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Special Collections

Pod gnetom samoderzhavii︠a︡ : sbornik russkikh revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ionnykh stikhotvoreniĭ
PG3235.R4 P6 1904
Printer:poet::binder:book : 24 fine bindings on Clifford Burke's Printing poetry : an illustrated checklist
Z270.U5 P7 1987
Splash page : the Reed College graphic novel class anthology
PN6726 .S653 2016
The fortunates
PN6726 .F678 2016
Substitution of a carrier in ferrofluid
Abrahams, Alexander Themba, author.
Accumbal ghrelin and glucagon-like peptide 1 modulation of ethanol reward and ingestive behavior in female rats
Abtahi, Shayan, author.
Telomere length variation in xenopus laevis tissues
Adams, Michaela, author.
The short play : a brief moment in a radical structure
Afzal, Aziza, author.
Going global? : analyzing the effects of skill level on trade sentiments
Alexander, Grace Bennett, author.
Self-esteem and drink refusal self-efficacy in an adolescent prevention context
Alexander, Jordan, author.
Subgame perfect rational secret sharing
Allen, Taylor, author.
Thank you for everything I know : class, knowledge, and belonging in Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the heights
Allen, Tyler, author.
Simulating the gravitational lensing of massive particles : an exploration of scattering solutions of the Schwarzschild metric
Appel, Sabrina M., author.
An unlikely keeper of order : the flash press in 1840s New York
Archer, Jaime, author.
Effects of light rail transit in Portland: 1996-2006
Armada, Brian, author.
An airshed and source region impact factor tool utilizing output from the NOAA HYSPLIT model
Asato, Amanda, author.
Laminin expression affects zebrafish retinal stem cells
Ashby, Alison, author.
Augustin, Alystair J., artist, author.
PN6727.A94 F65 2016
A place to be : how the houseless create homes outside of the nonprofit and state system
Baker, Anne Brazil, author.
The gravitational signature of a dirac monopole
Banyas, Ella C., author.
In pursuit of justice : rhetorical strategies in Operación masacre by Rodolfo Walsh
Barnes, Cody Gordon Hosford, author.
The emergence and persistence of women's involvement in the Kurdish workers' party
Barnett, Gyulnara Zhanova, author.
The implementation of labor systems in an age of digital networks : a critical framework for artistic resistance
Bartz, Brian Leighton, author.
Remember to breathe, okay?
Belcher, Lee, artist, author.
PN6727.B376 R46 2016
The myth of chiron : personal storytelling through comics and mythology
Belcher, Lee, author.
Apuntes acerca de un nuevo manual de arqueologia mexicana, critica cientifica,
Beyer, Hermann, 1880-1942.
F1219 .B54 1918
A finely orchestrated paradox
Binion, Lucas Willie Mayer, author.
How does commodity dependence affect trade in Africa?
Blackman, Gabrielle R., author.
Boas, Franz, 1858-1942.
HQ751 .B63 1916
Notes on Mexican folk-lore
Boas, Franz, 1858-1942.
GR115 .B63 1912
The development of folk-tales and myths.
Boas, Franz, 1858-1942.
E98.F6 B63 1916
TWRP : don't fear God don't worry about death.
Bohrer, Eric, artist, author.
PN6727.B647 T87 2016
Heartbreak hotel
Bonilla, Mia, author.
PN6727.B665 H43 2016
Biafran uncertainties : challenges to the norms and structure of international humanitarian aid, 1967-1970
Borjon, Brandon, author.
Temporary marginalities : the role of the artist-intellectual in resisting dictatorship in Chile (1973-1988)
Bortoleto, Flávia María Rabelo, author.
Investigating the potential cross-species inhibition of telomerase by PinX1
Bosch, Claudia V., author.
Synthesis of an intramolecular DASA photoswitch
Bradley, Dakoda, author.
Risky business : risk calculus and birth control use in college attending women
Breedlove, Franchesca, author.
Achilles in Scyros, a drama in a mixed manner,
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930.
PR4161.B6 A19 no.5
Humours of the court : a comedy in three acts.
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930.
PR4161.B6 A19 no.6
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930.
PR4161.B6 A19 no.1
Nero. from the death of Burrus to the death of Seneca, comprising the conspiracy of Piso
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930.
PR4161.B6 A19 no.8
Palicio : a romantic drama in five acts in the Elizabethan manner
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930.
PR4161.B6 A19 no.2
The Christian captives, a tragedy in five acts in a mixed manner.
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930.
