Performing Arts Resource Center


The PARC computer lab is available for Reed student, staff, and faculty use. CUS’s virtual computer lab is also available to access some software remotely. Students in certain performing arts classes will be granted access to software needed for their coursework. If you have questions or would like to request access, please contact Joe Janiga.

Computer software


  • Earmaster: sight singing and ear training tutorials
  • Photoscore: advanced music scanning
  • Sibelius: score creation/composition


  • Izotope RX Advanced: state-of-the-art audio repair (available only in Room 327 and on the mobile recording laptop)
  • Ozone Advanced mastering suite: state-of-the-art audio mastering (available only in Room 327 and on the mobile recording laptop)
  • Logic Pro: pro DAW
  • Ableton Live Suite
  • GarageBand: consumer DAW
  • Audacity: open source audio file editing/recording


  • Final Cut Pro: pro video creation/editing
  • iMovie: consumer video creation/editing


  • Isadora: Live multimedia creation/manipulation
  • Q Lab: sequential show control
  • Max/MSP/Jitter: multimedia creation/connectivity
  • Mainstage: live performance with virtual instruments


  • Vectorworks: CAD for modeling physical structures
  • Lightwright: Light design spreadsheet
  • Adobe CC

iPad Apps

Note: All apps can be downloaded under Self-Service if not on the homescreen.


  • Forscore: sheet music viewer
  • iDensity: musical instrument; granular Synth
  • Animoog: musical instrument; Moog's iPad synth


  • Ableton Note
  • Garageband: DAW
  • AudioShare: simple stereo capture and conversion software
  • SoundCloud: audio sharing
  • Audiobus: audio signal flow software to inter app connection
  • Apogee Maestro: Apogee connection/mixer software for Apogee One mic
  • Spectograph: spectographic visualization of music


  • iMovie: video creation/editing
  • Movie Pro: video creation/editing
  • 8mm: vintage stylized video creation/editing


  • Adobe Sketch
  • Animation Desk: animation creator


  • Google Drive
  • BlueFire Reader: Adobe ebook reader
  • Pages: document creation
  • Notability: note taking