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Students, staff and faculty top 5 picks

Rebecca Gordon, Reed’s former resident film expert. That’s why she got 10.

10.  Freaks - PN1995.9.C512 F743 2004 DVD
“One of us. One of us.” When the MGM studio executives who released this film saw it for themselves they denied ever having allowed it to be made. Marketed as a story “of forbidden love between a woman and a midget,” audiences expecting pre-Code salaciousness were unnerved by the presence of real circus freaks and a story that situated them on the side of angry, neglected humanity.

9.  Eyes Without a Face/Les Yeux Sans Visage - PN1995.9.F67 Y94 2004 DVD
Classic French art-horror about a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Genessier, who, with help from his assistant, murders young women in repeated, failed attempts to surgically transplant their faces to the disfigured face of his own daughter Christine.

8.  Man with the Movie Camera - PN1995.9.R8 M35 2003 DVD
Brilliant experiment. A cameraman slings a camera over his shoulder  and takes motion pictures of Soviet citizens at work and at play, interacting with the machinery of modern life.

7.  Land without Bread -  1995.9.F7 C54 1990 video
“Documentary” by Spanish Surrealist Buñuel about the impoverished people of Las Hurdes, a desolate region of Spain. Watch for the puff of smoke after the narrator says a goat “fell” off the cliff, providing meat for the poor hurdenses.

6.  The Sweet Hereafter - PN1997 .S9448 1998 DVD
Devastating and subtle portrait of a small Canadian community wrenched by a schoolbus accident and its aftermath.

5.  The Gospel According to St. Matthew - PN1995.9.R4 G37745 2007 DVD
An adaptation of the shortest gospel featuring Jesus Christ as a passionate, angry agitator by a master poet of the cinema who was himself a marxist-Catholic-homosexual-poet, and outsider.

4.  Ikiru - PN1997 I38 2006 DVD
Story of Kanji Watanabe, a longtime bureaucrat who has spent his life doing nothing unconventional, until he learns he is dying of cancer and seeks some meaning in life.

3.  Touch of Evil - PN1995.9.D4 T6835 2000 DVD
Considered the last film noir of the original cycle, and a perverse masterpiece. Welles plays Hank Quinlan, a corrupt police officer from a small American town just this side of the border. Features Charlton Heston as Miguel Vargas, a Mexican official in the Pan-American Narcotics Investigatory Committee (PANIC).

2.  Hiroshima, mon amour - PN1995.9.F67 H57 2003 DVD
A French actress and a Japanese architect meet in Hiroshima and embark on an affair. Using flashbacks and amazing tracking shots, the woman tells of her experiences during the Second World War in France, where she fell in love with a German soldier during the occupation, and the consequences of that love when the war ended. And much more.

1.  The Piano - PN1997 .P5356 1999 DVD
Part homage to the Brönte sisters, part fable, part post-colonial feminist screed. Ada, a willful mute woman from Scotland, and her daughter are sent to New Zealand where Ada’s father has arranged a marriage to an English settler. Ada depends on her piano for solace and self-expression, but her new husband sells it to their neighbor, George. Ada must make a bargain with George to retrieve her piano, which leads to horrific emotional violence. Changed the course of feminist film theory if not, sadly, filmmaking.


Ted Davee from AV, Reed’s resident filmmaker – in no particular order

Kind Hearts and Coronets - PN1995.9.C55 K563 2006 DVD
Incredibly dry, dark comedy. The best of the Ealing Studios releases. Alec Guiness plays 8 different characters.

Stalker - PG3476.S78835 P552 2000 DVD
A sci-fi movie that's not really sci-fi. My favorite Tarkovsky. Great, mesmerizing, and dream-like use of sounds and visuals.

Grand Illusion - PN1997 .G74 1999 DVD
Erich von Stroheim is brilliant as the over the top officer from a bygone era of gentlemen soldiers and officers. Great prison escape film.

