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Native Mesoamerican spirituality : ancient myths, discourses, stories, doctrines, hymns, poems from the Aztec, Yucatec, Quiche-Maya and other sacred traditions
F1219.3.R38 N37
A global history of gold rushes
F865 .G59 2018
Africa South of the Sahara.
DT351 .A37
American housing survey for the ... Metropolitan Area in ...
C 3.215:H-170/
Dizionario biografico degli Italiani
CT1123 .D5
Frühmittelalterliche Studien.
D121 .F88
Imperial gazetteer of India.
DS405 .I47 1908
Selections from Mohammad Ali's Comrade.
DS481.A5 C6 1965
South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.
F1401 .S68
The Indian year book.
DS405 .I533
The encyclopaedia of Islam three
DS37 .E523
The materiality of text : placement, perception, and presence of inscribed texts in classical antiquity
CN350 .M34 2019
The report and the conference : retrospect and prospect : being a detailed study of the two volumes of the Simon Report and an examination of the Indian problem as it presents itself to-day
DS448 .B364 1931
Yellow perils : China narratives in the contemporary world
DS740.4 .Y447 2018
Life of Lord Lloyd
Adam, Colin Forbes, 1889-1982.
DA566.9.L48 A5 1948
The memoirs of Aga Khan : world enough and time
Aga Khan III, 1877-1957.
DS481.S8 A3 1954
Justice Shah Din, his life and writings.
Ahmad, Bashir, 1893-
DS479.1.S45 A35 1962
Friends not masters, a political autobiography.
Ayub Khan, Mohammad, 1907-1974.
DS385.A9 A3 1967
The wonder that was India : a survey of the culture of the Indian sub-continent before the coming of the Muslims
Basham, A. L. (Arthur Llewellyn)
DS425 .B33 1954
Remaking the modern world 1900-2015 : global connections and comparisons
Bayly, C. A. author. (Christopher Alan),
D421 .B39 2018
None like us : Blackness, belonging, aesthetic life
Best, Stephen Michael, author.
CB235 .B47 2018
The United States and India and Pakistan
Brown, W. Norman 1892-1975. (William Norman),
DS480. 84 .B73 1955
Red states : indigeneity, settler colonialism, and southern studies
Caison, Gina, 1980- author.
E78.S65 C35 2018
The other one percent : Indians in America
Chakravorty, Sanjoy, author.
E184.E2 C426 2017
Samuel de Champlain : Founder of New France : A Brief History with Documents
Champlain, Samuel de, 1574-1635.
F1030.1 .C4352 2012
Ireland : a short history
Coohill, Joseph, author.
DA910 .C84 2014
My life of strife.
Croft, Henry Page, 1881-1947.
DA566.9.C76 A3 1948
Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das.
Das Gupta, Hemendra Nath.
DS481.D32 D3 1960
The diary of Mahadev Desai.
Desai, Mahadev H. 1892-1942. (Mahadev Haribhai),
DS481.G3 D43 1953
The souls of Black folk
Du Bois, W. E. B. 1868-1963. (William Edward Burghardt),
E185.6 .D797 1997
The life of Mahatma Gandhi.
Fischer, Louis, 1896-1970.
DS481.G3 F44 1951
The Hill of Devi
Forster, E. M. 1879-1970. (Edward Morgan),
DS485.D35 F6 1965
The modern Middle East : a history
Gelvin, James L., 1951-
DS62.4 .G37 2016
Speeches and writings of Gopal Krishna Gokhale.
Gokhale, Gopal Krishna, 1866-1915.
DS479.1.G6 A5 1966
African dominion : a new history of empire in early and medieval West Africa
Gomez, Michael A., 1955- author.
DT476 .G66 2018
21 lessons for the 21st century
Harari, Yuval N., author.
CB428 .H36848 2018
My Indian years, 1910-1916; the reminiscences of Lord Hardinge of Penshurst.
Hardinge of Penshurst, Charles Hardinge, Baron, 1858-1944.
DS480.3 .H345 1948
The annals of rural Bengal : [v.1]
Hunter, William Wilson, 1840-1900.
DS485.B41 H9 1868
Indian Round Table Conference, 12th November, 1930-19th January, 1931. (Sub-committees' reports; conference resolution; and Prime Minister's statement)
Indian Round Table Conference London, England) (1930-1931 :
DS448 .I65 1931a
Indian Round Table Conference (second session) 7th September, 1931-1st December, 1931. Proceedings of Federal Structure Committee and Minorities Committee.
Indian Round Table Conference London, England) (1931 Sept. 1 :
DS448 .I65 1931f
Barbarians in the Greek and Roman world
Jensen, Erik (Professor of history), author.
