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The New Materials list contains books and other physical materials added to the collection in the last 30 days. Titles are listed by subject area; the list is updated daily. Click on the title to view location, availability, and requesting information.

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Language, Literature, and Linguistics

Acquiring sociolinguistic variation
P40.5.L54 A27 2017
Beckett and modernism
PR6003.E282 Z56946 2018
Cognitive Joyce
PR6019.O9 Z5267 2018
Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon : das 20. Jahrhundert : biographisches-bibliographisches Handbuch
PT401 .D453 2000
Le rêve et la ruse dans la traduction de poésie : [actes du séminaire organisé par l'axe Poiéma de 2004 à 2006 à l'Université de Nice]
PN1059.T7 R494 2008
The Bloomsbury handbook of electronic literature
PN56.I64 B57 2018
The encyclopedia of contemporary Spanish films
PN1993.5.S7 M88 2018
W.E.B. Du Bois and the Africana rhetoric of dealienation
PS3507.U147 Z518 2018
Empire of the senseless
Acker, Kathy, 1948-1997.
PS3551.C44 E475 2018
The Turkish turn in contemporary German literature : toward a new critical grammar of migration
Adelson, Leslie A.
PT405 .A18 2005
El santo
Aira, César, 1949- author.
PQ7798.1.I7 S36 2015
The lives of the poems ; Three talks
Beckman, Joshua, 1971- author.
PS3552.E2839 A6 2018
Everything is flammable
Bell, Gabrielle, author.
PS3602.E645453 Z46 2017
Umberto Eco and the open text : semiotics, fiction, popular culture
Bondanella, Peter, 1943-2017.
PQ4865.C6 Z58 1997
Aimé Césaire, Frantz Fanon : portraits de décolonisés
Bouvier, Pierre, 1938-
PQ3949.C44 Z5863 2010
Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder : eine Chronik aus dem Dreissigjährigen Krieg
Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956.
PT2603.R397 M8 1999
If wants to be the same as is : essential poems of David Bromige
Bromige, David, author.
PS3552.R635 A6 2018
Spatialité textuelle dans la poésie contemporaine : Gilles Cyr, Jean Laude et Anne-Marie Albiach
Brouillette, Marc André, 1969-
PS9555 Y7 Z53 2010
On Henry Miller, or, How to be an anarchist
Burnside, John, 1955- author.
PS3525.I5454 Z58 2018
JAMES JOYCE AND THE USEFULNESS OF FORGETTING : memory, history, and the nation.
PR6019.O9 Z52643 2018
Little runaway
Castellucci, Cecil, 1969- author.
PN6728.S4565 C44 2018
Shade, the changing girl.
Castellucci, Cecil, 1969- author.
PN6728.S4565 C37 2017
How to write an autobiographical novel : essays
Chee, Alexander, author.
PS3603.H44 Z46 2018
2001, a space odyssey
Clarke, Arthur C. 1917-2008. (Arthur Charles),
PR6005.L36 A615 2000
Cornellà, Joan, 1981- illustrator.
PN6777.C67 Z66 2017
Troy, Carthage and the Victorians : the drama of classical ruins in the nineteenth-century imagination
Davies, Rachel Bryant, author.
PR468.C6 D38 2018
The shining
Donnelly, K. J. author. (Kevin J.),
PN1997.S475 D66 2018
Four quartets
Eliot, T. S. 1888-1965, author. (Thomas Stearns),
PS3509.L43 F6 2010z
The critical reception of Flannery O'Connor, 1952-2017 : "searchers and discoverers"
Evans, Robert C., 1955- author.
PS3565.C57 Z6657 2018
Italian women's autobiographical writings in the twentieth century : constructing subjects
Fanning, Ursula, author.
PQ4063 .F36 2017
Diaries real and fictional in twentieth-century French writing
Ferguson, Sam, 1985- author.
PQ307.A65 F47 2018
My favorite thing is monsters
Ferris, Emil, artist, author.
PN6727.F4646 M9 2016
Te voilà, c'est la force : essai sur Une saison en enfer de Rimbaud
Frémy, Yann.
PQ2387.R5 S338 2009
Conjunto vacío
Gerber Bicecci, Verónica, 1981- author.
PQ7298.417.E73 G66 2017
Empty set
Gerber Bicecci, Verónica, 1981- author.
PQ7298.417.E73 C6613 2018
Le théâtre du poème : vers Anne-Marie Albiach
Gleize, Jean-Marie, 1946-
PQ2661.L25 Z675 1995
Their eyes were watching God
Hurston, Zora Neale.