Ikiru - PN1997 I38 2006 DVD
Very touching story about a man that finds out he has stomach cancer and realizes that his life has been a waste and that he has already been dead for years.

It's a Gift - PN1997 .I83 1998 video
Another comedy highlighting W.C. Fields disdain of family life. I don't care what anyone says. I think it's one of the funniest movies ever.


Jim Holmes, IMC – “Nothing academic here. Pure entertainment!”

1.  Harvey - PN1995.9.C55 H379 2000 DVD
Jimmy Stewart plays an amiable alcoholic whose best friend is an invisible 6' rabbit.  His sister tries to have him committed unleashing a comedy of errors - hilarity ensues. Based on a play by Mary Chase that won the Pulitzer Prize in 1944. Oddly enough, Steven Spielberg has signed on to do a remake for his next film.

2.  Hedwig and the Angry Inch - PN1995.9.M86 H439 2001 DVD
The best rock and roll musical ever.  Long story short... botched sex change operation makes for great musical inspiration. The film will always be better than the stage version for the simple fact that Bob Mould played guitar on the recording sessions.

3.  Drunken Angel - PN1995.9.J36 K80 D78 2009 DVD
One of legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s lesser known films. A ruthless gangster and a cynical doctor strike up an unlikely friendship that’s played out in a film noir version of post-war Tokyo.  While the Allied censorship board prohibited any criticism of the occupation, Kurosawa makes several thinly veiled attacks on Western decadence and corruption.

4.  Drugstore Cowboy -  PN1995.9.C75 D78 1999 DVD
Portland's most famous director, Gus Van Sant, directs Portland's most infamous movie about a group of drug hustlers in the early 70s.  Starring Matt Dillon, Kelley Lynch, and a young Heather Graham, and an old William Burroughs. Check out the pictures of Portland then and now.

5.  Boogie Nights -  PN1997 .B659 2000 DVD
A relatively unknown director, Paul Thomas Anderson - age 26, put together one of the greatest ensemble casts in recent history.  The film follows the epic rise and fall from grace of one Dirk Diggler whose god given talents put him at the epicenter of cultural excess.


Brian Kelley, Library - Reed's resident sci-fi expert

The one movie to rule them all;
The Lord of the RingsPN1997.2 .L673 2002 DVD 
How to make the best movie ever;  Step 1) Take eight years.  Step 2) Rent New Zealand.  Step 3) Hire every young, creative, tireless person you can find.  Step 4) Look past the small visions of others as to what a movie can be.

Most epic setting;
Star Wars - PN1995.9.S695 T756 2008 DVD
The galactic republic has over 50,000 inhabited worlds.  Every political system, every economic system, every philosophy, and every religion has room to grow, flourish and ultimately to come into conflict with each other.

Best cinematography;
Avatar - PN1997.2 .A83 2010 DVD
The plot is nothing new.  If you can get past that, this film is simply beautiful.  The luminescent jungle looks amazing at every scale.  The aerial combat is the best I've seen.  Even the head up displays make me want to live in that world.

Best movie to never get a sequel or prequel;
Blade Runner - PN1995.9.S26 B5334 2007 DVD
The Earth has been mostly used up.  All the beautiful people living their big lives have left for the off-world colonies.  What is left behind is a world of flawed people trying to understand what it means to be human.

Best use of Keanu Reeves;
The MatrixPN1997 .M38759 2007 DVD 
It is not clear whether Keanu Reeves is any good at acting or not.  What is clear is that this film makes great use of him.  Neo is a seeker who can’t articulate the secrets of the universe he alone can perceive.


Bruce Van Buskirk, Library - Reserves guru and renaissance man (musically speaking)

Trouble in ParadisePN1995.9.C6 T7682 2003 DVD  
Ernst Lubitsch comedy about a couple of elegant and debonair scam artists. Wonderful Art-Deco set design, terrific dialogue.

