MALS - Angie Beiriger

Mathematics - Mahria Lebow

Music - Megan Watson

Neuroscience - Robin Ford and David Isaak

Philosophy - Lily De La Fuente

Physics - Robin Ford

Political Science - Ann Matsushima Chiu

Psychology - David Isaak

Religion - Lily De La Fuente

Russian - Jim Holmes

Sociology - Ann Matsushima Chiu

Spanish - Lily De La Fuente

Statistics - Mahria Lebow

Theatre - Megan Watson

Young Scholars - Angie Beiriger