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Ancient Greece and China compared
DF77 .A5875 2018
Anne Clifford's autobiographical writing, 1590-1676
DA378.P4 A3 2018
Characteristics of persons of voting age, 1964 to 1968.
C 3.186:P-20/172
Cityscapes and monuments of western Asia Minor : memories and identities
DS155 .C593 2017
Current population reports.
C 3.186:P-20/
Educational attainment in 30 selected standard metropolitan statistical areas.
C 3.186:P-20/
Educational attainment in the United States.
C 3.186:P-20/
Educational attainment.
C 3.186:P-20/
Entangled empires : the Anglo-Iberian Atlantic, 1500-1830
D210 .E57 2018
Fertility of American women ... advance report
C 3.186:P-20/
Fertility of American women.
C 3.186:P-20/
Fertility of the population.
C 3.186:P-20/
Fertility variations by ethnic origin : November 1969.
C 3.186:P-20/226
Foreign trade statistics notes.
C 3.167:
Highlights of U.S. export and import trade
C 3.164:990/
Highlights of U.S. export and import trade.
C 3.164:990/
Household and family characteristics.
C 3.186/P-20/
Households and families, by type ... advance report.
C 3.186:P-20/
Marital status and family status
C 3.186:P 20/
Marital status and living arrangements.
C 3.186:P-20/
Negro population ... (advance statistics ... survey).
C 3.186:P-20
Negro population.
C 3.186:P-20/
Population of the United States by metropolitan and nonmetropolitan residence.
C 3.186:P-20/
Population profile of the United States.
C 3.186:P-20/
School enrollment.
C 3.186:P-20
The Black population in the United States.
C 3.186:P-20/
The Chinese annals of Batavia, the Kai Ba Lidai Shiji and other stories (1610-1795)
DS646.29.D5 C47 2018
The archaic Southwest : foragers in an arid land
E78.S7 A734 2018
The coffins of the priests of Amun : Egyptian coffins from the 21st dynasty in the collection of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden
DT62.C64 C64 2018
The encyclopaedia of Islam three
DS37 .E523
U.S. foreign trade.
C 3.164:990/
U.S. trade with Puerto Rico and U.S. possessions.
C 3.164:895/
U.S. trade with Puerto Rico and United States possessions.
C 3.164:800/
U.S. waterborne exports and general imports.
C 3.164:985/
United States foreign trade.
C 3.164:986/
United States foreign trade.
C 3.164:985/
United States foreign trade. oil and coal laden in the United States on vessels engaged in foreign trade.
C 3.164:810/
Voter participation in ... (advance report).
C 3.186:P-20/
Voting and registration in the election of ...
C 3.186:P-20/
Voting and registration in the election of ... (advance report).
C 3.186:P-20/
World histories from below : disruption and dissent, 1750 to the present
D21 .W925 2016
Antiquity, archaeological processes, and highland adaptation : the Ifugao rice terraces
Acabado, Stephen B., author.
DS666.I15 A23 2015
Interweaving Coast Salish cultural systems : the collected works of Pamela Thorsen Amoss
Amoss, Pamela, author.
E99.S21 A48 2017
Set the world on fire : black nationalist women and the global struggle for freedom
Blain, Keisha N., 1985- author.
E185.6 .B65 2018
Time in early modern Islam : calendar, ceremony, and chronology in the Safavid, Mughal, and Ottoman empires
Blake, Stephen P.
CE59 .B63 2013
The trouble with empire : challenges to modern British imperialism
Burton, Antoinette M., 1961- author.
DA16 .B863 2015
Re-awakening ancient Salish Sea basketry : fifty years of basketry studies in culture and science
Carriere, Ed, author.
E59.B3 C37 2018
Diaspora's homeland : modern China in the age of global migration
Chan, Shelly, author.
DS732 .C43 2018
Mémoires d'outre-tombe
Chateaubriand, François-René, vicomte de, 1768-1848, author.
DC255.C4 A25 2015
The crisis of multiculturalism in Europe : a history
Chin, Rita C-K, 1970- author.
D1056 .C45 2017
Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race
Eddo-Lodge, Reni, author.
DA125.A1 E33 2017
Manifest destinies : the making of the Mexican American race
Gómez, Laura E., 1964- author.