Mon OnclePN1995.9.F67 .M65 2001 DVD 
Almost a silent comedy by Jacques Tati (Academy Award for Best Foreign Film), contrasts the life of the uncle Hulot with that of his sister and her husband and son in their sterile suburban house. Filled with hilarious sight gags and situations. The short film that's included, School for Postmen, is worth seeing--it shows the inspiration for one of the facets of the animated film, The Triplets of Belleville. Ah heck, while you're at it check out The Triplets of Belleville!

Night of the HunterPN1997 .N5458 2000 DVD 
A great film noir, directed by Charles Laughton (screenplay by James Agee) and starring Robert Mitchum as a serial killer/preacher, Shelley Winter as his wife (it's a treat to see her in the full bloom of her beauty; I had mostly known her work as a washed-up actress in The Poseidon Adventure, etc.), and Lillian Gish. The black and white cinematography is spectacular, as are many of the images, and the final scene with the preacher and the farm woman trading old-time hymns is almost breath-taking.

The WirePN1992.77.W57 W574 2008 DVD 
I know, it's a TV series--sue me. It's so much better than The Sopranos, for all its acclaim. The characters are so well constructed and authentic, that many of the most reprehensible criminals in the series turned out to be the ones I felt bad about when things went wrong for them (and things go wrong for just about everybody in the series, at some point or another).

It Happened One NightPN1995.9.C6 I8 2006 DVD 
(Academy Award for Best Picture, rare for a comedy). Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in the classic romantic comedy. A great road film, too. Clark Gable's fast-talking while munching on carrots was an inspiration for Bugs Bunny's character.


Lea Shaprio, Library - Reed's resident opera and musical aficionado. "Musicals have the power to fill your brain with sticky melodies. These 5 movies are classics, where every scene is a gem."

1. Mary Poppins - PN1995.9.M98 M379 2009 DVD 
Dick van Dyke was criticized for his phony cockney accent, but is it really so bad?

2. The Sound of Music - PN1997.S685 S685 2005
This movie has almost nothing in common with the real von Trapp family and their circumstances, but does that matter?

3. The King and I - PN1997.K564 K564 2006 DVD
Chock full of beautiful songs.

4. My Fair Lady - PN1995.9.M86 M9 1998 DVD
"Barad yarad bidrom sfarad haerev". Yes, that is "The Rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain" in Hebrew.

5. Wizard of Oz - PN1995.9.M86 W5937 2005 DVD
This would have been a totally different movie if they had gone with their first choice as Dorothy, Shirley Temple.


Tom Willingham, Library - Everyone's favorite nighttime library supervisor and expert Rock Band player.

1.  The Corporation - PN1995.9.C6 C676 2005 DVD
In the mid-1800s the corporation emerged as a legal “person.” Imbued with a “personality” of pure self-interest, the next 100 years saw the corporation’s rise to dominance. The corporation created unprecedented wealth but at what cost? The remorseless rationale of “externalities” (as Milton Friedman explains, the unintended consequences of a transaction between two parties on a third) is responsible for countless cases of illness, death, poverty, pollution, exploitation and lies.
“THE CORPORATION is just brilliant-visually, intellectually, and morally. This film has redefined the documentary genre.”  Barbara Ehrenreich, Author of Nickel and Dimed.

2.  I Heart Huckabees - PN1995.9.C55 I5437 2005 DVD
Recommended for any philosophy major:) I like how the film maker shopped the film in Hollywood. “Here’s how I described it to the people who financed the movie. Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin are existential detectives who you could hire to investigate the meaning of your life. They are formal, they wear suits, they are Paris-trained and their clients include Jude Law, Naomi Watts, Jason Schwartzman and Mark Wahlberg. Their nemesis is Isabelle Huppert. Hilarity ensues.”  You can judge for yourself what philosophical French power couple Hoffman and Tomlin represent, as well as their nemesis Huppert. I have my own ideas.

