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The New Materials list contains books and other physical materials added to the collection in the last 30 days. Titles are listed by subject area; the list is updated daily. Click on the title to view location, availability, and requesting information.

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Alexander Wilson : enlightened naturalist
QL31.W7 A79 2016
Animal signaling and function : an integrative approach
QL776 .A538 2015
Animal social networks
QL775 .A538 2015
Annual fishes : life history strategy, diversity, and evolution
QL639.5 .A56 2016
Biochemical pathways : an atlas of biochemistry and molecular biology
QP171 .B685 2012
Biological invasions and animal behaviour
QL86 .B56 2016
Chance in evolution
QH360.5 .C474 2016
Cooperative breeding in vertebrates : studies of ecology, evolution, and behavior
QL762 .C66 2016
Costa Rican ecosystems
QH108.C6 C664 2016
Evolutionary theory : a hierarchical perspective
QH360.5 .E97 2016
Freshwater fishes of North America
QL625 .F74 2014
Marine mammal physiology : requisites for ocean living
QL713.2 .M278 2016
The Enzymes
QP601 .E523
The Routledge companion to bioethics
QH332 .R675 2015
The botanical treasury : celebrating 40 of the world's most fascinating plants through historical art and manuscripts
QK98.3 .B67 2016
The extended specimen : emerging frontiers in collections-based ornithological research
QL677.7 .E88 2017
Virulence mechanisms of bacterial pathogens
QR175 .V57 2016
Animal behavior : an evolutionary approach
Alcock, John, 1942- author.
QL751 .A58 2018
Handbook of larval amphibians of the United States and Canada
Altig, Ronald, author.
QL641 .A45 2015
Drug resistance
Boslaugh, Sarah, author.
QR177 .B67 2017
Phylogenies in ecology : a guide to concepts and methods
Cadotte, Marc William, 1975- author.
QH367.5 .C33 2016
Animal electricity : how we learned that the body and brain are electric machines
Campenot, Robert B., 1946-
QP341 .C36 2016
Evolution : a visual record
Clark, Robert, 1961- photographer.
QH367 .C53 2016
Targeting cancer : abstracts of papers presented at the LXXXI Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology
Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y.) 2016 : (81st :
QH301 .C6 v.81
Cowie, Helen author. (Helen Louise),
QL737.U54 C685 2017
The arid lands : history, power, knowledge
Davis, Diana K.
QH88 .D384 2016
Displaying death and animating life : human-animal relations in art, science, and everyday life
Desmond, Jane, author.
QL85 .D485 2016
What would animals say if we asked the right questions?
Despret, Vinciane, author.
QL751 .D44613 2016
Fungi in ecosystem processes
Dighton, John.
QK604.2.E26 D54 2016
Ehrlich's geomicrobiology
Ehrlich, Henry Lutz, 1925- author.
QR103 .E437 2016
Bird brain : an exploration of avian intelligence
Emery, Nathan, 1971- author.
QL698.3 .E47 2016b
Serendipity : an ecologist's quest to understand nature
Estes, J. A. 1945- author. (James A.),
QL737.C25 E85 2016
Monkeytalk : inside the worlds and minds of primates
Fischer, Julia, 1966- author.
QL737.P9 F56513 2017
Flight identification of raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
Forsman, Dick, author, photographer.
QL677.78 .F67 2016
The telomerase revolution : the enzyme that holds the key to human aging ... and will soon lead to longer, healthier lives
Fossel, Michael.
QP86 .F69 2015
The book that changed America : how Darwin's theory of evolution ignited a nation
Fuller, Randall, 1963- author.
QH365.O8 F85 2017
Ecological developmental biology : the environmental regulation of development, health, and evolution
Gilbert, Scott F., 1949-
QH438.5 .G55 2015
Non-native species and their role in the environment : the need for a broader perspective
Guiașu, Radu Cornel, author.
QH353 .G848 2016
The book of frogs : a life-size guide to six hundred species from around the world
Halliday, Tim, 1945- author.
QL668.E2 H245 2016
Messages from islands : a global biodiversity tour
Hanski, Ilkka, author.
QH541.15.B56 H364 2016
Harland, Gail, author.
