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The New Materials list contains books and other physical materials added to the collection in the last 30 days. Titles are listed by subject area; the list is updated daily. Click on the title to view location, availability, and requesting information.

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The mathematics of various entertaining subjects : research in recreational math
QA95 .M3687 2016
Introduction to metadata
QA76.9.D3 I599 2016
The learning and teaching of algebra : ideas, insights. and activities
Arcavi, Abraham, author.
QA152.3 .A27 2017
Alice and Bob meet Banach : the interface of asymptotic geometric analysis and quantum information theory
Aubrun, Guillaume, 1981- author.
QA360 .A83 2017
Extending R
Chambers, John M., author.
QA276.45.R3 C436 2016
A brief history of numbers
Corry, Leo, 1956- author.
QA241 .C6945 2015
The book of R : a first course in programming and statistics
Davies, Tilman M., author.
QA76.73.R3 D38 2016
Introduction to number theory
Erickson, Martin J., 1963- author.
QA241 .E775 2016
Finite Simple Groups : Thirty Years of the Atlas and Beyond : international conference, Finite Simple Groups: Thirty Years of the Atlas and Beyond, Celebrating the Atlases and Honoring John Conway, November 2-5, 2015, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Finite Simple Groups: Thirty Years of the Atlas and Beyond Princeton University) (2015 :
QA174 .F565 2015
The topological imagination : spheres, edges, and islands
Fletcher, Angus, 1930- author.
QA611 .F495 2016
Fractal worlds : grown, built, and imagined
Frame, Michael, author.
QA614.86 .F795 2016
A study in derived algebraic geometry
Gaitsgory, D. author. (Dennis),
QA564 .G35 2017
The real analysis lifesaver : all the tools you need to understand proofs
Grinberg, Raffi, 1990-
QA299.8 .G75 2017
Geometry illuminated : an illustrated introduction to Euclidean and hyperbolic plane geometry
Harvey, Matthew, 1974- author.
QA455 .H328 2015
Gòˆdel's disjunction : the scope and limits of mathematical knowledge
Horsten, Leon, author.
QA8.4 .H67 2016
Does mathematical study develop logical thinking? : testing the theory of formal discipline
Inglis, Matthew.
QA8.7 .I54 2017
Understanding the digital world : what you need to know about computers, the Internet, privacy, and security
Kernighan, Brian W., author.
QA76 .K428 2017
Markov processes
Kirkwood, James R., author.
QA274.7 .K57 2015
Graphs, algorithms, and optimization
Kocay, William, author.
QA166.245 .K63 2017
Differential equations : theory, technique, and practice with boundary value problems
Krantz, Steven G. 1951- (Steven George),
QA371 .S465 2016
Geometry by construction : object creation and problem-solving in Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries
McDaniel, Michael, author.
QA445 .M34 2015
The call of the primes : surprising patterns, peculiar puzzles, and other marvels of mathematics
O'Shea, Owen, 1956-
QA95 .O27 2016
Numbers : their tales, types, and treasures
Posamentier, Alfred S., author.
QA141.15 .P67 2015
Game theory in action : an introduction to classical and evolutionary models
Schecter, Stephen (Professor of mathematics), author.
QA269 .S365 2016
The manga guide to regression analysis
Takahashi, Shin, author.
QA278.2 .T34713 2016
Programming language explorations
Toal, Ray, author.
QA76.7 .T62 2017
Making and breaking mathematical sense : histories and philosophies of mathematical practice
Wagner, Roi, 1973- author.
QA8.4 .W334 2017
From computing to computational thinking
Wang, Paul S., author.
QA76 .W2215 2016
Mathematical foundations of public key cryptography
Wang, Xiaoyun, 1966- author.
QA268 .W367 2016
A Matlab companion to complex variables
Wunsch, A. David.
QA331.7 .W865 2016
R for programmers : mastering the tools
Zhang, Dan, 1983- author.
QA276.45.R3 Z49 2016