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The New Materials list contains books and other physical materials added to the collection in the last 30 days. Titles are listed by subject area; the list is updated daily. Click on the title to view location, availability, and requesting information.

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Language, Literature, and Linguistics

A Dostoevskii companion : texts and contexts
PG3328 .D6394 2018
A reader's guide to Andrei Bely's Petersburg
PG3453.B84 P538 2019
Classical literary criticism
PN1040 .D6 2000
Early modern women poets, (1520-1700) : an anthology
PR1177 .E26 2001
Ėtimologicheskiĭ slovarʹ slavi︠a︡nskikh i︠a︡zykov : praslavi︠a︡nskiĭ leksicheskiĭ fond
PG305 .E77
German trash : Trashstories, Literatur aus Abfall, aus Fundstücken Junk-Lit., welche die Welt als gegebene hinnimmt und sie nicht in Kunsthaftigkeit zu simulieren versucht
PT1318 .G47 1996
Hysterical! : women in American comedy
PN1590.W64 H97 2017
Imagined theatres : writing for a theoretical stage
PN2193.E86 I43 2017
Neo-passing : performing identity after Jim Crow
PS169.P35 N46 2018
New places : Shakespeare and civic creativity
PR2976 .N48 2018
Reframing Russian modernism
PG3020.5.M6 R44 2018
Russian performances : word, object, action
PN2721 .R77 2018
Russian science fiction literature and cinema : a critical reader
PG3098.S5 R83 2018
Solzhenit︠s︡ynskie tetradi : materialy i issledovanii︠a︡.
PG3488.O4 Z4587
Staying open : Charles Olson's sources and influences
PS3529.L655 Z883 2019
Tolstoy and his problems : views from the twenty-first century
PG3415.S6 T65 2019
Tolstoy and spirituality
PG3415.S65 T65 2018
Vasily Grossman : a writer's freedom
PG3476.G7 Z36 2018
Voices of Jewish-Russian literature : an anthology
PG3213 .V65 2018
In search of the free individual : the history of the Russian-Soviet soul
Aleksievich, Svetlana, 1948- author.
PN5276.A636 I57 2018
Site reading : fiction, art, social form
Alworth, David J., author.
PS169.S45 A49 2016
The Dakota Winters : a novel
Barbash, Tom, author.
PS3602.A757 D35 2018
The red hour
Behn, Robin, author.
PS3552.E412 R4 1993
Paper bird
Behn, Robin.
PS3552.E412 P37 1988
With Akhmatova at the black gates : variations
Berg, Stephen, 1934-2014.
PS3552.E7 W5 1981
Black Jesus and other superheroes : stories
Blackburn, Venita, author.
PS3602.L325289 A6 2017
Beckett, Lacan and the mathematical writing of the real
Chattopadhyay, Arka, author.
PR6003.E282 Z5923 2019
Le rire de la Méduse et autres ironies
Cixous, Hélène, 1937-
PQ2663.I9 R57 2010
Smoulder : poems
Cox, Mark, 1956-
PS3553.O93 S66 1989
Intransitive encounter : Sino-U.S. literatures and the limits of exchange
Da, Nan Z., author.
PS159.C5 D3 2018
The houseguest and other stories
Dávila, Amparo, author.
PQ7297.D315 A2 2018
Meetings with time
Dennis, Carl.
PS3554.E535 M444 1992
Not as you once imagined : poems
Derry, Alice, 1947-
PS3554.E75 N67 1993
Tremolo : poems
Derry, Alice, 1947-
PS3554.E75 T74 2012
Hunger : poems
Derry, Alice, 1947- author.
PS3554.E75 H86 2018
Driving one hundred : poems
Drake, Barbara.
PS3554.R194 D75 2009
The rape poems
Driscoll, Frances, author.
PS3554.R4958 R36 1997
Notes from underground : zines and the politics of alternative culture
Duncombe, Stephen.
PN4878.3 .D86 1997
Destroying angel
Eimers, Nancy.
PS3555.I46 D4 1991
Troubled memories : iconic Mexican women and the traps of representation
Estrada, Oswaldo, author.
PQ7123.W6 E88 2018
Frost, Carol, 1948-
PS3556.R596 C49 1990
In the badlands of desire
Goldberg, Beckian Fritz, 1954-
PS3557.O3556 I5 1993
Gorenshteĭn, Fridrikh, 1932-2002, author.
PG3481.2.R45 I713 2018
Barnacle soup, and other stories from the west of Ireland
Gray, Josie.
PR6107.R425 B37 2008
American music documentary : five case studies of ciné-ethnomusicology
Harbert, Benjamin J., author.