3.  Brazil - PN1995.9.S85 B73955 2006 DVD
Terry Gilliam’s modern masterpiece. I’m somewhat horrified by this movie, but I can’t look away. This is Gilliam’s concept of a book he never read, Orwell’s 1984. In fact it developed under the title 1984 ½. This movie is also the second part of his “imagination trilogy.” Time bandits representing childhood, Brazil the late 30’s and Baron Munchasen through the eyes of an elderly man.

4.  Pi - PN1995.9.S35 P5 1998 DVD
A paranoid mathematician searches for a key number that will unlock the universal patterns found in nature and the stock market.  Done all in black in white, this thriller connects math and Judaism and the line between academic brilliance and madness. Plus trepanning!

5.  Swimming with Sharks - PN1995.9.C55 S95 1998 DVD
Buddy Ackerman (Kevin Spacey), a big time movie producer on the rise, hires young Guy (Frank Whaley) to be his assistant. Guy thinks he’s finally hit the big time. But Buddy has other ideas. He torments Guy with petty requests and daily reamings for bringing him Equal instead of Sweet-N-Low. Guy decides that he is fed up with Buddy’s torture and goes to Buddy’s house and ties him up and begins on his revenge. Guy’s lover, a script writer who has “screwed” her way to the top, is dragged into this.  Guy tortures Buddy and then his lover arrives and the big ending occurs.  This is THE movie on Hollywood and the glamor culture. The ending will blow your mind!

Angie Beiriger, Library - ContentDM master, trivia host, collector of funny looking dogs

Blue - PN1995.9.F7 B584 1993 DVD
Part of the “Three Colors” trilogy by Krzysztof Kieslowski, Blue features Juliette Binoche in a devastating performance as a woman consumed by grief after a tragic loss. She abandons her former life to begin a new, isolated existence but can’t escape the questions that haunt. The music in the movie is a character in itself and will break your heart at the most unexpected times.  

Cabaret - PN1995.9.M86 C323 2003 DVD
My favorite musical of all time. Liza Minnelli gives an amazing performance as singer Sally Bowles, headliner of the Kit Kat Club in pre-war Berlin. While Cabaret has some of the best choreography and music ever featured in a film, it also comments on the looming Nazi threat and the consequences of a carefree lifestyle. You’ll want to paint your fingernails green and sing “Mein Herr” at your next karaoke outing.  

The Saddest Music in the World - PN1997 .S1353 2004 DVD
Guy Maddin’s surreal movie about a legless bar mistress who stages a contest to find the saddest music in the world in Depression-Era Winnipeg. As bands from around the world compete for the prize, Isabella Rossellini struts around on glass legs filled with beer while a father and son vie for her attention. Gorgeous, bizarre, and yes, very sad.   

Starship Troopers - PN1995.9.S26 S796 2002 DVD
Part futuristic fascist blood bath, part campy teen-angst melodrama, Paul Verhoeven’s satire on propaganda, warfare, and vengeance follows idealistic new army recruits battling intergalactic giant bugs. Yes it’s violent but it features the beloved Neil Patrick Harris as a brainiac bug-whisperer and some truly classic social commentary.  

The Warriors - PS3575.U7 W32 2000 DVD
1979 cult classic follows a gang that just wants to get home after being framed for a murder. The Warriors’ epic journey from Manhattan to Brooklyn features run-ins with the police and rival gangs – most notoriously the Furies who rumble in full KISS makeup and baseball uniforms. “Warriors, come out to plaayeeaay.”  

Stephanie Milbrodt, library - Cataloger extraordinaire

Amelie - PN1995.9.F74 A54 2002 DVD
A cute, non-traditional romantic comedy. This independent French film is visually stunning and fun. As with Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s other films, the characters are all well-written and have depth. If you liked Micmacs or any Audrey Tautou films, you will probably like Amelie.

Big Fish - PN1997.2 .B54 2004 DVD
This is Tim Burton’s best adaptation for film and is unlike any of his other well-known works. Focusing on the relationship between a terminally ill father and his son, the story uses tall tales to discuss a parent’s legacy. If you enjoy the fairy tale qualities of Tim Burton’s other films, you will like Big Fish.