PR4161.B6 A19 no.4
The feast of Bacchus, a comedy in the Latin manner and partly translated from Terence
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930.
PR4161.B6 A19 no.7
The return of Ulysses : a drama in five acts in a mixed manner
Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930.
PR4161.B6 A19 no.3
Intentional communal isolation through collective action : a case study on Bolinas, California
Brown, Nicholas, author.
Opening the wound : reading tragedy in the early works of Lev Shestov
Brudnick, Eli, author.
Playing with and within power : possibilities for reconfiguration and transgression in lesbian+queer BDSM
Bucci, Sophia G., author.
Decreased telomerase activity in conjunction with life stress in Astatotilapia burtoni
Buckner, Alexa A., author.
This cell's my court : mimetic fictionality, reader-character engagement, and the generation of possible worlds in Shakespeare's The tempest
Bunker, Hayden, author.
The pilgrim's progress : from this world to that which is to come
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.
PR3330 .A1 1891
Color's queer bent : the aesthetics of queer performance
Burke, Riley, author.
Characterizing the genomic transposable element content of the aquatic crustacean Daphnia magna
Calkins, Jaclyn L., author.
Focal adhesion proteins in the polarity and motility of Drosophila epithelial cells
Campbell, Lydia Grace S., author.
Equivalence of discrete configuration space models
Campton, Cole C., author.
The big boom : commerce, capitalism and the birth of American astrophysics
Canavan, Sarah Katherine, author.
Le travail en Amérique avant et après Colomb,
Capitan, L. 1854-1929. (Louis),
HD8045 .C3 1914
El dinero, el tiranito y el ladrón en Las aguafuertes portenas de roberto arlt
Caracotsios, Alexi, author.
Sharing with mortals : the goddess Athena, gender, and power in 5th century Athenian religion
Carpenter, Maria, author.
Effects of PerC regulation and membrane vesicles of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli on a pro-inflammatory response
Chan-Herur, Vikram, author.
Can daddy try? : an ethnographic study of gendered parenting strategies in public spaces
Chávez, Alejandro Saul, author.
Extraction and measurement of vitamin K in blood plasma using HPLC-MS/MS
Chi, Vivia, author.
A culture can be a clusterfuck of cells too.
Chiboucas, Steven author.
PN6727.C453 C85 2016
Sauce boss.
Chiboucas, Steven, artist, author.
PN6727.C453 S28 2016
Social constructions of gender and race : what do they do, what can they do?
Claes, Anjali, author.
Decentralized government in Brazil's Old Republic and its end in 1930
Cohen, Alex Margulies, author.
Memristors : characterization, applications, and quantized conductance
Cohen, Elias Cohen, author.
Microtubule polarity in migratory Drosophila melanogaster cells
Cola, Jaelin H., author.
Imaging electron-hole liquid droplets in uniaxially stressed gallium phospide
Colacion, Gabriel M., author.
Straight to the source : the economics of human trafficking
Cole, Carolyn Stadden, author.
Get ready with me
Collins, Ciara, author.
Bet your ass we're paranoid : examining the real forces behind mental health legislation HR 2646
Collins, Kathryn S., author.
Why didn't you call me?
Corea, Dani, author.
PN6727.C66 W49 2016
Cox, Ali, artist, author.
PN6727.C69 C67 2017
Slacking off : the physics of low tension highlining
Croom, Jonathan, author.
De evidentia machina
Dahl, E.S., author.
International arms trade : examining effects of multilateral arms control measures
Dalbina, Ieva, author.
Direct conversion of visible light to mechanical energy : towards dimerized donor-acceptor stenhouse adducts as photochromic molecular actuators
Dannar, Audrey, author.
Extracting information from jets at hadron colliders using deep learning
Datta, Kaustuv Datta, author.
Brown girl in private school
De Paz, Anayanci, artist, author.
PN6727.D473 B76 2016
Behind closed doors : the use of public and private information in Jane Austen's Pride and prejudice and the world of Lizzie Bennet
De la Huerga, Juliet, author.
Del Castillo, Justice author.
N6727.D453 A29 2016
Redefining the economics of the avant-garde : the case of conceptualism
Denison, Madeline, author.
Dickens, Shin, artist.
PN6727.D536 F57 2016
Your microbes are super models : using microbiome data to reproducibly predict Crohns disease
Differding, Moira, author.
A tale of two phages : investigation of the therapeutic potential of SiphoRed1 and SiphoRed2
Dinsdale, Madeline, author.
