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A companion to Assyria
DS71 .C59 2017
Senses of the city : perceptions of Hangzhou and Southern Song China, 1127-1279
DS797.88.H355 S45 2017
An illustrated companion to Japanese archaeology
DS815 .I425 2016
Arsacids, Romans, and local elites : cross-cultural interactions of the Parthian Empire
DS285 .A77 2017
Conservation at Taos Pueblo, New Mexico, USA.
E78.N65 C66 2012
Cremation and the archaeology of death
CC79.5.H85 C74 2017
Do you know which report contains the data you need?.
C 3.2:D 26/9
Judicial criminal statistics.
C 3.2:C 86/3/
Panhellenes at Methone : graphê in Late Geometric and Protoarchaic Methone
CN393.M3 P36 2017
Peace and reconciliation in the classical world
DE61.P42 P43 2017
Rethinking comparison in archaeology
CC75 .R48 2017
Rewriting the Middle Ages in the twentieth century
D116.5 .R49 2005
Shanghai = [Shanghai] : art of the city
DS796.S22 S48 2010
The Capetian century, 1214 to 1314
CB355 .C37 2017
The Oxford handbook of zooarchaeology
CC79.5.A5 O94 2017
The atlas of Ancient Rome : biography and portraits of the city
DG63 .A8513 2017
Tradition and innovation in the Mycenaean palatial polities : proceedings of an international symposium held at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology, Aegean and Anatolia Department, Vienna, 1-2 March, 2013
DF221.M9 T73 2015
1987 economic censuses : census of retail trade, census of wholesale trade, census of service industries, census of transportation.
C 3.2:Ec 7/11
Graphic summary of the 1977 economic censuses.
C 3.2:Ec 7/6
Living arrangements of the elderly.
C 3.2:EL 2/9
Profiles of America's elderly : growth of America's elderly in the 1980's.
C 3.2:El 2/5
Racial and ethnic diversity of America's elderly population.
C 3.2:EL 2/8
USA/USSR facts and figures = SShA/SSSR fakty i t︠s︡ifry.
C 3.2:F 11/6
With Alexander in India and Central Asia : moving east and back to west
Anabasi: Sulle orme di Alessandro dalla morte di Dario (Conference) Venice, Italy) (2014 :
DF234.6 .A53 2017
Brief lives ; with, An apparatus for the lives of our English mathematical writers
Aubrey, John, 1626-1697, author.
CT781 .A927 2015
Revolution in the highlands : China's Jinggangshan base area
Averill, Stephen C., 1945-2004.
DS797.57.J564 A88 2006
Wretched rebels : rural disturbances on the eve of the Chinese Revolution
Bianco, Lucien.
DS774 .B4413 2009
Black against empire : the history and politics of the Black Panther Party
Bloom, Joshua, author.
E185.615 .B5574 2013
100 years of data processing : the punchcard century
Bohme, Frederick G.
C 3.2:D 26/10
Shifting ethnic identities in Spain and Gaul, 500-700 : from Romans to Goths and Franks
Buchberger, Erica, 1979- author.
DG190 .B83 2017
The world from 1000 BCE to 300 CE
Burstein, Stanley Mayer, author.
D57 .B88 2017
Social statistics for the elderly : area level system stage I : Omaha
Center for Census Use Studies.
C 3.2:El 2/3
Soul on ice
Cleaver, Eldridge, 1935-1998.
E185.97.C6 A3 1999
Le rang : préséances et hiérarchies dans la France d'Ancien Régime
Cosandey, Fanny, author.
CR3948 .C67 2016
Lenin and his comrades : [the Bolsheviks take over Russia 1917-1924]
Felʹshtinskiĭ, I︠U︡riĭ, 1956-
DK265 .F45 2010
Lenin, Trotsky, Germany and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk : the collapse of the world revolution, November 1917-November 1918
Felʹshtinskiĭ, I︠U︡riĭ, 1956- author.
DK265 .F4628 2012
Finding Jerusalem : archaeology between science and ideology
Galor, Katharina, author.
DS109.15 .G36 2017
Farm population of selected counties : composition, characteristics, and occupations in detail for eight counties, comprising Otsego County, N.Y., Dane County, Wis., New Madrid and Scott counties, Mo., Cass County, N. Dak., Wake County, N.C., Ellis County, Tex., and King County, Wash.