Dark City - PN1995.9.S26 D37 2008 DVD
Film noir meets science fiction. A man wakes up in a hotel room, having just murdered someone (an act he doesn’t remember). From there, things get weird. The city is being controlled by a group of telepathic beings, who are able to change memories and alter the city. If you liked Inception, The Matrix, or The Adjustment Bureau you will probably like this movie.

The Fifth Element - PN1995.9.S26 F54 2007 DVD
One of the best science fiction films of the 20th century, The Fifth Element is visually stunning, well-plotted, and well-choreographed. If you are a fan of science fiction, you must watch this movie.

Spirited Away - PN1995.9.A59 S657 2001 DVD
This Studio Ghibli film is similar to Nausicaa and Princess Mononoke, but follows Shinto mythology and the concept of mono no aware (the spirit of things) more closely. If you like Miyazaki’s other films you will probably like this film.

Elise Woodard - student '15 - IMC & Circ Desk worker, spends more time taking notes on films than watching them

Werckmeister Harmonies - PN1995.9.S87 W47356 2006 DVD
In a frostbitten, fogbound provincial town lives a young postman, Janos Valushka. One day a traveling circus comes to town, displaying the stuffed body of the largest whale in the world in a corrugated metal trailer. Their arrival in the midst of a terminal frost prompts bizarre rumors which quickly run rife, alluding to a shadowy figure, dubbed the Prince, who supposedly accompanies the circus. Within a short time, the gathering tensions ignite, and an apocalyptic unrest is unleashed, the madness sweeping across the frigid, foggy community, and forever changing Janos' life. Bela Tarr, a Hungarian director more talked about than viewed, twists reality into impressionism in this adaptation from Hungarian writer László Krasznahorkai's novel, while regarding the characters with great intensity through long, uninterrupted takes.

Bicycle Thieves - PN1997.V58 S513 1968 DVD
Hailed around the world as one of the greatest movies ever made, the Academy Award–winning Bicycle Thieves, directed by Vittorio De Sica, defined an era in cinema. In poverty-stricken postwar Rome, a man is on his first day of a new job that offers hope of salvation for his desperate family when his bicycle, which he needs for his work, is stolen. With his young son in tow, he sets off to track down the thief. Simple in construction and profoundly rich in human insight, Bicycle Thieves embodies the greatest strengths of the Italian neorealist movement: emotional clarity, social rectitude, and brutal honesty.

Human Condition - PN1995.9.J36 H853 2009 DVD
Masaki Kobayashi’s mammoth humanist drama is one of the most staggering achievements of Japanese cinema. Originally filmed and released in three parts, the nine-and-a-half-hour The Human Condition (Ningen no joken), adapted from Junpei Gomikawa’s six-volume novel, tells of the journey of the well-intentioned yet naive Kaji (handsome Japanese superstar Tatsuya Nakadai) from labor camp supervisor to Imperial Army soldier to Soviet POW. Constantly trying to rise above a corrupt system, Kaji time and again finds his morals an impediment rather than an advantage. A raw indictment of its nation’s wartime mentality as well as a personal existential tragedy, Kobayashi’s riveting, gorgeously filmed epic is novelistic cinema at its best.

Salò, the 120 days of Sodom - PQ2063.S3 A2822 2008 DVD
The notorious final film from Pier Paolo Pasolini, Salò, or The 120 Days of Sodom has been called nauseating, shocking, depraved, pornographic . . . It’s also a masterpiece. The controversial poet, novelist, and filmmaker’s transposition of the Marquis de Sade’s eighteenth-century opus of torture and degradation to Fascist Italy in 1944 remains one of the most passionately debated films of all time, a thought-provoking inquiry into the political, social, and sexual dynamics that define the world we live in.