E184.M5 G625 2017
Previous and prospective fertility, 1967.
Grabill, Wilson H.
C 3.186:P-20/211
The English people at war in the age of Henry VIII
Gunn, S. J. author. (Steven J.),
DA332 .G86 2018
Identifying with nationality : Europeans, Ottomans, and Egyptians in Alexandria
Hanley, Will, 1974- author.
DT154.A4 H375 2017
Parliament and politics in the age of Asquith and Lloyd George : the diaries of Cecil Harmsworth, MP, 1909-1922
Harmsworth, Cecil, 1869-1948, author.
DA20.R7 ser.5 v.51
Homecomings : the belated return of Japan's lost soldiers
Igarashi, Yoshikuni, 1960- author.
D809.J3 I35 2016
The papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826, author.
E302 .J442 2004b
Pueblos within pueblos : tlaxilacalli communities in Acolhuacan, Mexico, ca. 1272-1692
Johnson, Benjamin D., author.
F1219.1.T4 J64 2017
Characteristics of new voters : 1972.
Johnson, Charles Eyerdal, 1930-
C 3.186:P-20/230
Imperial gamble : Putin, Ukraine, and the new Cold War
Kalb, Marvin L., author.
DK67.5.U38 K35 2015
The Russian Empire 1450-1801
Kollmann, Nancy Shields, 1950- author.
DK40 .K66 2017
Russia's Far East : new dynamics in Asia Pacific and beyond
Lee, Rensselaer W., 1937- author.
DK771.D3 L44 2016
The Chinese must go : violence, exclusion, and the making of the alien in America
Lew-Williams, Beth, author.
E184.C5 L564 2018
Thinking about history
Maza, Sarah C., 1953- author.
D16 .M417 2017
The Russian Revolution : a new history
McMeekin, Sean, 1974- author.
DK265 .M3745 2017
The Second Seminole War and the limits of American aggression
Monaco, C. S., 1950- author.
E83.835 .M66 2018
Sloan : a Paleoindian Dalton cemetery in Arkansas
Morse, Dan F.
E78.A8 S59 2018
The anticolonial front : the African American freedom struggle and global decolonisation, 1945-1960
Munro, John, 1971- author.
E185.61 .M95 2017
Connected communities : networks, identity, and social change in the ancient Cibola world
Peeples, Matthew A., author.
E99.P9 P377 2018
Left Bank : art, passion, and the rebirth of Paris, 1940-50
Poirier, Agnès Catherine, author.
DC752.R52 P65 2018
Perishing heathens : stories of Protestant missionaries and Christian Indians in antebellum America
Rubin, Julius H., author.
E98.M6 R825 2017
The heavens might crack : the death and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Sokol, Jason, author.
E185.97.K5 S63 2018
Elizabeth's rival : the tumultuous life of the Countess of Leicester : the romance and conspiracy that threatened Queen Elizabeth's court
Tallis, Nicola, author.
DA358.L53 T35 2018
Hidden horrors : Japanese war crimes in World War II
Tanaka, Toshiyuki, 1949- author.
D805.I55 T3613 2018
County boards and commissions;
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.171:2
Elective offices of state and county governments.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.171:1
Governmental units overlying city areas.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.171:3
Japanese population by nativity or citizenship in selected cities in the United States, 1940.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.186/P-3:24
Japanese population of the United States and its territories and possessions.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.186/P-3:23
Mobility of the population of the United States.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.186:P-20/
Prospects for American fertility, June 1976 (advance report).
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.186:P-20/300
U.S. airborne exports and general imports.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.164:986/
The Empire strikes back : race and racism in 70s Britain
University of Birmingham. Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies.
DA125.A1 E46 1994
The burning house : Jim Crow and the making of modern America
Walker, Anders, author.
E185.61 .W169 2018
Augustan Rome
Wallace-Hadrill, Andrew, author.
DG279 .W347 2018
Silk, slaves, and stupas : material culture of the Silk Road
Whitfield, Susan, 1960- author.
DS33.1 .W46 2018
Aristocrats and archaeologists : an Edwardian journey on the Nile
Wilkinson, Toby A. H., author, editor.
DT55 .W55 2017
China's conquest of Taiwan in the seventeenth century : victory at Full Moon
Wong, Young-tsu, 1940- author.
DS799.65 .W64 2017