New Materials

The New Materials list contains books and other physical materials added to the collection in the last 30 days. Titles are listed by subject area; the list is updated daily. Click on the title to view location, availability, and requesting information.

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Language, Literature, and Linguistics

A.A. Izmaĭlov : perepiska s sovremennikami
PG3467.I93 Z85 2017
American writers : a collection of literary biographies
PS129 .A55
Bande dessinée : thinking outside the boxes
PQ1 .Y3 no. 131/132
PR1583 .M58 2017
British writers.
PR85 .B688 Suppl.
Dictionnaire Gustave Flaubert
PQ2247 .D53 2017
Gegenwartsliteratur : ein germanistisches Jahrbuch = a German studies yearbook.
PT80 .G44
Gloria Naylor's fiction : contemporary explorations of class and capitalism
PS3564.A895 Z675 2017
Lifshit︠s︡ / Losev / Loseff : sbornik pami︠a︡ti Lʹva Loseva
PG3549.L58 Z755 2017
Love on the rocks.
PQ6228 .L68 2017
Shakespeare studies.
PR2885 .S64
Understanding relations between scripts : the Aegean writing systems
P1035 .U53 2017
When she named fire : an anthology of contemporary poetry by American women
PN6109.9 .W48 2009
Ryba i drugie li︠u︡di : proza
Aleshkovskiĭ, P. author. (Petr),
PG3478.L444 A6 2017
La littérature française au XIXe siècle mise à l'index : les procédures
Amadieu, Jean-Baptiste, author.
PQ283 .A433 2017
Svidetelʹstvo chetvertogo lit︠s︡a
Averbukh, Aleksandr, 1985- author.
PG3491.3.V4 S85 2017
Nesobrannoe i zabytoe iz tvorcheskogo nasledii︠a︡
Balʹmont, Konstantin Dmitrievich, 1867-1942, author.
PG3453.B2 A6 2016
Obraz zhizni
Barash, Aleksandr, 1960- author.
PG3479.R287 O27 2017
Tableaux parisiens
Baudelaire, Charles, 1821-1867, author.
PQ2191.T335 G4 2017
Andreĭ Belyĭ : avtobiograficheskie svody : material k biografii, rakurs k dnevniku, registrat︠s︡ionnye zapisi, dnevniki 1930-kh godov
Bely, Andrey, 1880-1934, author.
PG3453.B84 Z46 2016
Dvoĭnoe bytie "istinnogo romantizma"
Belyĭ, A. A., author.
PG3356 .B375 2016
Genealogy of the pagan gods
Boccaccio, Giovanni, 1313-1375.
PQ4274.G6 E5 2011
Sämtliche Werke und Briefe
Brentano, Clemens, 1778-1842.
PT1825 .A1 1975
PN1995.9.P7 C62 2017
Dramaturgies de la crise : (XXe-XXIe siècles)
Diaz, Sylvain, author.
PN2041.C75 D53 2017
Shakespeare's two playhouses : repertory and theatre space at the Globe and the Blackfriars, 1599-1613
Dustagheer, Sarah, author.
PN2596.L6 D87 2017
Dramaturgii︠a︡ kinoformy : statʹi po teorii kino
Eisenstein, Sergei, 1898-1948, author.
PN1995 . E49 2016
Re-place : Irish theatre environments
Fitzgerald, Lisa, author.
PN2601 .F58 2017
Gendelev : stikhi, proza, poėtika, tekstologii︠a︡
Gendelev, Mikhail, author.
PG3481.E53 G46 2017
The great derangement : climate change and the unthinkable
Ghosh, Amitav, 1956- author.
PN56.C612 G48 2016
Mozaika malykh del
Girshovich, Leonid, author.
PG3481.I76 M6 2017
Na beregu neba
Golovanov, Vasiliĭ, author.
PG3481.2.L6154 N3 2017
Kraĭniĭ : kniga novykh stikhov
Khlebnikov, Oleg, 1956- author.
PG3482.6.H3514 K73 2016
Vse my nechastnye sukiny deti
Korzhavin, N. 1925- author. (Naum),
PG3482.7.R9 Z46 2017
Hainish novels & stories
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929- author.
PS3562.E42 A6 2017
Chercheurs d'ombres
Lê, Linda, author.
PQ2672.E1113 C44 2017
Lucky wreck
Limón, Ada.
PS3612.I496 L83 2006
Leningrad Dovlatova : istoricheskiĭ putevoditelʹ
Lurʹe, L. I︠A︡. author. (Lev I︠A︡kovlevich),
PG3479.6.O85 Z778 2016
Five-carat soul
McBride, James, 1957- author.
PS3613.C28 A6 2017
Comme du bon pain : roman
Ndoye, Mariama, 1953-
PQ3989.2.N438 C66 2001
Osenʹ, perekhodi︠a︡shchai︠a︡ v leto
Popov, Valeriĭ, 1939- author.
PG3485.2.P575 O83 2017
Sobranie sochineniĭ v pi︠a︡ti tomakh
Prigov, D., author.
PG3485.3 .R46 2013
Russkiĭ kamenʹ :b roman
Prokhanov, Aleksandr, author.
PG3485.3.R56 R87 2017
Ubitʹ kolibri
Prokhanov, Aleksandr, author.
PG3485.3.R56 U2 2017
The Prophets and the goddess : W. B. Yeats, Aleister Crowley, Ezra Pound, Robert Graves, and the chthonic esoteric tradition
Psilopoulos, Dionysious, author.
PR605.M9 P75 2017
Cuentos completos, 1957-2000
Saer, Juan José, 1937-2005, author.
PQ7797.S22435 A6 2017
Snowy tower : Parzival and the wet, black branch of language
Shaw, Martin, 1971-
PT1688 .S45 2014
Siken, Richard, 1967-
PS3619.I48 C78 2005
Volchatnik : Ekaterina Sokolova
Sokolova, Ekaterina, 1983- author.
PG3493.48.O3585 V65 2017
Stikhotvorenii︠a︡ i poėmy
Tarkovskiĭ, Arseniĭ, 1907-1989, author.
PG3489.A67 A6 2015
Chinese martial arts cinema : the Wuxia tradition
Teo, Stephen, author.
PN1995.9.H3 T46 2016
St͡seny izʺ evreĭskago byta Pavla Veĭnberga.
Veĭnberg, Pavel, author.
PG3447.V275 S8 2017
The complete works of Voltaire
Voltaire, 1694-1778, author.
PQ2070 1970
Complete stories
Vonnegut, Kurt, author.
PS3572.O5 A6 2017
Geoffrey Chaucer : a new introduction
Wallace, David, 1954- author.
PR1924 .W35 2017
Nollywood : the making of a film empire
Witt, Emily, 1981- author.
PN1993.5.N55 W58 2017
Sovereign acts : performing race, space, and belonging in Panama and the Canal Zone
Zien, Katherine A., 1981- author.
PQ7523 .Z54 2017