That Obscure Object of Desire - PN1995.9.F7 T538 2001 DVD
Luis Buñuel’s final film explodes with eroticism, bringing full circle the director’s lifelong preoccupation with the darker side of desire. Buñuel regular Fernando Rey plays Mathieu, an urbane widower, tortured by his lust for the elusive Conchita. With subversive flare, Buñuel uses two different actresses in the lead—Carole Bouquet, a sophisticated French beauty, and Angela Molina, a Spanish coquette. Drawn from Pierre Louÿs’s 1898 novel, La Femme et le Pantin, That Obscure Object of Desire is a dizzying game of sexual politics punctuated by a terror that harkens back to Buñuel’s brilliant surrealistic beginnings.

Bryson Uhrig-Fox, student '10 - "For those who enjoy reading while watching movies."

Belle de jour - PN1995.9.F7 B455 2002 DVD
The story of a high class french housewife who longs for more passion in her life. Instead of turning to her husband, she becomes entangled in the world of high class prostitutes. Presented by Martin Scorsese, this movie is considered the erotic masterpiece of Luis Bunuel, one of the greatest Spanish filmakers of all time.

The Passion of Joan of Arc - PN1995.9.F7 P388 1999 DVD
The back of the movie says it all: "Carl Th. Dreyer's The Passion of Joan of Arc convinced the world that movies could be art." Made in 1928, this movie is one of those gems that make reading while watching a movie worth it. Completely silent, the film is set to a musical piece for chorus and orchestra titled Voices of Light. Absolutely mesmerizing.

Kolya - PN1995.9.C9 K6593 2002 DVD
A heart warming tale of a Czech bachelor who marries a Russian woman to help her emigrate from the USSR. But after she disappears he is forced to take care of her son or else face the legal consequences of a fake marriage. A story about true human connection.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - PN1995.9.F7 D58564 2008 DVD
A story about human achievement and perseverance in the face of crushing disaster. If you don't believe you can do anything after watching this movie, I don't know what will set you free. Incredible cinematography.

Pan's Labyrinth - PN1995.9.F36 P367 2007 DVD 
A heartbreaking story of the innocence of children. Set in Spain during the Spanish civil war, a young girl does all that she can to try and save her mother and unborn brother while trying to appease her stepfather, a member of the Spanish Facist Party.


Jenn Bautista, student '11 - Reed's faithful early morning IMC worker

Cinema Paradiso - PN1995.9.S8 N869 2003 DVD
A beautiful, nostalgic Italian film that follows the life of Salvatore, a mischievous six-year-old who develops a lifelong friendship with the neighborhood projectionist, and, through experiences with his two loves, film and Elena, becomes a big-time film director. 

Fanny and Alexander - PN1995.9.S9 F36 2004 DVD  
A five-hour Swedish film by Ingmar Bergman about two well-to-do children, Fanny and Alexander Ekdahl. After their father?s sudden death, they follow their mother to live with her new husband, a cruel, ascetic bishop and became prisoners in his house until finally escaping.

Annie Hall -  PN1995.9.C55 A553 2000 DVD
Possibly my favorite American romantic comedy and definitely Woody Allen's best film. The movie records the relationship between neurotic New Yorker Alvy Singer and (relatively) carefree Annie Hall.

Lust, Caution - PN1995.9.S87 L878 2008 DVD
Ang Lee's sexy Chinese thriller that takes place in Hong Kong and Shanghai during the war and Japanese occupation. It follows a group of Chinese university students who plan to assassinate a high-ranking government official, which involves using the main character Chia Chi to seduce him into a trap.

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears - PN1995.9.R8 M677 2004 DVD
Russian film that focuses on a 30-year-span of three provincial women who move to Moscow. They start off as friends working in the factory and living in dormitories, with dreams of finding love in the big city. 


Adam Reese, student '11 - self-proclaimed brains behind the IMC.

The Brood - PN1995.9.H6 B266 2003 DVD
David Cronenberg's The Brood explores a different kind of connection between mind and body.  What would happen if the mind had greater power over the body than the other way around?  What if the mind had power over other bodies?

