Placing Material On Reserve

Ordering New Material

The most convenient and quickest way for you to place library reserve orders is through the bookstore, while ordering books for students to purchase at the Bookstore. The library will typically order 2-3 copies for a course.

For reserve material that students are not required to purchase, you may use the library online forms below:

Reserve Books
Other Media (videos, DVDs, etc.)

Placing Books on Reserve

Whether you order new books, or request books from the library collection, please provide a list of your reserves for the current term. You can download the reserve list form (Microsoft Word document), and send it as an attachment, or compile your own list and send it to

If you plan to use materials from a previous term’s course, we may be able to create a booklist from the earlier course’s reserves. Contact us by email or phone, and we will get that process started.

The earlier you can send us your reserve requests, the more likely we will be able to have all of your items on the reserve shelves for you and your students to utilize.

Some important reminders:

  • Please send us your book list for reserves rather than just a syllabus. However, we hope you will include your syllabus as it can sometimes help us resolve questions or problems we might encounter in building your course reserves.
  • Be sure to indicate on the reserve form your preferred loan period, either 3-hour or 24-hour reserve.
  • The library will typically provide 2-3 copies of a book for reserves, with additional copies added if enrollment exceeds 24 students, up to a maximum of 8 copies.
  • During the school year please allow 5 days in order to process materials for shelf reserves. We will do our best to accommodate emergency situations when they arise.

Placing Material on Electronic Reserve

Brief Copyright Overview

Copyright permission may be required for items on e-reserves. Permission is not required for syllabi, problem sets designed by the faculty, answer sheets, quizzes, items in the public domain, or items that meet fair use criteria. The library will seek copyright permissions after we receive the material from you.

In order to comply with copyright permission agreements, items on electronic reserve will be available only to members of your class through a Moodle course page. If you plan to use the Moodle learning management program, we can add your e-reserves and electronic syllabus directly to your course page.

Submitting Material for Electronic Reserve

Please notify the Reserves Specialist if you would like to use e-reserves. A Moodle course page will be set up for your class. If you have used materials as e-reserves in a previous term, we should be able to simply reactivate those items.

If we have electronic access to an article via electronic resources such as JSTOR, we will link it electronically rather than scanning it. Most articles that are available via electronic resources such as JSTOR will allow direct links to be set up in an electronic reserve system.

The Reserves staff will scan directly from the book or source. These items will be scanned and made available online as a PDF. If the material is available in an e-book, we may be able to link directly to the e-book chapter. All materials should be delivered to the library with the class name, number, and instructor's name.

If you would like us to add electronic links from your syllabus to reserve materials, email your syllabus as a Word Document attachment to

The earlier you can send us your reserve requests, the more likely we will be able to have all of your items available for you and your students to utilize. For additions made during the semester, please allow at least 72 hours for the material to be added before you assign it to your students; we will do our best to accommodate any last minute needs when they arise.



If you have any questions, please stop by, email, or call.

Eric Alwine, Reserves Specialist
Library 115