Thesis desks, group study rooms, and lockers

Thesis desks
Group study rooms

Thesis Desk Lottery

Random numbers for the Senior thesis desk lottery will be drawn from the official 470 list.  If you are a senior, but are not yet registered for 470, and want to be included in the drawing, please come to the circulation desk and have your name added to the lottery list by Monday, February 10.  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Studio Art, and Psychology majors are not eligible for thesis desks in the Library. 

The list of numbers will be posted Tuesday, February 11 along with a map of thesis desk locations, so that you can have preferences in mind before the actual selection.

The choosing of desks will begin at noon on Wednesday, February 12 in L17.  You or your proxy must be present when your name is called.  Lottery numbers are not transferable.

NOTE:  Some desks, as indicated on the map, will be shared.  In order to help create the most pleasant sharing arrangement possible, the person with the better number may bring in as a partner another senior on the list who has a lower number.  Please make those arrangements before the noon time selection and let us know that is your plan when your name is called.

Any questions contact Brian Kelley

About thesis desks

A number of single and shared desks are assigned to seniors for use while working on their theses. The desks are selected by means of a lottery held at the beginning of the fall semester. Spring-fall seniors may choose desks via a spring mini-lottery from among those vacated by seniors who have completed their theses at the end of the fall semester. These desk assignments are for spring semester only.

Desks assigned to seniors are for their sole use for the balance of their school year or as long as they remain registered for 470. A senior may ask you to vacate his or her desk and you will be expected to comply.

ONLY thesis desks are assigned to individuals. The other study tables are permanently unassigned, and therefore are available for use by the entire community. At these desks, personal items and books may be stored on the shelves above the work surface. However, neither the shelf nor the desk becomes "yours" by right of keeping your things there. If there is extra space on the shelf, other people may store items there. You may not claim or reserve these desks, and when you are not actually working there you must leave the work surface, chair, and floor area free of obstructing materials. These regulations are designed to provide the maximum availability of study space to the maximum number of people. Storage of personal items must not have the effect of excluding other students. Non-thesis tables and desks are intended as general study areas.

The staff, assisted by student monitors, will remove all of the following from desks and tables:

  • All library-owned books that are not checked out and all library-owned journals.
  • All plants, flowers, etc.
  • All dishes and silverware.
  • All opened packages or containers of food or drink.
  • All electrical appliances and extension cords. (Surge suppressed cords are ok for computers.)

The student monitor will leave a note indicating what was removed and where it is being kept for claiming purposes. We recommend that you rent lockers to store your valuables and miscellaneous belongings.

Group study rooms

The library has three small study rooms that are available for use on a first come first served basis and groups of students working together have priority in the use of these rooms. One is located on Lower Level 1 next to the center stacks.  Two are located on the second floor in the Q call number area. 


Lockers are available for rent - $5 for the year charged to your student account. They are located on L2 and LL1 by the staircase, and LL1 between north and west stacks.  Once you know the location you would prefer, ask at the main circulation desk and they will assign you a locker and give you the key or combination.  Lockers must be vacated by the end of the semester each spring.