PN1995.9.D6 H295 2018
Fish, flesh & fowl : poems
Hathaway, William, 1944-
PS3558.A85 F5 1985
Early Havoc
Havoc, June, author.
PN2287.H33 A3 2011
American Gothic : poems
Holden, Jonathan.
PS3558.O34775 A75 1992
Alive all day
Jackson, Richard, 1946- author.
PS3560.A242 A79 1992
Kafka's other Prague : writings from the Czechoslovak Republic
Jamison, Anne Elizabeth, 1969- author.
PT2621.A26 Z7468 2018
Toddler-hunting and other stories
Kōno, Taeko, 1926-2015, author.
PL855.O44 A613 2018
That third guy : a comedy from the Stalinist 1930s with essays on theater
Krzhizhanovskiĭ, Sigizmund, 1887-1950, author.
PG3476.K782 A6 2018
The secretary parables
Lagomarsino, Nancy.
PS3562.A3128 S4 1991
The sky isn't blue : poetics of spaces : essays
Lee, Janice, 1984- author.
PS3612.E342945 S59 2016
Polnoe sobranie sochineniĭ i pisem v dvenadt︠s︡ati tomakh
Leontʹev, Konstantin, 1831-1891, author.
PG3467 .L4 2000
La originalidad artística de La Celestina
Lida de Malkiel, María Rosa.
PQ6428 .L53 1962
Dziga Vertov : life and work
MacKay, John, 1965 July 16- author.
PN1998.3.V474 M33 2018
Writing the time of troubles : False Dmitry in Russian literature
Morris, Marcia A., 1952- author.
PG3015.5.K56 M67 2018
In search of the true Russia : the provinces in contemporary nationalist discourse
Parts, Lyudmila, author.
PG2987.N27 P37 2018
Impossible owls : essays
Phillips, Brian, 1976- author.
PS3616.H4534 A6 2018
Sobranie sochineniĭ v pi︠a︡ti tomakh
Prigov, D., author.
PG3485.3 .R46 2013
Photographic literacy : cameras in the hands of Russian authors
Reischl, Katherine M. H., author.
PG3020.5.P436 R45 2018
Battle lines : poetry and mass media in the U.S. Civil War
Richards, Eliza, author.
PS310.C585 R53 2019
Drawing & rendering for theatre : a practical course for scenic, costume, and lighting designers
Rowe, Clare P.
PN2091.S8 R62 2007
Life without speaking
Ruefle, Mary, 1952-
PS3568.U36 L5 1987
My private property
Ruefle, Mary, 1952- author.
PS3568.U36 A6 2016
The value of Herman Melville
Sanborn, Geoffrey, author.
PS2387 .S196 2018
Das Fest der Missverständnisse : Erzählungen
Schneider, Peter, 1940-
PT2680.N37 F47 2003
Die Kinder des Sisyfos : Zeitroman
Schöfer, Erasmus, author.
PT2680.O318 K56 2018
The American Negro Theatre and the long civil rights era
Shandell, Jonathan, author.
PN2277.N52 A44 2018
Appalachian winter
Sholl, Betsy.
PS3569.H574 A88 1978
Late psalm
Sholl, Betsy.
PS3569.H574 L38 2004
Rooms overhead
Sholl, Betsy.
PS3569.H574 R6 1986
Rough cradle
Sholl, Betsy.
PS3569.H574 R66 2009
Selected poems
Tranströmer, Tomas, 1931-2015.
PT9876.3.R3 A24 1981
Seduction : new poems, 2013-2018
Troupe, Quincy, author.
PS3570.R63 A6 2019
Home, deep, blue : new and selected poems
Valentine, Jean.
PS3572.A39 H66 1989
Two trees : poems
Voigt, Ellen Bryant, 1943- author.
PS3572.O34 T87 1992
Dangerous bodies : poems
Warren, Charlotte Gould, author.
PS3573.A77126 D36 2016
Proust's duchess : how three celebrated women captured the imagination of fin-de-siècle Paris
Weber, Caroline, 1969- author.
PQ2631.R63 Z9818 2018
Fiery temporalities in theatre and performance : the initiation of history
Wickstrom, Maurya, author.
PN1650.S63 W53 2018
Our master plan : poems
Wier, Dara, 1949-
PS3573.I357 O9 1999
Design with X
Young, Dean, 1955-
PS3575.O782 D4 1988
Zibuyu, "What The Master Would Not Discuss", according to Yuan Mei (1716-1798) : a collection of supernatural stories
Yuan, Mei, 1716-1798.
PL2735.A5 T913 2013
Sentimental tales
Zoshchenko, Mikhail, 1895-1958, author.
PG3476.Z7 A2 2018