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The New Materials list contains books and other physical materials added to the collection in the last 30 days. Titles are listed by subject area; the list is updated daily. Click on the title to view location, availability, and requesting information.

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Language, Literature, and Linguistics

A new literary history of modern China
PL2258 .N49 2017
Annie Ernaux : se perdre dans l'écriture de soi
PQ2665.R67 Z53 2011
Bettering American Poery 2015 : an anthology
PS591.M54 B48 2017
Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon : das 20. Jahrhundert : biographisches-bibliographisches Handbuch
PT401 .D453 2000
L'insurrection entre histoire et littérature : 1789-1914
PQ281 .I57 2015
Only connect : E. M. Forster's legacies in British fiction
PR6011.O58 Z83 2017
Quintessential Wilde : his worldly place, his penetrating philosophy and his influential aestheticism
PR5824 .Q56 2017
Samuel Beckett and BBC Radio : a reassessment
PR6003.E282 Z799943 2017
Telling it slant : critical approaches to Helen Oyeyemi
PR6115.Y49 Z88 2017
The Columbia companion to modern Chinese literature
PL2303 .C5996 2016
The Norton anthology of short fiction
PN6120.2 .N59 2006
The Oxford handbook of Jack London
PS3523.O46 Z847 2017
You don't have to say you love me : a memoir
Alexie, Sherman, 1966- author.
PS3551.L35774 Z46 2017
On Keats's practice and poetics of responsibility : beauty and truth in the major poems
Atkins, G. Douglas 1943- (George Douglas),
PR4836 .A85 2016
On not defending poetry : defence and indefensibility in Sidney's Defence of poesy
Bates, Catherine, 1964- author.
PN1041 .B38 2017
Representing realists in Victorian literature and criticism
Brown, Daniel author. (Daniel Schultz),
PR468.R42 B76 2016
La chanson poétique du XIXe siècle : origine, statut et formes
Buffard-Moret, Brigitte.
PQ433 .B84 2006
What's the worst thing you can do to Shakespeare?
Burt, Richard, 1954- author.
PR2976 .B795 2013
Chen, Christopher author. (Christopher Albert),
PS3603.H44723 C38 2017
Like one of the family : conversations from a domestic's life
Childress, Alice, author.
PS3505.H76 L5 2017
Selected poems 1962-1985
Coolidge, Clark, 1939- author, editor.
PS3553.O57 A6 2017
The rift in the lute : attuning poetry and philosophy
De Gaynesford, Maximilian, author.
PN1031 .D4 2017
Mao's cultural army : drama troupes in China's rural revolution
DeMare, Brian James, author.
PN2874 .D47 2015
L'aurore en fuite : poèmes choisis
Desbordes-Valmore, Marceline, 1786-1859, author.
PQ2218 D75 A6 2010
Hard times : an authoritative text, contexts, criticism
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870, author.
PR4561.A2 K36 2017
Guidebook to relative strangers : journeys into race, motherhood, and history
Dungy, Camille T., 1972- author.
PS3604.U538 Z46 2017
Poétique du second Verlaine : un art du déconcertement entre continuité et renouvellement
Dupas, Solenn.
PQ2466 .D87 2010
Obi, or, The history of Three-fingered Jack
Earle, William, Junior.
PS1567.E156 O25 2005
The history of missed opportunities : British romanticism and the emergence of the everyday
Galperin, William H., author.
PR4470 .G35 2017
Cristales de Tiempo : Poemas
Garro, Elena, author.
PQ7297.G3585 A6 2016
La littérature frénétique
Glinoer, Anthony.
PQ653 .G55 2009
Following Faulkner : the critical response to Yoknapatawpha's architect
Hagood, Taylor, 1975- author.
PS3511.A86 Z784245 2017
The life of Robert Frost : a critical biography
Hart, Henry, 1954- author.
PS3511.R94 Z7426 2017
D. H. Lawrence, transport and cultural transition : 'a great sense of journeying'
Humphries, Andrew F., 1962- author.
PR6023.A93 Z631925 2017
A surprised queenhood in the new Black sun : the life & legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks
Jackson, Angela, 1951- author.
PS3503.R7244 Z685 2017
The answer : including sor Filotea's letter and new selected poems = La respuesta
Juana Inés de la Cruz, Sister, 1651-1695.
PQ7296.J6 R413 2009
Victorian narratives of the recent past : memory, history, fiction
Kingstone, Helen, author.