PS3515.U789 T639 2004 CD Audio
Oral and literary continuities in modern Tibetan literature : the inescapable nation
Jabb, Lama, author.
PL3705 .J33 2015
Crawl space
Jacobs, Jesse, 1981- author, illustrator.
PN6733.J33 C74 2017
A distant center
Jin, Ha, 1956- author.
PS3560.I6 A6 2018
Central American avant-garde narrative : literary innovation and cultural change, 1926-1936
Kane, Adrian Taylor, 1976-
PQ7471 .K36 2014
T. S. Eliot and the dynamic imagination
Kennedy, Sarah, 1980- author.
PS3509.L43 Z6896 2018
The shining
King, Stephen, 1947-
PS3561.I483 S5 2012
Penthesilea : ein Trauerspiel
Kleist, Heinrich von, 1777-1811.
PT2378 .P4 2007
Understanding Maxine Hong Kingston
Lee, Julia H., author.
PS3561.I52 Z73 2018
Making the poem : Stevens' approaches
Lensing, George S., 1943- author.
PS3537.T4753 Z67446 2018
The dialectics of creation; patterns of birth & regeneration in Paradise lost.
Lieb, Michael, 1940-
PR3562 .L5
Norman Mailer : four books of the 1960s
Mailer, Norman, author.
PS3525.A4152 A6 2018
Derek Jarman's medieval modern
Mills, Robert, 1973- author.
PN1998.3.J3 M55 2018
Childhood and the classics : Britain and America, 1850-1965
Murnaghan, Sheila, 1951- author.
PR990 .M87 2018
My conversation with Langston Hughes
Nacht, Drew, 1960- author.
PS3614.A25 M93 2018
My solo exchange diary.
Nagata, Kabi, author, illustrator.
PN6790.J33 N23 2018 v.1
Hope lies in the proles : George Orwell and the left
Newsinger, John, 1948- author.
PR6029.R8 Z73739 2018
James Joyce : a life
O'Brien, Edna.
PR6019.O9 Z766 2011
The Wendy project
Osborne, Melissa Jane, author.
PN6727.O79 W45 2017
Orwell's "Politics and the English language" in the age of pseudocracy
Ostrom, Hans A., author.
PR6029.R8 Z564 2018
Imagine wanting only this
Radtke, Kristen, author, illustrator.
PN6727.R334 Z46 2017
Pablo! : a novel
Rechy, John, author.
PS3568.E28 P37 2018
Reed, Justin Phillip, author.
PS3618.E435653 A6 2018
Adrienne Rich : poetry and prose : poetry, prose, reviews and criticism / edited by Albert Gelpi, Stanford University, Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi, Stanford University, Brett C. Millier, Middlebury College.
Rich, Adrienne, 1929-2012, author.
PS3535.I233 A6 2018
Nabokov and Nietzsche : problems and perspectives
Rodgers, Michael (College teacher), author.
PS3527.A15 Z885 2018
Cultural linguistics : cultural conceptualisations and language
Sharifian, Farzad, author.
P35 .S493 2017
Sad girl poems
Soto, Christopher, 1991- author.
PS3619.O863 S23 2016
Synessios, Natasha.
PN1997.Z47 S96 2001
Tamaki, Jillian, 1980- author, artist.
PN6733.T35 B68 2017
Collected screenplays
Tarkovskiĭ, Andreĭ Arsenʹevich, 1932-1986.
PN1997.A1 T29 1999
Recueils de jeunesse
Verlaine, Paul, 1844-1896, author.
PQ2463 .A6 2018
Te vendo un perro
Villalobos, Juan Pablo, 1973- author.
PQ7298.432.I428 T43 2015
The history of scholarly research into the writings of J.D. Salinger (1986-2016) : a companion to the annotated bibliography
Weaver, Brett E., author.
PS3537.A426 Z96 2018
Albiach Celan : reading across languages ; + Surface [truncated] on Gamoneda
Wellman, Donald, 1944- author.
PN94.2 .W35 2017
American histories : stories
Wideman, John Edgar, author.
PS3573.I26 A6 2018
James Joyce and absolute music
Witen, Michelle L. author. (Michelle Lynn),
PR6019.O9 Z9546 2018
Eroticism and other literary conventions in Chinese literature : intertextuality in The story of the stone
Wu, I-Hsien (Literature teacher), author.
PL2727.S2 W875 2017
Zúñiga, Diego, 1987- author.
PQ8098.436.U55 C3613 2017