Man Bites Dog
- PN1995.9.F7 M34 2002 DVD
This French mocumentary is a dark comedy that focuses on a serial killer and the documentary crew that follows him.  It presents a jaded perspective on violence and the moral system of a killer.  Despite this, it is pure comedy form start to finish.

Repo Man - PN1997 .R476 2003 DVD
This movie has one of the greatest soundtracks of all times, featuring the Plugz, Black Flag, Iggy Pop, The Circle Jerks and others.  Emilio Estevez must navigate his way through a social landscape marked by unemployment, employment, generic foods, and paranormal activity.  Repo Man is an indisputable classic that sums up an era in an hour and a half.

Space Is the Place - PN1995.9.S26 S634 2003 DVD
This movie is both an incredible document of the music and philosophy of Sun Ra and a great piece of entertainment in its own right.  Ra is something of a cosmic rebel, traveling the universe in a music-powered spaceship trying to bring enlightenment to the planet earth (also though music.)  Will his plans for a mass exodus to another planet succeed?

Zardoz - PN1995.9.W37 Z3746 2000 DVD
This movie features Sean Connery in one of his most bizarre roles.  A member of a caste of killers in a post-apocalyptic world, he sneaks into an Edenic world where people are immortal.  But for all their psychic powers and centuries of life experience, they have never before seen the likes of Connery.


Rebecca Ok, student '09 – Her top 5 includes exactly 9 or 10 films.

1.  Cowboy Bebop - PN1995.9.J3 C69 2002 DVD
I don’t like anime, but I like Cowboy Bebop. Soundtrack is good. If I could be an anime character, I’d be Spike, for sure.

2.  The Blue Hour - PN1995.9.G47 B5384 2001 DVD
Only randomly-picked-out German film I’ve ever really liked. The callboy is cute. The chick could do with a makeover or a replacement, but over all, good movie.

3.  Strictly Ballroom - PN1997 .S8753 2002 DVD
Gaudy, Australian romance with ballroom dancing. Simply ridiculous and brilliant.

4.  The Pianist - PN1997.2 .P53 2003 DVD
I’ve only seen this film once. Super good, but super depressing. I felt guilty eating for a week after viewing it. Occasionally I think about watching it again, but talk myself out of it due to aforementioned resulting guilt.

5.  Mostly Martha - PN1995.9.C55 M683 2003 DVD
Drama about a German French chef. Generally good movie. The German sounds beautiful. Every time I watch this I wonder how it is she stays so goddamned skinny being around food all the time. Hollywood made an American version of this with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Don’t watch that shit.

5.1  In the Mood for Love - PN1995.9.C5 H83 2002 DVD
This was recommended by a date. I never finished it, but it led to good things. I’m sure it ends well.

5.2  Best of Youth - PN1995.9.H5 B478 2006 DVD
The longest film I’ve ever sat through. Good though. Diebold (or Wally, I don’t remember which) would recommend it as well.

5.3  Planet Earth - QB631.2 P536 2007 DVD
This is the only documentary on here for a reason, and I don’t watch documentaries. Good for some before-bed not-reading activity. Watch the diaries at the end. They’ll make you feel weak and super-unhardcore.     

5.4  Billy Elliot - PN1995.9.D26 B56 2000 video
It’s about a little boy who just wants to dance. Super cute. It goes into the social implications of dancing as well and why his family tends to be unsupportive. It plays with the issues of gender norms and self-determination in a small mining town. The strike scene is intense. However, we only have it on VHS, which is a bummer.

5.5  Harold and MaudePN1995.9.C55 H3765 2000 DVD
For those with an odd sense of humor.

Brittany Taylor, student '09 – “Judge away.  These babies are solid gold”

1.  Weekend - PN1995.9.F7 W445 2005 DVD
The longest traffic jam ever, cannibals, French people, the end of bourgeois society, all on a lovely drive through the countryside!

2.  Planet Earth - B 631.2 .P536 2007 DVD
Best nature footage ever, sadly no Attenborough.

3.  Jamon, Jamon - PN1995.9.S63 J35 2002 DVD
Everyone screws everyone and then there is a fight to the death using ham hocks as weapons.

