Librarian Liaisons by Subject

Get help locating and accessing subject-specific resources for projects, classes, and thesis.

Library Liaisons by Subject
Subject Liaison Email
Anthropology Ann Matsushima Chiu
Art Angie Beiriger
Biology Carly Lamphere
Chemistry Carly Lamphere
Chinese Jim Holmes
Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies (CRES) Ann Matsushima Chiu
Computer Science Jess Yao and Carly Lamphere and
Dance Caleah James
Data Services Jess Yao
Economics Jess Yao and Ann Matsushima Chiu and
English Caleah James
Environmental Studies Carly Lamphere
Film Jim Holmes
French Lily De La Fuente
German Jim Holmes
Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies Lily De La Fuente
History Angie Beiriger
Humanities Lily De La Fuente
Linguistics Ann Matsushima Chiu
MALS Laura Buchholz
Mathematics Jess Yao and Carly Lamphere and
Music Caleah James
Neuroscience Carly Lamphere
Philosophy Lily De La Fuente
Physics Carly Lamphere
Political Science Ann Matsushima Chiu
Psychology Carly Lamphere
Religion Lily De La Fuente
Russian Jim Holmes
Sociology Ann Matsushima Chiu
Spanish Lily De La Fuente
Statistics Jess Yao and Carly Lamphere and
Theatre Caleah James
Young Scholars Carly Lamphere