Integration of amygdalar urocortin 1 and endocannabinoid signaling on the modulation of ethanol reinstatement and preference
Dirks, Aaron, author.
Dmitrievskiĭ, S. (Sergeĭ)
DK268.S8 D57
Parenthood and the gendered voice : a comparative acoustic analysis of transgender and cisgender parents' infant-directed speach
Doremus, Chase, author.
Epigenetic regulation of aromatase underlies environmental sex determination in the cichlid fish Pelvicachromis pulcher
Driscoll, Rose, author.
Notes towards the definition of culture
Eliot, T. S. 1888-1965. (Thomas Stearns),
CB19 .E48 1949
The country is diseased : Richard Fariña's use of the coming-of-age narrative as a cultural critique in Been down so long it looks like up to me
Ellard, Poppy Rae, author.
Bb girl's catalog of things otherwise forgotten
Erhart, Hannah, author.
The Jordan river : cooperation and conflict
Eriksson, Oskar Cosmo, author.
Fixed time schedules produce equivalent consumption of ethanol and sucrose reinforcement in freely feeding rats
Erwin, Cecelia, author.
Generation and characterization of nondiffracting beams
Esashi, Yuka, author.
Electrodynamics on manifolds
Etheredge, Muldrow Doskey, author.
Entangled in the landscape photograph
Failla, Dylan, author.
A knowledge-based approach to Disconnect three
Feier, Lucian Florin, author.
Meditating on impulsivity : an attempt to use mindfulness to influence rate of delay discounting
Feinstein, Marc Jerome Pipin, author.
The effects of storybook-embedded linguistic cues on helping behavior, intentions, and cognitions of preschool-aged children
Feldhaus, Isabella, author.
Scripting injury : non-suicidal self-injury, adolescence, and the production of cultural categories in the United States
Felsenthal, Eve, author.
Scenes of irresponsible engagement in twenty-first century Britian
Finerty, Jack, author.
A GPU approach to the Abelian sandpile model
Fish, Cameron Alexander, author.
Examining the practicality of shortest hyperpaths for signaling pathway analysis : the cheating hyperpath algorithm as an alternative approach
Franzese, Nicholas William, author.
From theater to shining theatre? : melodrama audiences, naturalism, and Napoleon
Frazel, Michael Wilder, author.
Bye bye Bybee? : an analysis of the ramifications of the Bybee memo and its place in torture discourse
Freitag, Alex, author.
Numerical modeling of waves and wave breaking
Freymiller, Kevin, author.
Setting aside affordability : the fight to make New York City affordable using inclusionary zoning
Galkin, Katerina, author.
Religious experience revisited
Garcia, Emily Rose, author.
Garcia, Emily, artist, author.
PN6727.G373 G65 2016
Flop ramen
Garcia, Emily, illustrator.
PN6727.G373 F56 2016
Drone : poems
Garcia, Kim, author.
XR14.G3735 D76 2016
Learning to speak Chinuk Wawa : language revitalization in the Pacific Northwest
Garfia, Francisca, author.
A grand adventure
Garland, Katie, artist, author.
PN6727.G375 G73 2016
I don't want to die in Portland.
Garland, Katie, artist.
PN6727. G375 I36 2016
BCMS lexical prosody as a marker of national identity in the Former Yugoslavia
Georgis, Philip, author.
[Question mark]
Gheneti, Leensa, author, artist.
PN6727.G446 G85 2016
Parametric curve fitting and vector graphics
Ghosh, Rik, author.
Sonic abolition
Gibson, Neil Edwin Magruder, author.
This whole black and brown world heaving upward : reading the land in Jean Toomer's Cane
Girkin, Alexander Pierce, author.
Histoire de l'œil : retinoic acid, Gdf6a and Fgf signaling during late-stage retinogenesis
Givens, McKenzie, author.
Pushing the limit
Glebe, Forrest E., author.
Your play is charming, but nobody can understand any of it : directing "Evitarran" theatre to engage audiences
Gonnella, Jake, author.
The synthesis and characterization of novel decoquinate analogs with significant antimalarial activity
Gonoud, Rose, author.
The effect of praise type and linguistic cues on parents' perceptions of traits and behaviors associated with achievement
Good, Kayla Ann, author.
What do we talk about when we talk fiction? : a study of fiction in the philosophy of language
Goodell, George, author.
Lighting the way : computations of stable forms of optical lift
Gottesman, Robby, author.
A proposal for evaluating international short-term volunteer trips
Graunke, Hannah, author.
