Performing Arts Resource Center


Mac Programs


  • Earmaster 7: sight singing and ear training tutorials
  • Photoscore: advanced music scanning
  • Finale: score creation/composition
  • Sibelius: score creation/composition


  • Izotope RX7 advanced: state-of-the-art audio repair (available only in Room 327 and on the mobile recording laptop)
  • Ozone 8 advanced mastering suite: state-of-the-art audio mastering (available only in Room 327 and on the mobile recording laptop)
  • Logic Pro X: pro DAW
  • Ableton Live Suite 10: pro/Performance DAW
  • GarageBand: consumer DAW
  • Audacity: open source audio file editing/recording


  • Final Cut Pro: pro video creation/editing
  • iMovie: consumer video creation/editing


  • Pure Data: open source multimedia programming language
  • Isadora: Live multimedia creation/manipulation
  • Q Lab: sequential show control
  • Max/MSP/Jitter: multimedia creation/connectivity
  • Mainstage: live performance with virtual instruments
  • DanceForms: dance choreography
  • LifeForms: dance choreography


  • Vectorworks: CAD for modeling physical structures
  • Lightwright: Light design spreadsheet
  • Google Sketchup: CAD modeling program
  • Adobe CS: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Paintbrush: similar to paint for PCs
  • Fontographer: font design tool

iPad Apps

Note: on PARC iPads, all apps can be downloaded under Self-Service.


  • Forscore: sheet music viewer
  • iDensity: musical instrument; granular Synth
  • Animoog: musical instrument; Moog’s iPad synth


  • Garageband: DAW
  • AudioShare: simple stereo capture and conversion software
  • SoundCloud: audio sharing
  • Audiobus: audio signal flow software to inter app connection
  • Apogee Maestro: Apogee connection/mixer software for Apogee One mic
  • Spectograph: spectographic visualization of music
  • Auria Pro (mobile recording iPad only)


  • iMovie: video creation/editing
  • Movie Pro: video creation/editing
  • 8mm: vintage stylized video creation/editing


  • Animation Desk: animation creator


  • Google Drive
  • BlueFire Reader: Adobe ebook reader
  • Pages: document creation
  • Notability: note taking

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