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The New Materials list contains books and other physical materials added to the collection in the last 30 days. Titles are listed by subject area; the list is updated daily. Click on the title to view location, availability, and requesting information.

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A material world : culture, society, and the life of things in early Anglo-America
E162 .M33 2019
A river runs through it : studies in honour of Professor Fekri A. Hassan on the occasion of his 75th birthday
DT83 .R58 2018
Arkhiv evreĭskoĭ istorii
DS135.R9 A68 2004
CC79.E85 B56 2019
British Envoys to the Kaiserreich, 1871-1897
DA20.R7 ser.5 v.56
Cartographies of Madrid : contesting urban space at the crossroads of the Global South and Global North
DP357 .C287 2019
Confederate statues and memorialization
E645 .C697 2019
Current construction reports.
C 3.215/9:C 25-
Current housing reports.
C 3.215:H-170-
Debating new approaches to history
D13 .D389 2019
Documents of Native American political development : 1933 to present
E98.T77 D64 2019
Housing profile : Anaheim-Santa Ana, California.
C 3.215/20:90-5
Housing profile : Atlanta, Georgia.
C 3.215/20:91-1
Housing profile : Baltimore, Maryland.
C 3.215/20:91-2
Housing profile : Birmingham, Alabama.
C 3.215/20:88-1
Housing profile : Birmingham, Alabama.
C 3.215/20:92-3
Housing profile : Boston, Massachusetts-New Hampshire.
C 3.215/20:93-4
Housing profile : Buffalo, New York.
C 3.215/20:88-2
Housing profile : Chicago, Illinois.
C 3.215/20:91-3
Housing profile : Cleveland, Ohio.
C 3.215/20:88-3
Housing profile : Cleveland, Ohio.
C 3.215/20:92-5
Housing profile : Columbus, Ohio.
C 3.215/20:91-4
Housing profile : Dallas, Texas.
C 3.215/20:94-8
Housing profile : Denver, Colorado.
C 3.215/20:90-4
Housing profile : Detroit, Michigan.
C 3.215/20:89-6
Housing profile : Detroit, Michigan.
C 3.215/20:93-6
Housing profile : Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas.
C 3.215/20:94-1
Housing profile : Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas.
C 3.215/20:89-8
Housing profile : Hartford, Connecticut.
C 3.215/20:91-5
Housing profile : Houston, Texas.
C 3.215/20:91-6
Housing profile : Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas.
C 3.215/20:90-7
Housing profile : Los Angeles-Long Beach, California.
C 3.215/20:89-11
Housing profile : Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
C 3.215/20:90-3
Housing profile : Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
C 3.215/20:94-7
Housing profile : Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN-WI.
C 3.215/20:93-3
Housing profile : Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota-Wisconsin.
C 3.215/20:89-9
Housing profile : New Orleans, Louisiana.
C 3.215/20:90-8
Housing profile : New York-Nassau-Suffolk, NY.
C 3.215/20:91-7
Housing profile : Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Newport News, Virginia.
C 3.215/20:92-1
Housing profile : Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
C 3.215/20:88-8
Housing profile : Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
C 3.215/20:92-8
Housing profile : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - New Jersey.
C 3.215/20:89-3
Housing profile : Phoenix, Arizona.
C 3.215/20:94-5
Housing profile : Phoenix, Arizona.
C 3.215/20:89-2
Housing profile : Portland, Oregon-Washington.
C 3.215/20:90-2
Housing profile : Providence-Pawtucket-Warwick, Rhode Island-Massachusetts.
C 3.215/20:88-9
Housing profile : Providence-Pawtucket-Warwick, Rhode Island-Massachusetts.
C 3.215/20:92-6
Housing profile : Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, California.
C 3.215/20:94-2
Housing profile : Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, California.
C 3.215/20:90-11
Housing profile : Rochester, New York.
C 3.215/20:90-10
Housing profile : Salt Lake City, Utah.
C 3.215/20:88-10
Housing profile : Salt Lake City, Utah.
C 3.215/20:92-7
Housing profile : San Antonio, Texas.
C 3.215/20:90-9
Housing profile : San Diego, California.
C 3.215/20:94-6
Housing profile : San Diego, California.
C 3.215/20:91-10
Housing profile : San Francisco-Oakland, California.
C 3.215/20:89-4
Housing profile : San Francisco-Oakland, California.
C 3.215/20:93-2
Housing profile : San Jose, California.
C 3.215/20:93-5
Housing profile : Seattle-Tacoma, Washington.
C 3.215/20:91-9
Housing profile : St. Louis, Missouri-Illinois.
C 3.215/20:91-11
Housing profile : Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida.
C 3.215/20:93-7
Housing profile : Washington, District of Columbia-Maryland-Virginia.
C 3.215/20:89-1
Housing profile : Washington, District of Columbia-Maryland-Virginia.
C 3.215/20:93-1
Housing profile : northern New Jersey.
C 3.215/20:91-8
Mediaeval studies.
D111 .M44
Rethinking the age of revolutions : France and the birth of the modern world
DC155 .R47 2018
Routledge handbook of global heritage conservation
CC135 .R695 2019
Notes of a native son
Baldwin, James, 1924-1987, author.
E185.61 .B2 2012
Maya narrative arts
Bassie-Sweet, Karen, 1952- author.
F1435 .B37 2018
The Cycladic and Aegean Islands in prehistory
Berg, Ina, author.