Galpin, Charles Josiah, 1864-
C 3.2:F 22/2
Parliament and politics in the age of Asquith and Lloyd George : the diaries of Cecil Harmsworth, MP, 1909-1922
Harmsworth, Cecil, 1869-1948, author.
DA566.9.H325 A3 2016
Inscriptions in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine history and history of art : proceedings of the international symposium "Inscriptions: Their Contribution to the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine History and History of Art" (Ioannina, June 26-27, 2015)
Inscriptions: Their Contribution to the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine History and History of Art Iōannina, Greece) (2015 :
CN455 .I57 2016
Thucydides on the outbreak of war : character and contest
Jaffe, Seth N., author.
DF229 .J34 2017
Tocqueville : the aristocratic sources of liberty
Jaume, Lucien.
DC36.98.T63 J3813 2008
The sons of Remus : identity in Roman Gaul and Spain
Johnston, Andrew C., 1984- author.
DG87 .J64 2017
The Penguin historical atlas of ancient Egypt
Manley, Bill.
DT49.9.M35 P4 1996
Trends in adolescent fertility and contraceptive use in the developing world
McDevitt, Thomas M.
C 3.2:F 41/2
African Americans in white suburbia : social networks & political behavior
McGowen, Ernest, III, author.
E185.615 .M3534 2017
A continuous revolution : making sense of Cultural Revolution culture
Mittler, Barbara, 1968-
DS778.7 .M59 2012
The Huey P. Newton reader
Newton, Huey P.
E185.97.N48 A28 2002
The legend of Seleucus : kingship, narrative and mythmaking in the ancient world
Ogden, Daniel, author.
DF234.9.S45 O33 2017
Anyuan : mining China's revolutionary tradition
Perry, Elizabeth J.
DS797.57.A698 P47 2012
Cultural heritage in a comparative approach : in the name of Aphrodite
Ragusa, Andrea, author.
CC135 .R34 2017
La reinvención de la identidad española durante la Segunda República : (las Misiones Pedagógicas y el teatro profesional en las tablas madrileñas)
Rodríguez Corredoira, Patricia, author.
DP254 .R63 2016
Seize the time : the story of the Black Panther party and Huey P. Newton
Seale, Bobby, 1936-
E185.615 .S37 1991
The coming of the terror in the French Revolution
Tackett, Timothy, 1945-
DC183 .T26 2015
Average number of children per woman in Butler County, Ohio: 1930. A study in differential fertility,
Thompson, Warren Simpson, 1887-1950.
C 3.2:C 437
Night combat.
Toppe, Alfred, 1904- author.
D 114.19/3:C 73/2/2017
A passage to China : literature, loyalism, and colonial Taiwan
Tsai, Chien-hsin, 1975- author.
DS799.712 .T73 2017
Deaf-mutes in the United States, 1920.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 34/13
General statistics of cities: 1915, including statistics of governmental organizations, police departments, liquor traffic, and municipally owned water supply systems, in cities having a population of over 30,000.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 49 /1915
Judicial criminal statistics in 43 Ohio counties, 1937 : the Ohio experiment in individual case reporting of criminal dispositions in common pleas courts
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 86/4
Judicial criminal statistics, Ohio, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia : 1938 : an analysis of the statistics of the disposition of criminal cases based on individual case reports
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 86/5
Key to published and tabulated data for small areas : United States censuses of population and housing, 1950
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 26/2
The census of the deaf and dumb, 1910.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 34/11
The deaf-mute population of the United States, 1920.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 34/14
Wealth, public debt, and taxation: 1922. Public debt.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 35
1963 economic censuses : procedural history.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:EC 7/3
Domestic and international transportation of U.S. foreign trade, 1976 : preliminary report.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 71/prelim.
Domestic and international transportation of U.S. foreign trade, 1976.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 71/pt.A-B
Graphic summary of farm tenure in the United States,
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:F 22/14
Long term economic growth, 1860-1965 : a statistical compendium.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:Ec 7
Social statistics for the elderly : state level system Nebraska social report
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:El 2/4
Standard nomenclature of diseases and pathological conditions, injuries, and poisonings for the United States.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 61
Summary of state laws relating to the dependent classes, 1913.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:D 41
The two-child family and population growth : an international view
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:F 21
Faience material from the Samos Heraion excavations
Webb, Virginia, author.
DF261.S2 W43 2016
The cultural revolution at the margins : Chinese socialism in crisis
Wu, Yiching.
DS778.7 .W85 2014