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The New Materials list contains books and other physical materials added to the collection in the last 30 days. Titles are listed by subject area; the list is updated daily. Click on the title to view location, availability, and requesting information.

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Whose Middle Ages? : teachable moments for an ill-used past
CB351 .W47 2019
Antisemitismus im 21. Jahrhundert : Virulenz einer alten Feindschaft in Zeiten von Islamismus und Terror
DS145 .A58 2018
Bolshevik culture : experiment and order in the Russian Revolution
DK266.4 .B65 1989
Europe in the Caucasus, Caucasus in Europe : perspectives on the construction of a region
D1065.C28 E87 2019
Kerameikos : Ergebnisse der Ausgrabungen.
DF287.C4 K4
Russian history through the senses : from 1700 to the present
DK43 .R843 2016
The Jewish people : an illustrated history
DS116 .J35 2006
The ancient war's impact on the home front
DG211 .A53 2019
Virginia 1619 : slavery and freedom in the making of English America
F229 .V835 2019
Race, nation, and citizenship in post-colonial Africa : the case of Tanzania
Aminzade, Ronald, 1949- author.
DT448.2 .A45 2013
Troy on display : scepticism and wonder at Schliemann's first exhibition
Baker, Abigail, 1983- author.
DF221.T8 B35 2019
Forty years a pioneer : business life of Dorsey Syng Baker,1848-1888
Baker, W. W.
CT275.B311 B3 1934
Born after : reckoning with the German past
Bammer, Angelika, author.
E185.63 .B35 2010
Religion and the racist right : the origins of the Christian Identity movement
Barkun, Michael.
E184.A1 B245 1997
Stolen : five free boys kidnapped into slavery and their astonishing odyssey home
Bell, Richard, 1978- author.
E444 .B38 2019
Community newspapers and the Japanese-American incarceration camps : community, not controversy
Bishop, Ronald, 1961- author.
D769.8.A6 B57 2015
Zen in Japanese culture
Blair, Gavin J., author.
DS821 .B57813 2019
"There is a North" : fugitive slaves, political crisis, and cultural transformation in the coming of the Civil War
Brooke, John L., author.
E449 .B869 2019
The transit of empire : indigenous critiques of colonialism
Byrd, Jodi A., author.
E91 .B97 2011
Germany since 1945 : politics, culture, and society
Caldwell, Peter C., author.
DD257 .C35 2018
Life in oil : Cofán survival in the petroleum fields of Amazonia
Cepek, Michael, author.
F3722.1.C67 C438 2018
The practice of everyday life,
Certeau, Michel de.
DC33.7 .G4413 1998
Africa since 1940 : the past of the present
Cooper, Frederick, 1947- author.
DT30 .C595 2019
Red skin, white masks : rejecting the colonial politics of recognition
Coulthard, Glen Sean, 1974- author.
E92 .C68 2014
These people have always been a republic : indigenous electorates in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, 1598-1912
Crandall, Maurice, author.
E91 .C73 2019
Black shame : African soldiers in Europe, 1914-1922
Galen Last, D. van, author.
D639.N4 G3513 2015
Treasured possessions : indigenous interventions into cultural and intellectual property
Geismar, Haidy.
DU760 .G455 2013
In an antique land
Ghosh, Amitav, 1956-
DT56.2 .G48 1994
Black autonomy : race, gender, and Afro-Nicaraguan activism
Goett, Jennifer, author.
F1536.M66 G64 2017
History and collective memory in South Asia, 1200-2000
Guha, Sumit, author.
DS340 .G84 2019
The Goths
Gwynn, David M. 1975- author. (David Morton),
D137 .G896 2017
The politics of fashion in eighteenth-century America
Haulman, Kate.
E163 .H38 2011
Lakota America : a new history of indigenous power
Hämäläinen, Pekka, 1967- author.
E99.T34 H35 2019
The conquest of ruins : the Third Reich and the fall of Rome
Hell, Julia, author.
DD256.6 .H45 2019
No useless mouth : waging war and fighting hunger in the American Revolution
Herrmann, Rachel B., author.
E269.I5 H47 2019
Opening the gates to Asia : a transpacific history of how America repealed Asian exclusion
Hong, Jane H., author.