PN50 .K56 2017
Gifted : a novel
Lalwani, Nikita, 1973-
PR6112.A49 G54 2007
Selected poems of Malcolm Lowry
Lowry, Malcolm, 1909-1957, author.
PR6023.O96 A6 2017
Late arcade
Mackey, Nathaniel, 1947- author.
PS3563.A3166 L38 2017
Empiricism and the early theory of the novel : Fielding to Austen
Maioli, Roger, author.
PR851 .M32 2016
Voices of the headland : Robinson Jeffers and the bird of prey
Malnar, Alan, author.
PS3519.E27 Z654 2017
People like you : stories
Malone, Margaret, author.
PS3613.A46 P46 2015
The beetle
Marsh, Richard, -1915.
PR6025.A645 B44 2004
Novels & stories 1942-1963 : The company she keeps ; The oasis ; The groves of academe ; A charmed life ; Stories
McCarthy, Mary, 1912-1989, author.
PS3525.A1435 A6 2017
Novels 1963-1979 : The group ; Birds of America ; Cannibals and missionaries
McCarthy, Mary, 1912-1989, author.
PS3525.A1435 A6 2017b
The lice : poems
Merwin, W. S. 1927- author. (William Stanley),
PS3563.E75 L5 2017
Die stillen Trabanten : Erzählungen
Meyer, Clemens, 1977- author.
PT2713.E94 S75 2017
The Hemingway short story : a critical appreciation
Monteiro, George, author.
PS3515.E37 Z7427 2017
Marges du premier Verlaine
Murphy, Steve, 1956-
PQ2466 .M87 2003
Nelson, Maggie, 1973- author.
PS3564.E4687 B56 2009
Dickens and the myth of the reader
Oulton, Carolyn, 1972- author.
PR4592.R36 O97 2017
A Grace Paley reader : stories, essays, and poetry
Paley, Grace, author.
PS3566.A46 A6 2017
Queering contemporary gothic narrative 1970-2012
Palmer, Paulina, 1937- author.
PR830.T3 P356 2016
The deep blue sea
Rattigan, Terence, author.
PR6035.A75 D4 2016
Des femmes en littérature
Reid, Martine.
PQ149 .R45 2010
Œuvres complètes : poésie, prose et correspondance
Rimbaud, Arthur, 1854-1891.
PQ2387 .R5 1999b
The songs we know best : John Ashbery's early life
Roffman, Karin, author.
PS3501.S475 Z83 2017
Good form : the ethical experience of the Victorian novel
Rosenthal, Jesse, author.
PR878.E67 R67 2017
Imagination and fancy : complementary modes in the poetry of Wordsworth.
Scoggins, James.
PR5888 .S38 1966
Virginia Woolf and being-in-the-world : a Heideggerian study
Simone, Emma, author.
PR6045.O72 Z865 2017
Cine y revolución en América Latina : una perspectiva comparada de las cinematografías de la región
Simposio Iberoamericano de Estudios Comparados sobre Cine y Audiovisual Buenos Aires, Argentina), 2012 : author. (2nd :
PN1995.9.R49 S56 2012
The proper pirate : Robert Louis Stevenson's quest for identity
Singer, Jefferson A., author.
PR5497 .S564 2016
Black Africans in the British imagination : English narratives of the early Atlantic world
Smith, Cassander L., 1977- author.
PR830.A39 S65 2016
Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894, author.
PR5485.A2 D36 2015
The poems of Edward Taylor
Taylor, Edward, 1642-1729, author.
PS850.T2 A6 1963
Edward Thomas : prose writings : a selected edition
Thomas, Edward, 1878-1917.
PR6039.H55 A6 2011
The honest muse: a study in Augustan verse.
Trickett, Rachel, 1923-1999.
PR437 .T7 1967
John Keats : reimagining history
Ulmer, William Andrew, author.
PR4837 .U46 2017
Visuality in the novels of Austen, Radcliffe, Edgeworth and Burney
Volz, Jessica A., author.
PR858.W6 V65 2017
Deep waters : Frank Waters remembered in letters and commentary
Waters, Frank, 1902-1995, author.
PS3545.A82 Z48 2017
Kill boxes : facing the legacy of US-sponsored torture, indefinite detention, and drone warfare
Weber, Elisabeth, 1959- author.
PN56.T62 W43 2017
The Time machine
Wells, H. G. 1866-1946, author. (Herbert George),
PR5774 .T5 2017
Nabokov and his books : between late modernism and the literary marketplace
White, Duncan, 1979- author.
PS3527.A15 Z6783 2017
The soul of man under socialism and selected critical prose
Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.
PR5811 .D69 2001