Interlibrary Loan

ILL Request Form - Illiad

All students, faculty, staff, and emeritus faculty at Reed may use ILL. The most frequently requested materials are books and photocopies of journal articles. Other kinds of materials that may be requested include dissertations, microfilms, and government publications. Reference books, videocassettes, whole issues of journals, and rare books are almost never lent through ILL. If you have a question about the kind of material that may be requested, contact an ILL Assistant by phone at ext. 7750 or through email, or come to the office. The ILL office is located in L175.  

How to Request Materials 

To order materials through ILL you must fill out a separate request for each item you would like.

Use the forms in ILLiad or you can send an order directly from many of the library’s electronic databases, such as WorldCat and other periodical databases. Ask a librarian if you would like more information about this feature.

Arrival of Materials/Notification

The average length of time to receive an item requested through ILL is 6-10 days, but often articles can arrive much sooner.

Material requested from nearby libraries may take less time while material available only at distant libraries may take longer. If you request many books, space your requests so that you don't get them all at once—they may all be due back around the same time!

When a photocopy is received it will be delivered electronically to your ILLiad account. Material received in another format, such as books or microfilm, may be picked up at the Circulation desk. You will be notified by email when such material is available to pick up.

Loan Periods

Loan periods are set by the lending library which usually allows two to four weeks. A slip informing you of the due date and any other restrictions placed by the lending library will be taped to a band around the front cover of the book. Many lending libraries will renew ILL books if the request is made before the item is due. If you need to renew an item, send your request through ILLiad  at least three working days before the item is due.

Please return ILL books on time. Lending libraries may refuse to lend to a library that is consistently late in returning books. Replacement costs are set by the lending library, which also determines when a book will be billed as lost. If a book is returned after you have paid a replacement fee we will refund the fee if the lending library refunds the fee to us.


There are no fees for interlibrary loan service (except for overdue or lost book charges).