Food & Drink Policy

Our food and drink policy is intended to preserve the collections and protect our facilities from rats, mice, insects, and harmful molds. Recent rodent sightings in the library have confirmed the fact that this is a very real problem. By following the guidelines below, you help to insure the health and safety of all library users and a long life for library collections, furnishings, and equipment.

Leave No Trace

Drinks must be in covered, spill-proof containers or capped bottles. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

Food brought over from Commons on plates or in bowls should be consumed in the library lobby. Also, sticky, messy, smelly, or wet food should be consumed in the lobby. Only food in sealed containers or packaged food that is not sticky, messy, smelly, or wet should be brought into the library for consumption.

No food, packaged or otherwise, should be left at a vacated desk or stored in a library locker. Please do not leave food overnight in the library. Any food left unattended may be discarded by library staff.

Please bring all food garbage to the lobby to discard on your way out of the library. Food garbage should not go into the trashcans that are in the library—it smells up the place and attracts insects, rats, and mice. Pack up and bring out your trash!

Clean up after yourself! Help us keep work surfaces clean. Please report accidental spills to the circulation desk as soon as possible so that they can be addressed quickly.

This policy was developed by Reed students in concert with the Library Board.

leave no trace