Greer, Connor, author.
Restorative coaching : reclaiming black male athletes
Gresham, Paris Simone, author.
Computational modeling of stirling engines
Griffith, Vincent, author.
Guerrero, Oscar, artist, author.
PN6727.G84 S63 2016
What's ours: a graphic memoir
Guerrero, Oscar, author.
Washington's missing bottle bill
Gumas, Alexandra, author.
Brahms and his library of early music : the effects of his study of Renaissance and Baroque music on his choral writing
Hancock, Virginia.
XR14.H353 B73 1977
Beyond surgery : injury, healing, and religion at an Ethiopian hospital
Hannig, Anita, author.
XR14.H237 B49 2017
Ni︠e︡skolʹko slovʺ o moeǐ antropologicheskoĭ klassifikat︠s︡īi
Ivanovskīĭ, A. A. 1866- (Aleksi︠e︡ĭ Arsenʹevich),
GN34 .I92 1913
The man who took a bite out of his wife and other stories
Jafek, Bev.
XR14.J354 M3 1993
Jilka Maskarinec, Luke, artist, author.
PN6727.J555 S86 2016
White noise.
Jimenez-Wieneke, Xandar, artist, author.
PN6727.J56 W45 2016
The reign of Ivan the Terrible
Karamzin, Nikolaĭ Mikhaĭlovich, 1766-1826, author.
XR14.B175 R45 2014
Kopf- und maskenzauber in der vorgeschichte und bei den primitiven.
Klingbeil, Waldemar.
BL325 H25 K5 1932
Bam bam bam
Lanzalotta, Jari, artist, author.
PN6727.L369 B36 2016
I'm bored.
Lanzalotta, Jari, artist.
PN6727.L369 I4 2016
Lawrence, Django, artist, author.
PN6727.L396 F34 2016
A photograph of a man
Lawrence, Eleanor, artist, author.
PN6727.L396 P46 2016
Reculer pour mieux sauter
Levine, Anne-Marie, author.
XR14.L49 P68 2014
L'expression de la possession dans les langues mélanésiennes
Lévy-Bruhl, Lucien, 1857-1939.
PL6203 .E96 1914
Entstehung und herkunft der ionischen Säule,
Luschan, Felix von, 1854-1924.
NA2860 .L87 1912
Hi Mom&Dad
McCall, Annabelle, book artist.
N7433.4.M32 H 2016
McPhee, Tommaso, author.
PN6727.M374 V35 2016
Karl Marks; istorii︠a︡ ego zhizni.
Mehring, Franz, 1846-1919.
HX39.5 .M417 1920
K organizat︠s︡ii i metodike trudovogo politekhnicheskogo obuchenii︠a︡ v nachalʹnoĭ i sredneĭ shkole : rabota po metallu
Merkurʹev, F.
LC1047.S65 M47 1933
Muellerleile, Hannah, artist, author.
PN6727.M84 B49 2016
Der krieg und das völkerrecht; vortrag gehalten in der Staatswissenschaftlichen gesellschaft zu Jena,
Niedner, Johannes, 1868-
JZ6385 .N54 1915
Keen as mustard
Normark, Anna, artist, author.
PN6727.N67 K44 2016
In the beginning there were women and serpents
Quadros, Karly, author.
PN6727.Q337 I58 2016
Common canyon creatures
Reed, Calyx, artist, author.
PN6727.R442 C66 2016
L.M. Shnug in...danger distilled
Reed, Calyx, author.
PN6727.R442 L57 2016
Die Halligen
Renger-Patzsch, Albert, 1897-1966, photographer.
DD801.H15 R4 1927
A soul for a song
Schatzkamer, Shiloh, artist, author.
PN6727.S338 S68 2016
Stage fright
Schatzkamer, Shiloh, author, artist.
PN6727.S338 S73 2016
Matsutake dreams
Self, Ray, artist, author.
PN6727.S454 M38 2016
The mirror's image tells me it's home time.
Serbia, Jamie, artist, author.
PN6727.S473 M57 2016
Die religion,
Simmel, Georg, 1858-1918.
BL48 .S57 1906
Illegal smile
Stallings, Buggy, illustrator.
PN6727.S735 I55 2016
Timbie, Daniel, author, artist.
PN6727.T563 C36 2016
Changes in bodily form of descendants of immigrants.
United States. Immigration Commission (1907-1910)
GN58.U5 A4 1910
Ward, Nathan, artist, author.
PN6727.W373 C65 2016