QK495.A484 H37 2016
Imagining extinction : the cultural meanings of endangered species
Heise, Ursula K., author.
QH78 .H45 2016
Avian cognition : exploring the intelligence, behavior, and individuality of birds
Herrmann, Debra S., author.
QL698.3 .H47 2016
Bioethics : a philosophical introduction
Holland, Stephen 1963- author. (Stephen Michael),
R724 .H586 2017
The origin of higher taxa : paleobiological, developmental, and ecological perspectives
Kemp, T. S. author. (Thomas Stainforth),
QH83 .K46 2016
Emergent ecologies
Kirksey, Eben, 1976- author.
QH75 .K58 2015
The vital question : energy, evolution, and the origins of complex life
Lane, Nick, 1967- author.
QH325 .L36 2015
Not so different : finding human nature in animals
Lents, Nathan H., author.
QL751 .L42 2016
Ecology of salmonids in estuaries around the world : adaptations, habitats, and conservation
Levings, Colin D., author.
QL638.S2 L49 2016
Brock biology of microorganisms
Madigan, Michael T., 1949- author.
QR41.2 .B77 2018
Brock biology of microorganisms
Madigan, Michael T., 1949- author.
QR41.2 .B77 2018
Evolutionary community ecology
McPeek, Mark A., author.
QH380 .M37 2017
Cell biology by the numbers
Milo, Ron, author.
QH585.5.D38 M55 2016
An introduction to fish migration
Morais, Pedro (Pedro Miguel)
QL639.5 .M67 2016
The dancing bees : Karl von Frisch and the discovery of the honeybee language
Munz, Tania, 1973- author.
QL31.F7 M959 2016
Events of increased biodiversity : evolutionary radiations in the fossil record
Neige, Pascal, 1966- author.
QH541.15.B56 N45 2015
Plant evolution : an introduction to the history of life
Niklas, Karl J., author.
QK980 .N556 2016
Dance to the tune of life : biological relativity
Noble, Denis, 1936- author.
QH325 .N625 2017
Deep life : the hunt for the hidden biology of Earth, Mars, and beyond
Onstott, T. C. author. (Tullis Cullen),
QP82 .O57 2017
Sex science self : a social history of estrogen, testosterone, and identity
Ostertag, Bob, 1957- author.
QP251 .O78 2016
Milk : the biology of lactation
Power, Michael L., author.
QP246 .P69 2016
Foundational concepts in neuroscience : a brain-mind odyssey
Presti, David E.
QP355.2 .P72 2016
The politics of evolution
Prindle, David F. 1948- author. (David Forrest),
QH366.2 .P743 2015
Waterfowl of North America, Europe, and Asia : an identification guide
Reeber, Sébastien, 1971- author.
QL696.A52 R4313 2015
Origins : the search for our prehistoric past
Rhodes, Frank Harold Trevor, author.
QH367 .R495 2016
Biological classification : a philosophical introduction
Richards, Richard A., author.
QH83 .R483 2016
Debating Darwin
Richards, Robert J. 1942- author. (Robert John),
QH366.2 .R5238 2016
Dam builders : the natural history of beavers and their ponds
Runtz, Michael W. P, author.
QL737.R632 R86 2015
Coexistence : the ecology and evolution of tropical biodiversity
Sapp, Jan, author.
QH84.5 .S27 2016
The chemistry of soils
Sposito, Garrison, 1939-
S592.5 .S656 2016
The Northwest coastal explorer : your guide to the places, plants, and animals of the Pacific Coast
Steelquist, Robert.
QH104.5.N6 S74 2016
A remarkable journey : the story of evolution
Thompson, R. Paul, 1947- author.
QH361 .T46 2015
The enigma of the owl : an illustrated natural history
Unwin, Mike, author.
QL696.S8 U58 2016
Adaptation in metapopulations : how interaction changes evolution
Wade, Michael John, 1949- author.
QH546 .W23 2016
Producing predators : wolves, work, and conquest in the northern Rockies
Wise, Michael D.
QL737.C22 W574 2016
Molecular biology : structure and dynamics of genomes and proteomes
Zlatanova, J., author.
QH506 .Z53 2016