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Death at the dunnu : investigating funerary variety at Middle Assyrian Tell Sabi Abyad, Syria
Akkermans, Keshia A. N., author.
DS99.S23 A44 2023
The hinterland of Hadrian's Wall and Derbyshire
Allason-Jones, Lindsay, author.
DA670.D43 A45 2022
(Not) all roads lead to Rome : interdisciplinary approaches to mobility in the ancient world
Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History University of Barcelona, Spain), (2022 : author.
DG77 .N68 2023
Principles of tsawalk : an indigenous approach to global crisis
Atleo, Eugene Richard, 1939-
E99.N85 A85 2012
American visions : the United States, 1800-1860
Ayers, Edward L., 1953- author.
E338 .A975 2023
Knossos, Mycenae, Troy : the enchanting Bronze Age and its tumultuous climax
Barca, Natale, author.
Archaeological mapping and planning
Barnard, H., author.
CC76.3 .B37 2023
Gallaecia gothica : from the conspiracy of Dux Argimundus (AD 589/590) to integration in the visgothic kingdom of Toledo
Barroso Cabrera, Rafael, author.
DP302.G17 B37 2023
Becoming Catawba : Catawba Indian women and nation-building, 1540-1840
Bauer, Brooke M., author.
E99.C24 B38 2023
Il mundus muliebris a Pompei : specchi e oggetti da toletta in contesti domestici
Berg, Ria, author.
DG70.P7 B377 2023
Dendara : les cent couronnes du pharaon
Cauville, Sylvie, author.
DT73.D4 C39 2022
Conquistadores : a new history of Spanish discovery and conquest
Cervantes, Fernando, author.
E123 .C47 2021
Chimalpahin's conquest : a Nahua historian's rewriting of Francisco López de Gómara's La conquista de México
Chimalpahin Cuauhtlehuanitzin, Domingo Francisco de San Antón Muñón, 1579-1660.
F1230.C385 C4713 2010
Imagining the Roman emperor : perceptions of rulers in the high empire
Christoforou, Panayiotis, 1987- author.
DG273 .C47 2023
Prisoners of time : Prussians, Germans and other humans
Clark, Christopher M., author.
D16.8 .C53 2022
Knowledge and memory : festschrift in honour of Ladislav Bareš
Coppens, Filip, editor.
DT73.A14 C67 2022
My bondage and my freedom
Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895.
E449 .D738 2014
Freedom roots : histories from the Caribbean
Dubois, Laurent, 1971- author.
F1621 .D83 2019
Mastering emotions : feelings, power, and slavery in the United States
Dwyer, Erin Austin, author.
E443 .D97 2021
La bataille de Paris : 17 octobre 1961
Einaudi, Jean-Luc, 1951-2014.
DC718.A4 E46 1991
The Porta Stabia neighborhood at Pompeii
Ellis, Steven J. R., author.
DG70.P7 E624 2023
African founders : how enslaved people expanded American ideals
Fischer, David Hackett, 1935- author.
E185 .F485 2022
Indigenous America in the Spanish language classroom
Fountain, Anne, 1946- author.
E65 .F68 2023
Tring 1900-1950
Fowler, Jill.
DA690.T83 F69 2003
The papers of Benjamin Franklin
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790, author.
E302 .F82 1959
Archaeology as history : telling stories from a fragmented past
Frieman, Catherine, 1982- author.
CC107 .F75 2023
Amara West : the pottery from cemeteries C and D
Gasperini, Valentina, author.
DT159.9.A43 G37 2023
An introduction to peatland archaeology and palaeoenvironments
Gearey, Benjamin R., author.
CC77.W48 G43 2023
Frankish Jerusalem : the transformation of a medieval city in the Latin East
Gutgarts, Anna, 1983- author.
D182 .G88 2024
The second cataract fortress of Dorginarti
Heidorn, Lisa A. 1956- author. (Lisa Ann),
DT159.9.D6 H453 2023
Aelia Capitolina in context : Roman policy in Judaea in the time of Hadrian
Hofman, Miriam Ben Zeev, author
DS109.913 .H64 2023
Feeding ghosts : a graphic memoir
Hulls, Tessa, 1984- author, illustrator.
E184.C5 H8596 2024
Inventing the modern region : Basque identity and the French nation-state
Ilacqua, Talitha, author.
DP302.B55 I53 2024
Cultural heritage : at the intersection of the humanities and the sciences : proceedings of the International Humboldt-Kolleg (Jordan, 16-18 April 2019)
International Humboldt Kolleg Jordan), (2019 : author.
CC135 .I58 2019
The papers of Thomas Jefferson.
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826, author.
E302 .J442 2004b
Encyclopédie noire : the making of Moreau de Saint-Méry's intellectual world
Johnson, Sara E. author. (Sara Elizabeth),
F1923 .J64 2023
Palestine 1936 : the great revolt and the roots of the Middle East conflict
Kessler, Oren, author.
DS126 .K464 2023
Braiding sweetgrass
Kimmerer, Robin Wall, author.
E98.P5 K56 2013
State and local society in third century south China : administrative documents excavated at Zoumalou, Hunan
Lander, Brian, author.
DS797.52.C434 L358 2024
The cutting-off way : Indigenous warfare in eastern North America, 1500-1800
Lee, Wayne E., 1965- author.
E81 .L39 2023
The Christianization of knowledge in late antiquity : intellectual and material transformations
Letteney, Mark, author.