E184.A75 H66 2019
Managing multiculturalism : indigeneity and the struggle for rights in Colombia
Jackson, Jean E. 1943- author. (Jean Elizabeth),
F2270.1.P63 J33 2019
Broken lives : how ordinary Germans experienced the twentieth century
Jarausch, Konrad Hugo, author.
DD232 .J37 2018
Samurai to soldier : remaking military service in nineteenth-century Japan
Jaundrill, D. Colin, 1980- author.
DS838.5 .J38 2016
Class and power in Roman Palestine : the socioeconomic setting of Judaism and Christian origins
Keddie, Anthony, author.
DS112 .K43 2019
The global age : Europe, 1950-2017
Kershaw, Ian, author.
D1051 .K47 2018
Revolution at the gates : a selection of writings from February to October 1917
Lenin, Vladimir Ilʹich, 1870-1924.
DK254.L3 A25 2011
Notes on the Puerto Rican revolution : an essay on American dominance and Caribbean resistance
Lewis, Gordon K., author.
F1976 .L48 1975
Children of uncertain fortune : mixed-race Jamaicans in Britain and the Atlantic family, 1733-1833
Livesay, Daniel, author.
DA125.A1 L57 2018
To begin the world over again : how the American Revolution devastated the globe
Lockwood, Matthew H., author.
E209 .L63 2019
Global development : a Cold War history
Lorenzini, Sara, author.
D843 .L67 2019
Seven interpretive essays on Peruvian reality
Mariátegui, José Carlos, 1894-1930, author.
F3408 .M3313 1971
Postwar : waging peace in Chicago
McEnaney, Laura, 1960- author.
F548.5 .M37 2018
Bad Indians : a tribal memoir
Miranda, Deborah A.
E78.C15 M6 2013
The final act : the Helsinki Accords and the transformation of the Cold War
Morgan, Michael Cotey, author.
D849 .M695 2018
Black land : imperial Ethiopianism and African America
Nurhussein, Nadia, 1974- author.
E184.E74 N87 2019
The quaestorship in the Roman Republic
Pina Polo, Francisco, author.
DG83.5.Q2 P56 2019
Standard-bearers of equality : America's first abolition movement
Polgar, Paul J., author.
E446 .P65 2019
The indigenous state : race, politics, and performance in plurinational Bolivia
Postero, Nancy Grey, author.
F3327 .P674 2017
Native but foreign : indigenous immigrants and refugees in the North American borderlands
Rensink, Brenden W., author.
E91 .R46 2018
The pasts of Roman Anatolia : interpreters, traces, horizons
Rojas, Felipe (Assistant professor of archeology and ancient Western Asian studies), author.
DR431 .R65 2019
Liberalism in empire : an alternative history
Sartori, Andrew, 1969- author.
DA16 .S27 2014
Postcolonial France : race, Islam, and the future of the republic
Silverstein, Paul A., 1970- author.
DC426 .S55 2018
Race in translation : culture wars around the postcolonial Atlantic
Stam, Robert, 1941-
CB195 .S73 2012
Frontiers of science : imperialism and natural knowledge in the Gulf South borderlands, 1500-1850
Strang, Cameron B., author.
F296 .S77 2018
Thomas Jefferson's education
Taylor, Alan, 1955- author.
E332.2 .T39 2019
Les grecs face aux catastrophes naturelles : savoirs, histoire, mémoire
Thély, Ludovic, 1983- author.
DF78 .T45 2016
Passing illusions : Jewish visibility in Weimar Germany
Wallach, Kerry, author.
DS134.25 .W35 2017
Green wars : conservation and decolonization in the Maya Forest
Ybarra, Megan, author.
F1465.2.K5 Y33 2018
The revolution within : state institutions and unarmed resistance in Palestine
Zeira, Yael, author.
DS119.7 .Z447 2019
Juden und Nichtjuden nach der Shoah : Begegnungen in Deutschland
Zerstörung und Annäherung: Jüdische-Nichtjüdische Begegnungen nach der Shoah (Conference) Berlin, Germany), (2015 : author.
DS134.26 .T345 2015