4.  9 to 5 - PN1995.9.C55 A122 2001 DVD
Workin 9 to 5
What a way to make a livin
Barely gettin by
Its all takin
And no givin
They just use your mind
And they never give you credit
Its enough to drive you
Crazy if you let it

9 to 5, for service and devotion
You would think that i
Would deserve a fair promotion
Want to move ahead
But the boss wont seem to let me in
I swear sometimes that man is out to get me

5.  Lucía y el sexo - Lucy and sex. - PN1995.9.S8 S49 2003 DVD
It’s Spanish.

Violet Ketskarova
, student '08 – destined to be Bulgaria’s next great filmmaker

1.  Escaflowne - PN1995.9.J38 A54 2000 DVD
Anime series 26 ep. An ordinary high-school girl is suddenly transported to the planet Gaea, where she gets herself involved in a series of adventures, trying to help save a few kingdoms. Second best anime fantasy series after 12th Kingdom I've ever seen. A little bit of everything - battles, blood, princes, fantasy creatures, love, complicated relationships (more than you'd expect from a regular anime). Highly recommend it if you're into fantasy anime.

2.  Dangerous Beauty - PN1995.9.H5 D36 1998 DVD
The true story of the woman, a poet and courtesan, who used looks, wit and seduction to defy the conventions of 16th century Venice. The film is entertaining, acting is good, production design is in the time-period. If you feel like an emotional 'love-vs.-reality' Saturday night, that's a good pick. A bit of a tear-jerker, but it's well done.

3.  Please Save My Earth - PN1995.9.J38 P5 1994 DVD
Anime. 6 ep. story of a bunch of scientists on a Moon base who die and are reborn on Earth, only to remember that they predicted something terrible is about to happen to Earth. This is one of these anime series -- the more you watch it, the more you discover in it. Intellectually challenging, but worth the effort. And it's beautiful.

4.  Mel Brooks' History of the World - PN1995.9.C6 H589 1999 DVD
History of the world by Mel Brooks - it's actual history. with a twist. Better than any Monty Python. Much better than almost any other parody. Purely funny.

5.  Night Watch - PN1995.9.H6 N5448 2006 DVD
Russian modern fantasy. Pretty good. The powers of Light and Dark in opposition, as always, but the film is very artistic and it still makes sense. It's also very modern-Russian. For anyone interested in Sci Fi, or Russian culture.


Chris Stamm, Friend of Reed College, Willamette Week film critic (one of the good people over there) and frequent contributor to the Reed Library IMC film annotations.

Sans Soleil - PN1995.9.F7 J4844 2007 DVD
Everyone knows Chris Marker as the mysterious man behind La Jetee, but this film essay is his masterpiece.  It's a travelogue, a sci-fi documentary, a meditation on film, a love letter to the universe.  It's everything.

Poison - PN1995.9.H67 P658 1999 DVD
Fifties science-gone-wrong horror meets Genet-style prison sex meets family docudrama.  Somehow it all makes wonderful sense.  Cinema is contagious.  Todd Haynes shows you why and how.

Vertigo - PN1995.9.D4 V478 1999 DVD  
Jimmy Stewart gets dark and Hitchcock goes deep.  This is one of those special movies - like 8 1/2 or Persona - where a filmmaker at his creative zenith goes to war with himself and emerges victorious.  Sinister perfection.

Mulholland Dr.
- PN1997 .M854 2002 DVD
This is Lynch's Vertigo, and like every other movie on this list, a great film about what it means to make and watch movies.  No hay banda.

Gimme Shelter
- PN1997 .G866 2000 DVD  
The Stones were at the top of their game in '69, and so were the Maysles Brothers.  It's all here: Wild Horses, the death of the sixties, a zonked Jerry Garcia, Grace Slick in her prime, and the greatest Tina Turner performance ever captured on film.