DF221.C93 C935 2019
Making refuge : Somali Bantu refugees and Lewiston, Maine
Besteman, Catherine Lowe, author.
E184.S67 B47 2016
Warriors of Anatolia : a concise history of the Hittites
Bryce, Trevor, 1940- author.
DS66 .B758 2019
The lion and the eagle : the interaction of the British and American empires 1783-1972
Burk, Kathleen, author.
E183.8.G7 B86 2018
The archaeology of coastal Bengal
Chattopadhyay, Rupendra Kumar, author.
DS485.B43 C43 2018
Rome : Republic into Empire : the civil wars of the first centry BCE
Chrystal, Paul, author.
DG256 .P38 2019
Fifty early medieval things : materials of culture in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages
Deliyannis, Deborah Mauskopf, 1966- author.
CB351 .D43 2019
Nero : emperor and court
Drinkwater, J. F., author.
DG285 .D75 2019
Our history is the future : Standing Rock versus the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the long tradition of Indigenous resistance
Estes, Nick, author.
E99.D1 E87 2019
Selected essays by Fukuzawa Yukichi : on government
Fukuzawa, Yukichi, 1835-1901, author.
DS841 .F8513 2019
Stony the road : Reconstruction, white supremacy, and the rise of Jim Crow
Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., author.
E185.61 .G253 2019
América : the epic story of Spanish North America, 1493-1898
Goodwin, Robert, 1969- author.
E188 .G63 2019
Antipater's dynasty : Alexander the Great's regent and his successors
Grainger, John D., 1939- author.
DF235.4 .G73 2019
The end of the myth : from the frontier to the border wall in the mind of America
Grandin, Greg, 1962- author.
E179.5 .G76 2019
A history of Greece to 322 B.C.
Hammond, N. G. L. 1907-2001. (Nicholas Geoffrey Lemprière),
DF214 .H28 1986
American abolitionism : its direct political impact from colonial times into reconstruction
Harrold, Stanley, author.
E441 .H36 2019
Wayward lives, beautiful experiments : intimate histories of social upheaval
Hartman, Saidiya V., author.
E185.86 .H379 2019
Understanding history in Asia : what diplomatic documents reveal
Hattori, Ryūji, 1968- author.
DS885.48 .H3713 2019
Force and freedom : black abolitionists and the politics of violence
Jackson, Kellie Carter, author.
E441 .J33 2019
The Roman military base at Dura-Europos, Syria : an archaeological visualisation
James, Simon, 1957- author.
DS99.D8 J35 2019
Rebellious passage : the Creole revolt and America's coastal slave trade
Kerr-Ritchie, Jeffrey R., author.
E447 .K47 2019
Pocahontas and the English boys : caught between cultures in early Virginia
Kupperman, Karen Ordahl, 1939- author.
F229 .K88 2019
State formation in early modern Alsace, 1648-1789
Lazer, Stephen A., 1983- author.
DC650.3 .L39 2019
House of Secrets : the many lives of a Florentine palazzo
Levy, Allison M. 1968- author. (Allison Mary),
DG759.3.P3375 L48 2019
The lions' den : Zionism and the left from Hannah Arendt to Noam Chomsky
Linfield, Susie, author.
DS149 .L557 2019
The papers of James Madison.
Madison, James, 1751-1836, author.
E302 .M19 1984
Paris on the brink : the 1930s Paris of Jean Renoir, Salvador Dalí, Simone de Beauvoir, André Gide, Sylvia Beach, Léon Blum, and their friends
McAuliffe, Mary Sperling, 1943- author.
DC715 .M384 2018
History on the margins : people and places in the emergence of modern France
Merriman, John M., author.
DC251 .M472 2018
Remnants of America's southeast aboriginals : paleo to Mississippian
Miller, Maury E. author
E78.S65 M55 2018
Making China modern : from the Great Qing to Xi Jinping
Mühlhahn, Klaus, author.
DS754 .M84 2019
Soldier, priest, and god : a life of Alexander the Great
Naiden, F. S., author.
DF234.2 .N35 2019
Pioneer mother monuments : constructing cultural memory
Prescott, Cynthia Culver, 1975- author.
E21 .P74 2019
Illusions of emancipation : the pursuit of freedom and equality in the twilight of slavery
Reidy, Joseph P. 1948- author. (Joseph Patrick),
E441 .R35 2019
Anthropomorphizing the cosmos : Middle Preclassic lowland Maya figurines, ritual, and time
Rice, Prudence M., author.
F1435.3.S34 R54 2019
Ceramics and society : a technological approach to archaeological assemblages
Roux, Valentine, author.
CC79.5.P6 R6813 2019
Current housing reports.
Savage, Howard Allan.
C 3.215:H 121/97-1
Relation of Virginia : a boy's memoir of life with the Powhatans and Patawomecks
Spelman, Henry, 1595-1623, author.
F229 .S77 2019
Scattered finds : archaeology, egyptology and museums
Stevenson, Alice, author.
DT58.9 .S74 2019
The cultural lives of domestic objects in late antiquity
Stoner, Jo, author.
DE59 .S76 2019
German soldiers and the occupation of France, 1940-1944
Torrie, Julia S. 1973- author. (Julia Suzanne),
DC397 .T67 2018
Armies of deliverance : a new history of the Civil War
Varon, Elizabeth R., 1963- author.
E468 .V37 2019
Polibio : la solitudine dello storico
Zecchini, Giuseppe, 1952- author.
D58.P8 Z432 2018