DG78 .L46 2023
The American liberty pole : popular politics and the struggle for democracy in the early Republic
Lurie, Shira, 1990- author.
E302.1 .L87 2023
The necessity of exile : essays from a distance
Magid, Shaul, 1958- author.
DS143 .M34 2023
Between Sahara and sea : Africa in the Roman Empire
Mattingly, D. J., author.
DG59.A4 M38 2023
Alexios I Komnenos in the Balkans, 1081-1095
Meško, Marek, author.
DF605 .M47 2023
Long-distance exchange and inter-regional economies
Murray, Sarah author. (Sarah C.),
DF895 .M87 2023
Art as ritual engagement in the funerary programme of Watetkhethor at Saqqara, c. 2345 BC
O'Neill, Barbara (Egyptologist), author.
DT73.S3 O54 2023
A history of modern Palestine
Pappé, Ilan, author.
DS125 .P298 2022
The history and pottery of a middle Islamic settlement in the Northwest Quarter of Jerash : final publications from the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project V
Peterson, Alex, author.
DS154.9.G47 P48 2023
Petrie, W. M. Flinders 1853-1942, author. (William Matthew Flinders),
DT62.A5 P47 2023
Buttons and design scarabs
Petrie, W. M. Flinders 1853-1942, author. (William Matthew Flinders),
DT62.S3 P47 2023
Egypt in the first intermediate period : the history and chronology of its false doors and stelae
Pitkin, Melanie, author.
DT62.S8 P58 2023
When Montezuma met Cortés : the true story of the meeting that changed history
Restall, Matthew, 1964- author.
F1230 .R473 2018
The darkened light of faith : race, democracy, and freedom in African American political thought
Rogers, Melvin L., author.
E185.96 .R58 2023
A new antiquity : art and humanity as universal, 1400-1600
Russo, Alessandra, 1972- author.
E59.A7 R87 2024
The shortest history of Israel and Palestine : from Zionism to Intifadas and the struggle for peace
Scott-Baumann, Michael, author.
DS119.7 .S3799 2023
The geography of hate : the great migration through small-town America
Sdunzik, Jennifer, 1986- author.
F535.A1 S48 2023
Endless holocausts : mass death in the history of the United States empire
Smith, David Michael (Professor of government), author.
E713 .S65 2023
A Rome of one's own : the forgotten women of the Roman Empire
Southon, Emma, author.
DG211 .S68 2023
A short history of the Byzantine Empire
Stathakopoulos, Dionysios Ch., 1971- author.
DF552 .S73 2023
War on record : the archive and the afterlife of the Civil War
Sternhell, Yael A., author.
CD935 .S74 2023
The capital of free women : race, legitimacy, and liberty in colonial Mexico
Terrazas Williams, Danielle, author.
F1392.B55 T47 2022
Apalachicola Valley archaeology
White, Nancy Marie, author.
E78.F6 W47 2024
California exposures : envisioning myth and history
White, Richard, 1947- author.
F861 .W63 2020
"Bytʹ tebe v katalozhke..." : sbornik v chestʹ 80-letii︠a︡ Gabriėli︠a︡ Superfina
DK275.S87 B98 2023
Decolonizing the study of Palestine : indigenous perspectives and settler colonialism after Elia Zureik
DS119.7 .D43 2023
Natural things in early modern worlds
CB460 .N383 2023
A culture of Civil War? : Bellum civile and political communication in Late Republican Rome
DG268 .B67 2023
Adoption, adaption, and innovation in pre-Roman Italy : paradigms for cultural change
DG77 .A46 2023
Amphorae in the Phoenician-Punic world : the state of the art
DT269.C35 A47 2022
Approaches to global history : to see the world whole
D13 .A6815 2023
Archaeological landscapes of Late Antique and Early Medieval Tuscia : research and field papers
DG55.E87 A73 2023
Caesar, Rome, and beyond : new research and recent discoveries
DG81 .C34 2023
China's hidden century : 1796-1912
DS754.14 .C497 2023
Cicero's consulship campaign : a selection of sources relating to Cicero's election as Consul for 63 BC including 'a short guide to electioneering'
DG254.2 .C534 2023
Egypt and the levant : international journal for Egyptian archaeology and related disciplines
DT61 .E39 2022
Excavations at Tel Kabri III : the 2013 to 2019 seasons
DS110.K2 E933 2023
Inclusion, transformation, and humility in North American archaeology : essays and other "great stuff" inspired by Kent G. Lightfoot
CC115.L55 I64 2024
Late Republican Rome, 88-31 BC
DG254 .L38 2023
Major archaeological discoveries along the Chinese Silk Road
DS33.1 .M35 2023
National-socialist archaeology in Europe and its legacies
CC101.E85 N37 2023
Racism, colonialism, and indigeneity in Canada : a reader
E78.C2 R25 2024
Ripple in still water when there is no pebble tossed : festschrift in honour of Cary J. Martin
DT61 .R5285 2022
Ritual and economy in East Asia: archaeological perspectives : festschrift in honor of Lothar von Falkenhausen's 60th birthday
DS715 .R58 2023
Synchronizing the destructions of the Mycenaean palaces
DF220.5 .S96 2022
The Persian world and beyond : Achaemenid and Arsacid studies in honour of Bruno Jacobs
DS281 .P4685 2023
The encyclopaedia of Islam three
DS37 .E523
Tracing technology : forty years of archaeological research at Satricum
DG70.S28 T73 2021
Understanding integration in the Roman world
DG78 .U535 2023