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Census Bureau [careers for majors in] statistics, mathematics, social sciences, economics, agriculture, government, computer programming, electronic engineering, business administration.
C 3.2:C 33/19
Census surveys : measuring America.
C 3.2:Am 3/4/985
Characteristics of business owners.
C 3.2:C 37/992
Evaluating censuses of population and housing.
C 3.2:C 33/38
Exploring sex and gender in bioarchaeology
CC79.5.H85 E96 2017
Forging Southeastern identities : social archaeology, ethnohistory, and folklore of the Mississippian to early historic South
E78.S65 F635 2017
Life and death in Asia Minor in Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine times : studies in archaeology and bioarchaeology
DR431 .L55 2017
Reflections of America : commemorating the statistical abstract centennial
C 3.2:Am3/5
The Capetian century, 1214 to 1314
CB355 .C37 2017
The encyclopaedia of Islam three
DS37 .E523
We the American-- : Hispanics.
C 3.2:AM 3/18/993-2
The analysis of single and related time series into components : proposals for improving X-11
Baron, Raphael Raymond V.
C 3.2:An 1
We the American-- : Blacks
Bennett, Claudette E.
C 3.2:AM 3/14
The Fatimid empire
Brett, Michael, 1934- author.
DT173 .B74 2017
We, the Americans : our homes
Chapin, William S.
C 3.2:AM 3/17
Forget Chineseness : on the geopolitics of cultural identification
Chun, Allen John Uck Lun, 1952- author.
DS732 .C595 2017
Do you know which 1990 products contain data on ancestry?.
Crook, Karen A.
C 3.2:AN 2
The making of a racist : a Southerner reflects on family, history, and the slave trade
Dew, Charles B., author.
E175.5.D49 A3 2016
National censuses and vital statistics in Europe, 1940-1948 supplement : an annotated bibliography
Dubester, Henry J. 1917- (Henry Joachim),
C 3.2:C 33/12/940-48/Supp.
Managing archaeological collections in Middle Eastern countries : a good practice guide
Fitzpatrick, Dianne, author.
CC135 .F55 2016
The extermination of the European Jews
Gerlach, Christian, 1963- author.
D804.3 .G4675 2016
We the American-- : elderly.
Goldstein, Arnold A.
C 3.2:AM 3/20
1:100,000 scale : digital cartographic data base for federal requirements
Guptill, Stephen C.
C 3.2:C 24/2
We the American-- children.
Hernandez, Donald J. 1948- (Donald James),
C 3.2:AM 3/22
Fatal revolutions : natural history, West Indian slavery, and the routes of American literature
Iannini, Christopher P., author.
F1609.5 .I26 2012
Mission to the Volga
Ibn Faḍlān, Aḥmad, active 922, author.
DK511.T17 I2313 2017
The excellence of the Arabs
Ibn Qutaybah, ʻAbd Allāh ibn Muslim, 828-889?, author.
DS36.85 .I28 2017
Unsung heroes of old Japan
Isoda, Michifumi, 1970- author.
DS871.75 .I8413 2017
Census '80 : continuing the factfinder tradition
Kaplan, Charles P.
C 3.2:C 33/34
We the Americans : our education.
Kominski, Robert.
C 3.2:AM 3/16
We the American-- : foreign born.
Lapham, Susan J.
C 3.2:AM 3/21
General censuses and vital statistics in the Americas; an annotated bibliography of the historical censuses and current vital statistics of the 21 American republics, the American sections of the British commonwealth of nations, the American colonies of Denmark, France, and the Netherlands, and the American territories and possessions of the United States.
Library of Congress. Census Library Project.
C 3.2:C 33/10
National censuses and vital statistics in Europe, 1918-1939; an annotated bibliography
Library of Congress. Census Library Project.
C 3.2:C 33/12/918-39
The papers of James Monroe
Monroe, James, 1758-1831.
E302 .M74 2003
We the American-- : Asians.
Paisano, Edna L.
C 3.2:AM 3/13
We the American-- : Pacific Islanders.
Paisano, Edna L.
C 3.2:AM 3/15
We the first Americans.
Palsano, Edna L.
C 3.2:AM 3/19
Injury and trauma in bioarchaeology : interpreting violence in past lives
Redfern, Rebecca, author.
CC79.5.H85 R425 2017
Freedom as marronage
Roberts, Neil, 1976- author.
F2191.B55 R62 2015
The murder of William of Norwich : the origins of the blood libel in medieval Europe
Rose, E. M., author.
DS145 .R67 2015
Archaeology's footprints in the modern world
Schiffer, Michael B., author.
CC165 .S324 2017
Accounts of China and India
Sīrāfī, Abū Zayd Ḥasan ibn Yazīd, active 10th century, author.
DS409 .S5713 2017
We the American-- : women.
Smith, Denise I.
C 3.2:AM 3/6/993
Exile, imprisonment, or death : the politics of disgrace in Bourbon France, 1610-1789
Swann, Julian, author.
DC110 .S936 2017
Children under institutional care and in foster homes, 1933 : dependent and neglected children under the care of public and private institutions or agencies, not including juvenile delinquents
United States. Bureau of the Census, author.
C 3.2:C 43/2/933
Children under institutional care, 1923 : statistics of dependent, neglected, and delinquent children in institutions and under the supervision of other agencies for the care of children, with a section on adults in certain types of institutions
United States. Bureau of the Census, author.
C 3.2:C 43/2/923
A student's workbook on the 1970 census.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 33/28/970/rev.
Creating a census for the 21st century : the plan for Census 2000.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 33/46
General statistics of cities: 1916, including statistics of parks, playgrounds, museums and art galleries, zoological collections, music and entertainments, swimming pools and bathing beaches, and other features of the recreation service.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 49/6
March 1989 CPS group training workbook.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 33/42/wkbk.
Some facts about census '70
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 33/26
The story of the census. 1790-1916.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 33/5
Twenty censuses : population and housing questions, 1790-1980.
United States. Bureau of the Census.
C 3.2:C 33/33
Cendata, the Census Bureau online : when how quickly you obtain information is as important as the information itself!
United States. Bureau of the Census. Data User Services Division.
C 3.2:C 33/44/994
The knight, the cross, and the song : Crusade propaganda and chivalric literature, 1100-1400
Vander Elst, Stefan Erik Kristiaan, 1976- author.
D156.58 .V36 2017
200 million Americans.
Wright, Clarence M.
C 3.2:Am 3/3
The 1970 census and you; a general introduction to census data: subjects, areas, reports, tapes, microfilm.
Young, Gary M.
C 3.2:C 33/27/975-2