DF78 .J45 2018
Bal Gangadhar Tilak : a study
Karmarkar, Dattatraya Parashuram, 1902-
DS479.1.T54 K34 1956
Life and times of Lokamanya Tilak
Keḷakara, Narasĩha Cintāmaṇa, 1872-1947.
DS479.1.T54 K4 1928
These truths : a history of the United States
Lepore, Jill, 1966- author.
E178 .L57 2018
Written in stone : public monuments in changing societies
Levinson, Sanford, 1941- author.
E159 .L485 2018
The Fabric of Indigeneity : Ainu Identity, Gender, and Settler Colonialism in Japan
Lewallen, ann-elise, author.
DS832 .L49 2016
The rise and expansion of the British dominion in India
Lyall, Alfred C., Sir, 1835-1911.
DS463 .L83 1910
The Indian states and princes
MacMunn, George Fletcher, Sir, 1869-1952.
DS445 .M25 1936
Notes on Indian history (664-1858)
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883.
DS437 .M253 1947
Mother India.
Mayo, Katherine, 1868?-1940.
DS421 .M4 1927
We are our language : an ethnography of language revitalization in a Northern Athabaskan community
Meek, Barbra A., 1967-
E99.K26 M44 2010
Sir Pherozeshah Mehta, political biography,
Mody, H. P. 1881- (Hormasji Peroshaw),
DS479.1.M43 M6 1963
Liberalism and Indian politics: 1872-1922,
Moore, R. J. 1934- (Robin James),
DS446.3 .M6 1966
Sovereignty's entailments : first nation state formation in the Yukon
Nadasdy, Paul, author.
E78.Y8 N33 2017
The make-believe space : affective geography in a postwar polity
Navaro-Yashin, Yael, 1969-
DS54.9 .N38 2012
Recent essays and writings : on the future of Indian communalism, labour and other subjects
Nehru, Jawaharlal, 1889-1964.
DS481.N35 A54 1937
Sundiata : an epic of old Mali
Niane, Djibril Tamsir.
DT532.2 .N513 2006
India as I knew it, 1885-1925
O'Dwyer, Michael, Sir, 1864-1940.
DS479 .O4 1925
Black on the block : the politics of race and class in the city
Pattillo, Mary E.
F548.68.N65 P37 2008
Sea of the caliphs : the Mediterranean in the medieval Islamic world
Picard, Christophe, author.
DS37.8 .P52813 2018
Peace and authority during the French religious wars, c.1560-1600
Roberts, Penny.
DC111.3 .R63 2013
Laughing at Leviathan : sovereignty and audience in West Papua
Rutherford, Danilyn.
DU744.5 .R88 2012
Crude chronicles : indigenous politics, multinational oil, and neoliberalism in Ecuador
Sawyer, Suzana, 1961-
F3721.3.E25 S29 2004
Desi land : teen culture, class, and success in Silicon Valley
Shankar, Shalini, 1972- author.
E184.S69 S55 2008
Kill Caesar! : assassination in the early Roman Empire
Sheldon, Rose Mary, 1948- author.
DG254.2 .S54 2018
Life of Lord Lawrence,
Smith, R. Bosworth 1839-1908. (Reginald Bosworth),
DS479.2 .S65 1883
Modern Islām in India, a social analysis,
Smith, Wilfred Cantwell, 1916-2000.
DS427 .S55 1963
Embodied reckonings : "comfort women," performance, and transpacific redress
Son, Elizabeth W., author.
D810.C698 S656 2018
Letters of the Right Honourable V.S. Srinivasa Sastri
Srinivasa Sastri, V. S. 1869-1946, author. (Valangaiman Sankaranarayana),
DS481.S35 A4 1963b
Nine troubled years.
Templewood, Samuel John Gurney Hoare, Viscount, 1880-1959.
DA566.9 .T4 1954
Experiment with freedom: India and Pakistan, 1947.
Tinker, Hugh.
DS480.83 .T5 1967
Shells from the sands of Bombay; being my recollections and reminiscences, 1860-1875.
Wacha, Dinshaw Edulji, Sir, 1844-1936.
DS486.B7 W3 1920
The Hindu jajmani system, a socio-economic system interrelating members of a Hindu village community in services,
Wiser, William Henricks, 1890-1961.
DS421 .W81 1958
Morley and India, 1906-1910
Wolpert, Stanley A., 1927-
DS480.2 .W6 1967
The revolt in Hindustan 1857-59,
Wood, Evelyn Sir, 1838-1919.
DS478 .W8 1908
Wessex in the early Middle Ages
Yorke, Barbara, 1951-
DA152 .Y673 1995
The story of the Guides
Younghusband, G. J. 1859-1944, author. (George John),
DS442.5 .Y8 1909
India; a bird's-eye view,
Zetland, Lawrence John Lumley Dundas, Marquis of, 1876-1961.
DS407 .Z4 1924